No one from Milwaukee has been able to enroll in ACA website

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has been one week since the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act -- and in Milwaukee, the city's Health Department says not one person has been able to sign up.

FOX6 News has learned the government shutdown is playing a role in the issue of delaying people from signing up for health insurance via the online marketplace.

After a large volume of people tried to access the website on "Opening Day," the website crashed.

Meanwhile, state representatives and health officials say they're hopeful the glitches will be worked out soon.

City workers are still busy educating people about their health insurance options and how to get help enrolling in the Affordable Care Act.

"We`ve added more people. We have 12 people ready and waiting. The very people who would be fixing this issue -- many of them are furloughed hopefully we bring them back to work. Hopefully there is a resolution soon," Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker said.

The deadline to get signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act isn't until December 15th, and Baker says he is confident there will be ample time for people to make a selection. He also says over the past week, there has been an overwhelming demand.

"8.6 million people tried to access the website to look for enrollment," Baker said.

State Rep. John Richards (D - Milwaukee) believes the issues won't dissuade people and believes it is an exciting time because for years, people have been waiting to have access to affordable health insurance.

"Families have now, for the first time ever, individuals have real choices on coverage -- choices that they didn`t have. Also, individuals will have coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions, and insurance companies will not be able to bump people off insurance if anything happens during a coverage period," Rep. Richards said.

Baker says there are many in the queue right now for enrollment, and officials expect hundreds of thousands of people in Wisconsin to sign up.

Overall, officials don't seem too worried about the glitches and delays.

Baker's main concern seemed to be for the future.


  • Dave Reeve

    so obama care is being forced down our throats, and the government isnt even available to take care of it. what happenes when the government goes thru the next shut down.. they just going to deny coverage cause the government is shut down? great plan obama.

  • Paul

    Fox6 please go with facts. The appropriations for obamacare are not affected by the shut down at all because its fully funded as of now

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