Jury awards millions to families impacted by O’Donnell parking collapse

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Three-and-a-half years after a horrific accident, a Milwaukee County jury reaches a verdict in the case surrounding the collapse of a concrete panel from the O'Donnell parking structure. That verdict was revealed just before 3 p.m. on Thursday, November 21st.

The jury answered 30 questions in its verdict, including who is to blame for the death and injury in the collapse, how much they are at fault, and how much they should pay.

The jury came back answering "yes" to nearly every question assigning blame, negligence and misrepresentations of what happened on June 24,2010. In the end, the victims will get $39 million in damages -- most of it going to the Kellner estate and the Wosinski family -- two families impacted by the incident.

Dawn Kellner

Dawn Kellner

Dawn Kellner's 15-year-old son Jared was killed when the 13 1/2 ton concrete panel fell from the parking garage -- and crushed him to death as he walked to Summerfest.

"I just want to say thank you to the jury for all their work. Thank you to the community for remembering Jared. And thank you for people who stood up now so it never happens to anyone else or any other family. And looking ahead at public safety and just making sure that we keep everybody safe," said Kellner.

Jared KellnerJared's friend, Eric Wosinski, his father Steve, and mother Amy, were awarded millions of dollars for their suffering and losses. They were walking with Jared Kellner when the panel fell. Amy Wosinski ultimately lost her leg. They left the courtroom without comment.

The judge read all 30 questions the jury considered and answered with dollar amounts assigned to many.

The jury determined most of the blame, 88 percent, falls on the company which installed the panels, Advance Cast Stone. Milwaukee County is two percent to blame. But the jury also awarded $6 million for lost revenue due to the whole incident.

An attorney for Milwaukee County says the costs will be covered by the County's insurance policy.

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  • Dave Reeve

    milwaukee county gets 6million!?? are you kidding? there should have been NO reward for anyone other then the families directly involved! sounded like the county was aware of maint. problems well before this happened but due to “budget” cuts they wern’t addressed. rediculous.

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