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Wis. Dems propose bill to raise WI minimum wage by $3

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MADISON (WITI) -- A new proposal would raise Wisconsin's minimum wage by nearly $3. The debate centers around whether this would help struggling workers or hurt struggling businesses.

Wisconsin Democrats have proposed the bill that would raise the minimum wage in Wisconsin for the first time in 12 years.

"Low wage workers are continuing to struggle," Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) said.

Mason says the bill would raise Wisconsin's minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour.

"$10.10 is something that's fair, it's modest. We could pass this bill tomorrow and there would still be seven states that still have higher minimum wages," Rep. Mason said.

Republicans have long held that increasing the minimum wage could end up hurting the people it's intended to help, by causing employers to scale back hours and perhaps even workers.

"That will have a huge impact on small businesses, more worker training, giving everybody an opportunity to succeed," Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said.

"On the contrary, the municipalities and jurisdictions that have raised the minimum wage have actually seen an increase in their economy and actually seen jobs created, not lost," Rep. Mason said.

However, Assembly Speaker Vos made it clear the issue will not be on the agenda while he controls the legislative calendar.

"I'm not a big supporter of artificially increasing the minimum wage.  I think the marketplace is a much better way to go," Vos said.

Fast food and other low-wage workers have staged protests for higher wages.

57-year-old fast food worker Darnell Summers of Milwaukee says the wage hike would keep him afloat.

"Keep my head above water so I can breathe, because right now I'm just drowning," Summers said.

The Democrats' push for a minimum wage will likely get some push back from Republicans at the Capitol. Governor Scott Walker was recently asked if he favored a minimum wage on a national news program. His answer was as clear as it was concise: "No" is what he said.


  • Freddie B.C.

    Burger-flippers don’t deserve 10 bucks an hour. If they would finished high school, at least, instead of drinking 40’s out of a bag and jaw jacking on their cellphones, they may be already making 10 + bucks/hour. Lifetime losers.

    • Dom

      U dumb af most of dem burger flipping workers did graduate or have a GED n sum still in school or they are single parents n u must be 1 of dem high class people who don’t like seeing struggling underwage workers get out of dis hole of debt the government put us in
      P.S. Fast Food places aren’t the only ones paying there employes $7.25… & Thats Impossible 2 live off of as a single spouse with no kids.

      • joe

        struggling underwage workers? I struggled to raise my own family on a job that barely put food on the table and still working my butt off and going to school to get into a skilled trade to have a career not a job because i’m not going sit and wait for a handout. Higher pay in any job means more responsibility and more skill not how many years you spent there. A person trying to make a career out of low wage job only has them self to blame in the long run. It’s also a slap in the face of those who did struggle to get where they are while the rest just get lifted without any effort to forge ahead. I’d also like to know how the government puts people in debt. Taxes maybe but they don’t force people to start families on scraps we do.

    • Sheila Moyet

      If we can send billions of dollars over to other countries we should be able to offer a fair wage to Americans that are willing to work. We are constantly sending foreign countries tons of money, but we make our own people work for scraps. I firmly believe in taking care of our own first.

      • joe

        The fact that you mention foreign aid in relation to minimum wage just proves the point that instead of people educating themselves to improve their position they are just sticking with what they got and waiting for a handout. Government pays foreign aid and that has nothing to do with wages from a private company.

    • Repub*

      Actually, you should understand completely before allowing words to slip out and cause you to look foolish and sound uneducated…like the ones you put down. Fact 1–> Realize that people actually go to Burger School..I’m sure you were unaware. Fact 2–> Everyone comes from a different life so just because they work at McDonalds doesn’t mean they received a learned behavior or even half of a successful trait within their deoxyribonucleic acid. Basically, you can’t put everyone in that category because of only a few..some want careers..

    • ani

      You are a complete idiot. Not everyone can make it through college even if they try. You don’t know the circumstances others face in their lives. I happen to make well above minimum wage but when I made minimum wage it was circumstantial and I couldn’t work enough hours to eat a proper dinner at night and stay on top of the bills. You are a dick.

  • Scott

    Doesn’t this devalue the wage of someone who worked their way up to $10 per hour? How is that a good thing?

    • joe

      Your absolutely right it’s a slap in the face of those who actually worked for their wage because it’s not like their pay is going to jump up to compensate. What will be even worse is that the companies will compensate by raising prices and fees to compensate or maybe just fire those minimum wagers and dump the load on the ones already making the $10 and just move that supposedly under wage bar up higher on the ladder and people will cry for minimum wage to be raised again.

  • Sheila Moyet

    First raise in 12 years!?! It is well past time for it. Why keep people down and struggling to live? Give people a fair wage to they can support their families. Most of these low wage jobs are grueling, and these people do not get fair wage for the work they do.

