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Full report from Azana Salon & Spa mass shooting released

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BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- Brookfield police released on Friday, March 1st, a final report on the mass shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa in October 2012.

On Sunday, October 21st, Radcliffe Haughton entered the salon and opened fire, killing his wife, Zina Daniel, Maelyn Lind and Cary Robuck. He wounded four others in the shooting spree.

Haughton’s body was later found inside the salon. He died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The entire tragic story is told through 11 discs of photos, video and police reports that were released on Friday. It includes 621 pages of interviews and information.

sporting-goodsIn the report, surveillance video from a local sporting goods store shows the killer, Haughton, buying ammunition and a camouflage jacket the day before the shooting.

FOX6 News previously discovered Haughton then bought the gun from a website called In a police report, the person who sold it to Haughton says he got no receipt or information -- but he did get $500 for the gun.

Brookfield police reports say the Sunday morning of the mass shooting, Haughton took a cab to the salon. He was confronted by his wife Zina, who worked there. She spoke calmly to him, telling him it was a peaceful place. Witnesses say Haughton came in with a crazed look on his face, grabbed Zina by the hair and fired four shots into the ground.

Haughton then instructed everyone inside the spa to get on the ground and began shooting employees at the pedicure station. The first person he shot was a pregnant employee. She survived. The second person shot was Cary Robuck. The third person shot -- Maelin Lind -- extended an arm toward Haughton and tried to reason with him. Lind was standing next to Haughton's stepdaughter, trying to comfort her. That stepdaughter escaped through the back door.

Azana Salon and Spa mass shooting report

Azana Salon and Spa mass shooting report

The report says Haughton continued to fire. He shot and missed a client -- she ran upstairs to hide in a closet. Others hit in rooms upstairs as well.

The report says Haughton then reloaded his gun and fired more shots, injuring more. It is believed the final shots were those that killed Zina. The report says Haughton then locked one of the exit doors and ran upstairs attempting to set fire to the building.

At 11:22 a.m. from inside the salon, police say Haughton made a phone call to his brother and said, "Get on a plane and come to Wisconsin. All hell is breaking loose."

The police tell about their arrival to the shooting scene, as documented through squad car video. Not knowing where the gunman was, police eventually entered the salon and got survivors out.

In the end, police got 19 people out of the salon. Four were dead including Haughton, who eventually shot himself.

Here are some other points in the report released on Friday:

  1. Haughton left a note to his daughter on a dry erase board at his Brown Deer home. He apologized for what was to happen and urged her to pursue her dreams.
  2. Five days prior to the shooting, Haughton was doing lawn work with a friend. Haughton complained to the friend about Zina having an affair. The friend also overheard Haughton tell his father, "If I had a gun, I would shoot her."
  3. On October 17th (four days prior to the shooting), Haughton told the friend, "She is not the only one I'm going to get." He made further statements about sitting on a hill and picking them off one by one.
  4. On October 19th, Haughton showed the friend a booking photo of himself. He told the friend, "This is the photo they were going to use." It likely referred to Haughton later being identified as a suspect in the mass shooting.
  5. On the day of the shooting, Haughton was picked up by a cab driver. While en route, Haughton told the driver "of the problems he was having with his wife, saying he purchased a gun." Haughton asked the driver what he would have done if this was his wife, The driver said his response was to do nothing because it "wasn't worth it."
  6. When the cab driver dropped Haughton off at Azana Salon and Spa, he became "excited, nervous and was stumbling when he exited the cab." The driver told investigators Haughton gave him a $20 tip. Haughton apparently "tore it because of how much he was shaking."
  7. Six employees from Azana barricaded themselves in two separate rooms on the second floor of the building.

Tami Gemmel, the owner of Azana Salon and Spa, has indicated she will not be speaking with any members of the media about the release of the report.

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