Man accused of stealing Mountain Dew caps for XBox contest

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Jamin Simplot

Jamin Simplot

Jamin Simplot

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) — A 29-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of stealing Mountain Dew bottle caps for an XBox contest — and leaving the soda behind. The accused is Jamin Simplot.

According to the criminal complaint, Simplot stopped in at two Pick ‘N Save stores on December 2, 2013. Surveillance video shows him removing the screw tops off bottles of Mountain Dew. The complaint indicates there were codes on the bottle caps that allowed the purchaser to enter on a website for a chance to win an XBox One.

The complaint indicates Simplot took caps at the two stores — leaving around 15 bottles or so without tops. The soda was no longer saleable.

If convicted, Simplot faces up to nine months in prison and $10,000 in fines.

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  • Bryan

    What is even worse is that there was no guarantee he was going to win. I’m sure it was probably a drawing that determined who won the Xbox.

  • Mark W. Former Friend Class of 2003

    It just doesn’t seem like the proposed punishment fits the crime here. When we are discussing violent crime, numbers like 10,000 and words like “prison” seem to be more fit. When we are talking about silly mistakes (the value of the damaged goods probably rests at under $20), the idea is to be a bit more sensible. Throwing the book at non-violent criminals encourages otherwise non-violent individuals to become more-so in attempts at escape. When our authoritative figures use intimidation, it shows the general populace that intimidation is fair and just. This is not the sort of image we should be giving young, impressionable people. Instead of a cane, it would seem more prudent to determine why someone felt the need to resort to petty theft, instead of simply purchasing 15 Mountain Dew sodas. It is much wiser to be naive and kind, than harsh and arrogant. Harsh and arrogant does little to suppress further activity – on the contrary, history shows it increases such behavior. Clearly, demanding more than 500 times the worth in damages, and threatening the better half of the year locked up with violent criminals, shows little in faith of our neighborhoods. This sort of power flexing is disrespectful at best, disappointing and neglectful in reality, and counterproductive. I hope the best for you Jamin, and hope in the end that a slap on the wrist will lead you into better directions.

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