Racine man charged following altercation with girlfriend

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Matthew Pittsley

RACINE (WITI) — 24-year-old Matthew Pittsley of Racine faces several charges in connection with physical attacks on his girlfriend.

Pittsley faces the following charges:

  • felony intimidation of a victim, repeater
  • misdemeanor battery, repeater
  • strangulation and suffocation, repeater
  • misdemeanor battery, repeater
  • stalking, resulting in bodily harm, repeater

A criminal complaint in the case says Pittsley was involved in an argument with his girlfriend on September 23rd.

According to the complaint, Pittsley’s girlfriend called police because he was refusing to leave her home. Pittsley’s girlfriend told officials she no longer wanted to date Pittsley — and said the last time she had tried ending the relationship, police were called out to her home because Pittsley had gotten violent with her, and had harmed himself — according to the complaint.

The complaint says the day before, on September 22nd, an argument between the two became physical.

The complaint says Pittsley’s girlfriend told officials she was punched, and went down onto the ground into the fetal position. Pittsley’s girlfriend told officials he had punched her multiple times with a closed fist on various parts of her body, including her head, arms and stomach.

According to the complaint, Pittsley’s girlfriend told officials he had told her if she told anyone what happened, he would kill her, and then kill her father and mother.

According to the complaint, after Pittsley stopped hitting her, she didn’t call police because she was scared after the threats Pittsley had made.

Pittsley’s girlfriend told officials that the next day, she confronted Pittsley about how he was treating her, and his response was to ask her for money, according to the complaint.

Eventually, Pittsley left the residence, and the woman was taken to the police station by a friend to report the incident.

The complaint makes reference to another incident on September 27th. Pittsley reportedly showed up at the woman’s home, intoxicated, promising not to hurt her this time. However, when the woman told Pittsley she needed space, he got upset. At that point, the complaint indicates the woman told officials Pittsley put her into a headlock — choking her until she stopped moving and passed out.

Eventually, the woman went to the bathroom and texted a friend. She told officials she was afraid to call the police because she was afraid they would kill Pittsley, knowing he wouldn’t go without fighting police — according to the complaint.

Pittsley has a past criminal history with convictions this year, last year, in 2010 and in 2009.