Crest of USS Milwaukee unveiled, ship now under construction

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee dignitaries and members of the United States Navy unveiled the crest of the USS Milwaukee at the Discovery World museum on Tuesday, May 14th.

The USS Milwaukee is being built in Marinette right now. It will be one of the Navy’s 55 Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) -- and bear the name of Milwaukee.

Within the crest, there are multiple symbols that represent elements of Milwaukee. They include:

  • Image of the Milwaukee Art Museum: Now one of the iconic images that represents the city
  • Image of grain: Reference to the city's brewing history and industry
  • Gear sprocket at the top of the anchor: Borrowed from the city of Milwaukee flag, it pays homage to the hard-working people in the city
  • Five sprockets within the gear: Refer to the five ships that have had the name Milwaukee
  • Anchor: Represents Milwaukee as a port city, one based on commerce through the sea
  • Use of light blue: Reference to Lake Michigan
  • Lightning bolts: Reference to the USS Milwaukee being a highly technical, fast ship
  • Swords: Refer to 40-person crew of the USS Milwaukee
  • 1846: Reference to when Milwaukee was founded