  • Silence DoGood

    No matter what one’s income, unless they learn how to save they will end up right back where they started.

  • rebecca kalla

    I am a has grad and have a college background but i am currently working for 7.75 hr working six days a week….i am 50 yes old and can’t even afford groceries after I pay my rent and bills…pls raise the minimum wage

  • Dave

    I started working for 2.00 a hour pumpin gas at station filling tires with air, checkin oil and washing windows, then went on to making 3.25 an hour for several years, I was 12 when started working at 2.00 then when reached 17 started workin mcds at 3.25 hr, thought that was alot of money when had no bills, rode a bicycle 20 miles 1 way to work mcds rain,sleet,snow when rich kids had cars workin couldnt make it in with snow; I busted my butt and when saved enough bought my 1st car, got a job in concrete construction making 15.00 hr talk about learnint to manage money holy moly, 2nd year I was making 22.00 hour and bringing home 1800.00 a week talk about a life chance in living style at such a young age, I worked that job till 27 and then went into working on machines and running them for alot less money when left construction at 27.80 a hour to working for 16.00 that was difficult to get use to with cost of living rising. Raising 3 kids and a household of 5 was difficult, had to cut corners and manage money to make things work; I truly believe a raise in pay for those will be something difficult to save for several reasons they not use to that extra cash of 150.00 to 300.00 a pay period added onto check, taxs, and biggest fear whats the cost of living going to rise up cause you know dag nab well that companies are not going to just take the LOSS in wages to pay and keep prices same as are now; its not smart buisness for CEO’s to lose money they want for there bank accounts. The idea is going to be thrown out there on those 3 things and 1 other item on the agenda as well, companies are going to cut back on hours, so you think its bad nw tryingto get a check out at walmart, just wait till they raise wages to 10.10 a hr, your gonna be standing in a line that goes beyond the ladies clothing section and be standing back by electronics to get checked out. Mcds will have 10.10 hr employees making those same 5.00 cheeseburgers and 4.00 fries with that extra large 7.50 coke cola and forget the happy meal that will be 14.00 with toy, 12.75 without. Then think about the price of gasoline, cause if they raise wage those gas stations with cashiers are going to be getting 10.10 hr and gas companies with inside sales will be charging 8.00 instead of 3.50 for a 16 oz soda bottle. 1.50 for 25 cent wrigleys chewing gum and ad on the price of fuel around .45 cents a gallon. Yes this sounds like a great plan by those that THINK ITS A GREAT IDEA when BIG BUISNESS will just raise prices OF EVERYTHING to cover the costs of the wage increases. Milk 2.99 for 2% now soon to be 5.99 if raise wage. Think about those making 10.00 hr now having it hard trying to survive, there going to want a raise its not fair to them they worked to get to 10.00 a hour and these people jumping right into 10.00 a hour by the stroke of a pen? How about people making 15.00 to 18.00 hr there cost of living goes up and brings them down to a lower level income field , are they going to get a 3.00 raise as well since there giving it to those already??? Its not fair judgement to raise to 10.10 a hr when its going to drop the poverty level of those makig over 10.00 hr now to have to pay even more to pay these people that shouldbe making 3.25 for flipping burgers and giving bad servicel this is why I refuse to eat fast food. deal wih cashiers at stations by using debit card at pump, using the self checkout lanes. I’m old skool ways with work ethic and I only see this entire ordeal costing tax payers 4 times more if passed to pay someone more money then they truly deserve getting. When you raise the cost of living up 4% to 7% a year it catchs up real quick when you give something to someone that has not earned it and punish others by giving them higher cost of living!!!

  • Rudy

    I see ur point Dave on all those aspects however I had my $15 per hour job I even made as much $24. But because of this mess the government got everyone into I lost those jobs. Now I can barely pay my car payment car insurance and put gas in it to eat. I even went as far as moving back into my parents house so we could combine and try save. Cause they cant make it them selves and almost lost thier home. Wether or not the minimum wage goes up there will always be issues.

  • Barbara

    Poorer people spend the money they have, which in turn boosts the local and national economy. Maybe the government won’t have to shell out all those food stamps because people will be able to feed themselves. With gas prices, at least 1 hour of every day goes to gas. Just like Obama said, “if someone is willing to work full-time, they shouldn’t have to live in poverty”. . Minimum wage jobs are probably some of the hardest and dangerous.. and how would the rich eat, sleep, vacation, dry-clean, get gas, or any of the other taken for granted services they pay little for that poor people do for minimum wage? Life would be very difficult for everyone without the minimum wagers. The minimum wage increase is for the people who can’t afford to put food on the table regardless of how many hours and how hard they work.. even those who flip burgers for fat rich people to keep getting fat on.

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