Smartphone apps meant to help travelers during holiday season

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This holiday season, winter weather has thrown a wrench into travel plans from coast to coast. The good news: there's an app for that.

From frozen runways to mounting snow -- winter travel can get messy! All it takes is a snowstorm in one part of the country to trigger a ripple effect of delays and cancellations well across it. 

While a smartphone can't dial up Mother Nature, it can make travel interruptions more tolerable. 

Apps like "GateGuru" App for Apple and Android and Travel Nerd help navigate unfamiliar airports for traveler essentials. 

GateGuru maps out food, coffee, shopping and other amenities closest to the gate, and includes tips and reviews from other travelers.

"TravelNerd" has similar information about dozens of airports, plus an overview of ground transportation options to and from the airport, in case weather keeps flights grounded.

If a flight delay or cancellation is going to amount to an overnight stay, the "Hotel Tonight" App helps travelers with last-minute plans with deeply discounted same-day or night bookings in about a dozen major cities.

For those on the ground making an airport pickup -- don't get stuck circling the airport while a delayed traveler is in the skies. The "Just Landed" App for iPhone tracks flights and based on location, tells a driver when to leave for the airport to ensure an on-time pickup.