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Man who crashed into motorcyclists sentenced to 8 years in prison

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FOND DU LAC CO. (WITI) — 26-year-old Clinton Lovelace, the man who crashed into a group of motorcyclists on Highway 151 in May 2012, was sentenced on Thursday, February 6th to eight years in prison and another 22 years of extended supervision.

Lovelace crashed into a group of motorcyclists, killing two Michigan men, on Highway 151 in May 2012. The men riding that day were members of the Muskegon Motorcycle club. Lovelace struck 10 out of the 12 motorcyclists. Two were killed and three were injured.

Lovelace pleaded no contest to two counts of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle and entered an Alford Plea to three counts of second-degree reckless injury. In an Alford Plea, the criminal defendant does not admit the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge.

In court on Thursday, Julie Jurkis told the court the last words she said in a phone conversation to her fiance Douglas Yonkers were, "Honey, ride safe and I love you." Yonkers was in a coma for nearly a week after the crash before his family decided to take him off life support.

"I cannot imagine being with anyone else, my life sentence is being alone, no one to wake up with," said Jurkis.

Authorities say Lovelace tested positive for oxycodone. But because the drug was in his system for an extended period of time, experts could not determine if he was legally impaired at the time of the crash.

Before he was sentenced, Lovelace had this to say, "I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to the court the people the family and everyone who died and who was injured." Then he turned to the gallery and said, "I'm sincerely sorry, I really am."

Lovelace will be 57 years old once his sentence and probation are completely served.


  • Angered motorcyclist

    6-8 YEARS!? Thats all he is going to serve???? HE KILLED TWO PEOPLE!! He was impaired when he crashed into the group of bikes.
    Fond du Lac County District Attorney Dan Kaminsky says Lovelace was found with two unopened syringes in his pants pocket at the scene of the crash. Kaminsky says that is a violation of his probation related to a drug case in Calumet County. He had two pending cases in Calumet County at the time of the accident that involved felony bail jumping, possession of THC, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance, according to online court records.

    Wisconsin NEEDS to adopt a law that penalizes motor vehicle operators higher than normal if they kill or severely injure a motorcyclist.

    • Gary D. Hamilton

      All this loser gets is eight years for two murders and dismembering others. Even the title of this article sickens me. He didn’t just crash into the motorcycylists he killed and dismembered them. He was on drugs a drug addict, and a bail jumper. Yes folks justice doesn’t work. I hope he is murdered while in prison!

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