Man stages attack at nature center in effort to impress girl

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JONESBORO, AK (CNN) -- Ever done something stupid trying impress the person you've got a crush on? A man in Jonesboro, Arkansas staged an over-the-top plan that backfired, to say the least.

911 Dispatcher: "911- where is your emergency?"

Caller: "Hi. I'm at the nature center. Somebody attacked me and my friend. I'm having to run."

911 Dispatcher: "Somebody attacked you?"

Caller: "Yes. Please hurry."

Brianne Coots says when her friend Tyler Siegel insisted they meet up in person to talk, she didn't think much of it.

"We come out here, and he was just really, he wasn't even really talking very much. And none of this really clicked to me until afterwards," Coots said.

Afterwards, Coots says the way Siegel had been acting, the attack, and the wounds Siegel sported after fighting off a knife-wielding assailant wasn't right.

"And sure enough, the whole thing had been set up," Coots said.

Siegel asked his friend to attack them -- in order to impress Coots.

"You buy people flowers, you don't stage a fake rape attack scene," Coots said.

After fessing up to police, Siegel fessed up to Coots.

"He felt like he had to impress me somehow, and I just told him that I didn't feel like we needed to be talking anymore at all after that," Coots said.

Though Siegel isn't facing any charges in the incident, Coots says she feels he learned his lesson.

"This whole incident has to be so humiliating for him, that I think just the humiliation is enough of a punishment," Coots said.

Coots says this whole situation could have actually been a lot worse. She is a gun owner and has been looking into getting her concealed carry license.