Contact 6 features items to skip while shopping for college

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Why spend more on college than you absolutely have to? FOX6's Contact 6 says when it comes to some items, you may want to save your money!

College can be expensive -- especially when you're paying for tuition, books and all those little extras that help to fill up a dorm room.

Contact 6 says what you want is probably a bit different from what you really need. looks at great online deals and decided there are eight things you should not buy before going off to college this year, like a printer.

Most schools have printing facilities that are free to students. Ink is expensive!

Another item to consider skipping out on: an HDTV.

With so many shows and movies available online these days, a laptop is all you'll really need. Plus, that HDTV might get damaged in the move, or during the course of typical college life.

As for tablets, says even cheaper laptops can handle college tasks better than a tiny tablet. College students are encouraged to invest in a quality laptop computer, and not waste the money on a tablet.

CLICK HERE for additional information from on what NOT to buy for your college student.

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