Father upset over son being bullied takes to social media

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KAUKAUNA (WITI) -- A Kaukauna father upset over his son being repeated bullied has taken to social media to vent his frustration.

Matthew Bent & his son

Matthew Bent & his son

Matthew Bent indicated on a Facebook post, that his son, who attends River View Middle School in Kaukauna, was body slammed three times by a bully on Monday, March 25th. Bent says it's the same bully that has apparently been making his son's entire school year rather uncomfortable.

Bent says in the post that when he called police, he was given indication the school police officer would handle the case. But that officer apparently told bend that because his "son voluntarily walked into the area that the bully was," that it was his fault for going "into the lion's den." The school officer apparently told Bent there was nothing he could do about it.

Our news partners from FOX11 in Green Bay spoke with Kaukauna Superintendent Mark Duerwaechter. He said the school began an investigation as soon as the alleged incident was brought to the district Tuesday morning. Duerwaechter says the school and the police department interviewed 11 students and a teacher about the alleged bullying. Duerwaechter says the incident took place in a classroom with a teacher present, but Duerwaechter says it allegedly happened when the teacher was not looking.

"There was no criminal action and therefore no legal action that is going to be taken,” said Duerwaechter.

Duerwaechter says the investigation is still ongoing and it is possible school conduct codes could have been broken. Duerwaechter would not say if the alleged bully has been removed from the school.

Duerwaechter says he expects the district's investigation to wrap up in the coming days.