Bullied bus monitor gets $700K check from Canadian supporter

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NEW YORK -- A bus monitor who was bullied by children is now $700,000 richer. 68-year-old Karen Klein of upstate New York accepted a check from a Canadian supporter Tuesday.

Klein was working as a middle school bus monitor when four students berated her with a stream of profanity, insults, jeers and physical ridicule.

The verbal abuse continued unabated for about 10 minutes while another student filmed the altercation on a cell phone camera.

The video posted to YouTube on June 19, where it received more than 8 million views, showed giggling students from the upstate New York community of Greece heaping insults onto her and jabbing her with a book. The grandmother of eight sits quietly, weeping at one point.

Klein has started her own campaign, called the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, on the website giveback.org.

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