Officer Jennifer Sebena laid to rest Saturday

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BROOKFIELD--- A full congregation, many fellow officers from Wauwatosa and beyond, honored Officer Jennifer Sebena at her funeral Saturday afternoon.

A large American flag flew quietly from the ladders of a Wauwatosa Fire Department truck as snow was falling and police vehicle after police vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Elmbrook Church in Brookfield.

Surrounding her family in the pews of the church, hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over the region paid their final respects to Sebena.

"This is not how it's supposed to be," Steve Sonderman of Elmbrook Church opened up the service. "We gather first to mourn the loss of a daughter and a friend."

Sonderman goes on to talk about Sebena's protective nature, even as a little girl.

"She slept under the crib to protect her younger brother," he said. "Her life was about protection and service."

Sebena was allegedly gunned down by her husband Christmas Eve, outside of a Wauwatosa fire station.

Minister at large, Stuart Briscoe, reminded the congregation of the way she was killed.

"In the early morning of Christmas Eve," Briscoe began. "Jennifer's short life, filled with promise, mercilessly mowed down."

But Briscoe spoke elegantly about Sebena and was there to encourage those honoring her.

"For all of those who mourn Jennifer's passing, take hope," he said.

Her friend and fellow officer Tracey Burbach shared how important Sebena was to those around her, especially within the department.

"Jen had become one of us, part of our family," Burbach said. "Even as a rookie, she was trusted and her fellow brothers knew they could count on her."

Fighting back tears at times, Burbach honored Sebena with these words, "She served our Wauwatosa community with honor. Rest in peace our sister in blue. We have your watch from here."

Prayers and songs were a main part of the ceremony as well.

When the service ended, Sebena's casket was put into a grey hearse by an honor guard unit. From there, it was escorted by the many different police vehicles in a procession to her final resting place.