Debate over whether fired MCTS worker should get job back

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus supervisor who was fired for stepping in to break up a domestic argument on the street is receiving kudos from many, along with criticism from others.

William Bierman received a Golden Gloves Citizen's Award from Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan on Wednesday, January 8th for actions that got him fired from MCTS. Now there's a question of whether the man will or should get his job back.

The bus company claims Bierman violated policy back in October when he stepped in to help save a woman he said was being victimized by her boyfriend.

"If I would have stood there and watched and done nothing, I would be no better than the guy committing the crime," said Bierman.

The man Bierman scuffled with is Ruben Alcantar, who claims he and his girlfriend were simply having a verbal argument while walking down the street. Alcantar says he filed a complaint with the transit system after Bierman caused enough damage to send him to the hospital. Alcantar also admits to pushing Bierman in the chest as he rushed toward him.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is among several people who believe the transit company should reinstate the supervisor.

"In the video I've see, I didn't see anything close to what approaches grounds for termination," said Abele.

There has been no decisions made as to whether or not Bierman will get his job back. Alcantar paid a fine in relation to the incident, but is working to get the case reopened and clear his name.


  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Milwaukee Transport Service, the company which manages MCTS has proven over and over again that they treat their employees terrible. Our county executive would like to bring a new management team in which would cost tax payers less and treat the employees better. Many of our poor excuses of county officials with their liberal agenda are trying to stop this from happening.

  • Lance T

    The Milwaukee Transport Service supervisor who fired this STAND-UP GUY for stepping in and rescuing a girl from being abused should be fired themselves! It is obvious when you see the video and he is talking to her that she was IN FACT being abused and never denied it during his thoughtful and reasonable lecture! Since when do we tell people that it is better to let someone else get hurt or be in harms way rather than help! THAT IS THE PROBLEM! The “supervisor” or manager who fired him sounds like a coward and William Bierman did what he knew to be right and what a real man would and should do. Give this guy back his job and make MCTS management take classes in being respectful humans. If there were many more people like William Bierman, many others would be safer.

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