Students return to class at Nicolet following bomb threat

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GLENDALE (WITI) -- Students were back in class Thursday, October 17th at Nicolet High School after they were sent home on Wednesday following a bomb threat. FOX6 News learned on Wednesday evening that a Nicolet student was taken into custody.

An evacuation of the school was ordered Wednesday after a suspicious note was found in the F wing second floor of Nicole H.S. Officials say after locating the note, two suspicious packages were located — one in a first floor boys bathroom and the second on the F wing second floor.

The note was reportedly handwritten, and contained a vague threat. Glendale Police Captain Mark Ferguson says it is believed the note was written by a student.

“Any note you have to take serious until you can determine that it’s not a valid threat,” Captain Ferguson said.

The Milwaukee County Bomb Squad was then called in to sweep and secure the building.

Following the sweep, officials determined that both packages were non-hazardous. During a press conference, police would not say what the packages contained — just that their location within the building is what made them suspicious.

Prior to the sweep, all students were safely evacuated from the Nicolet campus — and school was cancelled for the remainder of the day. All students were first transferred to Cardinal Stritch University — and then to Glen Hills Middle School where they were reunited with family.

"It happened rather quickly yesterday. It was obviously a complex and challenging situation moving 1,200 individuals from one place and back to another place. It happened rather quickly but we'll sit down and debrief so if something like this were to ever happen again we'll do it better," Nicolet Superintendent Dr. Robert Kobylski said.