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15-year-old Kathryn Stalbaum found safe in Chicago

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WAUKESHA CO. (WITI) --  Waukesha investigators say Kathryn Stalbaum has been located and is safe in the City of Chicago. She apparently sought help from a police officer there Friday evening.

Kathryn Stalbaum

Kathryn Stalbaum

Officials said in a news conference late on Friday, November 8th, that Stalbaum is in good, physical condition. The family has been notified. She has had an opportunity speak with her parents -- and they are elated.

Investigators say they now are trying to search for answers in this case; find out what has been going on the last four days. Officials say they now want to get her reunited with family and make sure she is taken care of.

Kathryn Stalbaum, a freshman at Kettle Moraine High School, had been last seen around 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday, November 5th at her Town of Genesee residence.

In a news conference on Friday afternoon, November 8th, investigators revealed Stalbaum's bicycle, which was located on Thursday, was found near a residence across the street from Waukesha Memorial Hospital. They say they delayed the announcement of this location for investigative purposes.

Officials say they had tracked about 200 phone calls, prioritized and investigated them with help from the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

Agencies including Waukesha County Sheriff Detectives, Victim Specialists from the FBI and FBI Crimes against Children Special Agents made their way to Chicago Friday night to meet with Stalbaum and the Chicago Police Department.

Authorities hoped to reunite Stalbaum with her family at some point Friday night while continuing an investigation of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Jo Winkler

    Are you serious? a 15 year old girl is missing and is found after two or three days and you have a problem with your “programming” being interrupted. I guess you don’t have children…and if you do I feel sorry for them..

    • Edward

      something smells fishy and its coming from the this girl and it happens all the time in the getto but with less attencion

    • Marshall

      I could see them interrupting because they need help finding her. Its great they found her but I didn’t need to know that.

  • Helen

    I know that this wont be well taken. I dont watch the show he is referring too but what he said made sense. AS LONG AS THE FAMILY KNEW 2 MINUTES ISNT GOING TO HURT THE PUBLIC. ((rolling my eyes))

  • Maria Gagliano

    i didn’t even personally know the girl and seriously over the last 4 days over this, if i have slept a total of 6 hours it has been alot because i have not been able to get my mind off of her, I am estatic that she is finally found alive, safe and sound, and some of you are worried about who won a cooking show??? SERIOUSLY??????????

  • jackie wheelock

    So at the end of the day you people would rather know who won Master Chef Junior??? That is just sad on so many levels.

  • Elizabeth

    Thankful she is safe and heading back to her loved ones. Your tv show can be watched again. A life can not be relived.

  • sarah

    I’m curious as to how she ended up in Chicago and what happened to her. This story really made me scared to let my 14 year old go walking around by herself.

  • Dont judge

    Thank God the child was found. IF YOU WASNT watching when they broke in you Dont have a clue what when and how it happen. It was very un_nessary when the parents already knew. They played the results all 60 seconds during the news cast because they knew it was un_nessary.

  • connie

    prayers have been answered for her but i personally have questions as to how she got there, who was she with??? as a mother of a 17 yr old and 6 yr old, my heart went out to the family. that is a nightmare from hell to have your child out there and not knowing. im so happy for her family that she was safe.

  • Bottom line

    Fox should of waited 2 minutes because with all of the mediums to deliver news cutting into the final minutes of a show is not necessary (my wife got a text alert) and I’d be willing to bet social media informed more than 3 times the amount of concerened people than all local networks combined. It also doesn’t mean that viewers of that program are heartless or uninterested in this little girl.

  • Marshall

    I don’t see why we needed to be immediately alerted that someone was found? She is found not like they still need me to look.

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