Family members seek justice three months after young man’s death

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has been three months since 18-year-old Xavier Melgoza was killed. Family members say Melgoza witnessed a robbery and tried to stop it. Now, the family is making new efforts in order to find justice for Melgoza.

Estella Garcia says her brother was just trying to do the right thing.

"He always wanted to help anyone he could," Garcia said.

On August 6th, Melgoza pulled up near the Salas grocery store. Surveillance video from the store shows what happened next.

"He saw a few men running out of the store.  He thought they were being robbed," Garcia said.

Two men fled the store with two 24-packs of beer. They joined at least two others in the car, and sped off down the street.

Melgoza took off after them.

"They shot him in his eye.  He lost control of his vehicle and hit the tree," Garcia said.

Family members and friends gathered in the area on the day following the crash.

On August 7th, Melgoza was declared brain dead and passed away at the hospital.

Garcia says the driver of the vehicle remains behind bars, while two other suspects have been released.

However, Garcia believes the man who shot her brother is still out on the street.

"This is the one I want to see face his time that he needs to. We`re trying to find closure and justice," Garcia said.

Enrique Martinez

Enrique Martinez

Milwaukee police say they are looking for 17-year-old Enrique Martinez in connection with Melgoza's death.

"Why do you feel my brother`s life was only worth two cases of beer?" Garcia said.

The family is set to mark what would have been Melgoza's 19th birthday later this month. The family hopes flyers will help bring answers.

"I want justice for him if the community can help us," Garcia said.

Police say the investigation into this case is ongoing.

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