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Two people shot, wounded after man opens fire with assault weapon

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Police say a 48-year-old man with an extensive criminal record got out of his car near 29th and Atkinson on Milwaukee's north side on Thursday afternoon, February 28th and opened fire with an assault-style rifle on 10 people nearby. Two people, a man and a woman, were struck by the gunfire and wounded.

Investigators say the shooting happened at about 2:20 p.m. Two plain clothes Milwaukee police officers in the neighborhood saw the shooting happen. They immediately called for backup and began following the suspect.

Chinese-made, assault rifle recovered

Chinese-made, assault rifle recovered

When the suspect got to 25th and Melvina, he realized the two officers were following him. He got out of the car, leaving the assault rifle behind, and fled on foot. Two blocks later, officers caught up to the suspect. The suspect was bitten in the arm and leg by a K-9 officer -- and received medical treatment for those injuries.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn showed during a news conference that the suspect has an extensive rap sheet. On paper, the list of criminal offenses was nearly as tall as Flynn himself.

The assault-style rifle apprehended by police is a Chinese-made semi-automatic weapon. Chief Flynn displayed it during the news conference. A dozen shell casings were recovered at the scene of the shooting.

"Mercifully only two people were shot. We didn`t have a mass murder fortunately because of these officers` alertness and dedication," Chief Flynn said.

This shooting came one day after Chief Flynn testified on Capitol Hill about the need for background checks on gun purchases.

" I want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally. That`s what a background check does. If you think we`re going to do paperwork prosecutions you`re wrong," Chief Flynn said.

"Coming (to the shooting scene) today is simply an example of showing you and showing anybody else who`s interested that in Milwaukee this is a real issue and it requires practical solutions," Chief Flynn said.

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