Kohl’s announces plan to expand retail headquarters is changing

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MENOMONEE FALLS (WITI) -- Kohl's has announced a plan to expand its retail headquarters to Woodland Prime is changing. The company announced to employees the company has purchased two buildings directly across from its headquarters. What this means for the Woodland Prime location is still unknown.

Kohl's CEO Kevin Mansell announced the plan to employees on Wednesday, November 20th.

A letter to employees says the company "has finalized plans to purchase the former InnoWare building" and has entered into an agreement to purchase the former ProHealth building.

The move would add about 360,000 square feet to corporate operations -- an increase of 40% to its current space.

According to the letter to employees, all IT employees would move into the InnoWare building over the next two years. The space those employees leave behind will be used for "ongoing growth."

"It's not something we had expected," Sean Ryan with the Milwaukee Business Journal said.

Ryan has been following the story closely since Kohl's announcement on Woodland Prime back in July of 2012.

"There could be a number of reasons for this.  It could be quicker to get the available space. It might also be cheaper for them to do so," Ryan said.

If the Woodland Prime space is not used by July of 2015 by Kohl's, the land will revert back to Menomonee Falls.

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