Popular TV program “Cosmos” makes a comeback on FOX

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NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- After more than three decades, the popular television program "Cosmos" is making a comeback! Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey will make history for the FOX Network, as this is the first time that a TV show is set to premiere in a global simulcast across FOX's network of channels.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a follow-up to the 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was presented by Carl Sagan. The new series' presenter will be Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The executive producers are Seth MacFarlane and Ann Druyan, Sagan's widow.

The series will premiere on Sunday night, March 9, 2014, simultaneously in the U.S. across ten 21st Century FOX networks, including FOX, FX, FXX, FXM, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, and FOX Life.

The remainder of the series will air on FOX with Nat Geo rebroadcasting the episodes the next day with extra content.

Those who are passionate about astronomy hope the show will spurn interest into some of the local astronomy organizations.

Scott Jamieson is the president of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society. He says some 30-plus years ago, he watched the original "Cosmos" show featuring Carl Sagan, and says that show sparked his interest in astronomy.

"When 'Cosmos' came on, I was already a basic, amateur astronomer," Jamieson said.

Jamieson says he's excited the show is back, and says he's looking forward to taking it in, beginning Sunday night, March 9th.

"They have the imaginary spaceship that will allow the viewer to scan across the surface at least, from the previews I’ve seen, so it ought to be really exciting," Jamieson said.

Jamieson says he expects the new "Cosmos" series will have a similar effect on others.

"Most astronomical events do that. This ought to be really big," Jamieson said.

Big enough that MAS is preparing for the program to generate increased interest in the Milwaukee Astronomical Society Observatory -- a sprawling facility that occupies three acres in New Berlin.

The facility has grown into a research facility, and allows observers to make state-of-the-art observations. All of the buildings and domes on site, as well as most of the telescopes available were built by Milwaukee Astronomical Society members.

The members maintain the equipment, and the observatory is funded by membership dues and donations.

The observatory is open for public viewing on specific nights.

"When you get here, you can check out the books. We have the ‘Astronomy’ magazines, and the people are friendly here. They can help you set up your scope, answer questions, and it’s a lot of fun!" Jamieson said.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Milwaukee Astronomical Society.

CLICK HERE for additional information on Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.


  • kerry o'sullivan

    A program on space is long overdue.
    we now have the wonderful hubble discoverys plus so much more knowledge. Ia’m only a lay person but can’t wait to see this series.


    You can’t be serious with this show! This is the worst adaptation of the beginning of the universe I’ve ever seen! The Big Bang theory? 200 300 millions of years? Are you people Insein? Here’s a hint read the Bible The book of Job chapter 9 word tells us that the earth is round and that the bear alright and and the Pleiades was already in its place. If that doesn’t tell you that God put everything according to his creation then I don’t know what will. Job was written 3500 years ago

    • B. Summers

      Are you serious? Yeah, some ancient story explains everything that ever happened. Coming from a physicist, you need to expand your way of thinking beyond “the word of God”. Quantum physics is getting closer and closer to revealing the building blocks of everything… When we do, religion will fade away

    • SteveCO

      Your dopey adult Santa Claus has been passe for forty years. Only children and anti-science idiots believe this tripe.

    • LAB

      Have you read Job?! God and Satan make a wager and screw with a man’s life. When I was growing up I had to go to church but even my pastor who went to seminary said the book of Job was not to be taken literally – it was allegory.

  • suzy

    It is all in the Bible, God directed the making of the universe and life, and gave Bruno as mentioned in this tv show his vision of the universe.

  • Jeanne Huntoon

    What a wonderfull show! I cant wait to see this show again next Sunday. Thank you for enlighting my mind.

  • Thomas Drake

    I am a fan of the original Cosmos and just watched the premier of the new Cosmos. I’ll stay with it because I love the tory of us, but I fear you will lose listeners if you don’t reduce the seemingly endless commercials. Dr. Tyson is an interesting and engaging host, but the show needs more time for the story.

  • Mr. T

    Just finished watching the premier. Excellent. I can’t wait for future episodes.

    Suzy/Norman: the bible has provided NO evidence to support its claims. I encourage you to watch the show with an open mind.

      • Mr. T

        Faith is just your excuse for not having any evidence to support your claim. Do you also believe in Santa Clause? There is no evidence he exists but as you said, you just fill it in with faith until the day comes along where you find evidence.

        How is that any different? Please explain.

  • Jeff

    What a let down. Was very excited to see the series rebooted and it turned into an anti-religion cartoon. No really, over half of the show was a crappy cartoon.

    I might try again next week. But I was really turned off.

    • Patrick

      Jeff, you must understand that during the time of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, society revolved around a theistic setting. People were persecuted for having doubts about the origins of man (as you saw in the cartoons). Even Galileo was on what we consider “house arrest” when he discovered Jupiter’s four moons.

      You may see it as “anti-religious,” but it accurately portrayed the times of astronomy back in those days. To think that the earth was not the center of the universe was blasphemy as it was indirectly kind of denying Theism.

  • Joe Hatch

    The writer of this article should consult a dictionary when using big, 5-letter words (s)he doesn’t understand, like spurn, which means to reject with disdain.

    “Those who are passionate about astronomy hope the show will spurn interest into some of the local astronomy organizations”.

    I’m quiet sure the writer meant to use the word “spawn” instead of spurn.

  • JT

    The biggest fallacy presented in Cosmos is that Science is at odds with Christianity. Both are a search for truth. A large part of the first program concerned Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake for heresy by the Italian Inquisition. The program pointed out that every Christian Church at that time rejected him and made it sound as if he was killed because of his scientific beliefs. “Cosmos” failed to tell it’s viewers that Bruno rejected the belief that Jesus is God, and did not believe in the Trinity. He believed that Jesus was a magician, that the devil was going to be saved, and dozens of other original beliefs that he would not hesitate to explain to anyone. He incurred the death penalty for these heresies, not his science. To suggest that the Big Bang theory is at odds with Christianity is also a LIE. Actually, the sequence of creation in the Bible is very much the same sequence suggested by the Big Bang Theory and evolution. Christians believe that God was the Divine designer and mover in this process. Science is simply exploring how God did it. In my view, Cosmos is more about manipulating the Truth to push a political agenda rather than SCIENCE. I’ll believe that Cosmos is a show about SCIENCE when it talks about how SCIENCE has already proven that human life begins at conception, as this is no longer a THEORY, but a SCIENTIFIC FACT. And I’ll believe that this show is not pushing a political agenda when Obama says we must accept this SCIENTIFIC FACT and protect all human life from the moment of conception! OOOPS! That doesn’t fit his agenda, does it? Hmm, who’s rejecting science now?

    • Mr. T

      JT. How old do you think the earth is? You don’t think creation and science disagree on this important aspect?

    • Patrick

      Any scientist will tell you that science is not about the proving truth or seeking it. It’s fundamentally about disproving theories (hence, the scientific method).

    • BIG AL

      Of course science and Christianity are at odds starting with the first line in Genesis in your 2000 year old error filled book written by primitive desert tribesmen who thought the earth was flat and 6000 years old. Give me a break!

  • Dave

    This show is a slickly packaged lie. Unfortunately, most people just assume that all of the story-telling they do is based in real empirical science, rather than very imaginative wishful-thinking with a tiny amount of scientific support. One thing that struck me immediately as the dude was talking about the so-called “Big Bang” and it’s aftermath was, he talked about how we have been able to verify the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) radiation. Problem for him and his view (but he failed to mention this) is that the temperature of the CMB is the same everywhere. But if the “COSMOS” story is true, this can’t be the case. There would have to still be MAJOR differences in it. It wouldn’t and couldn’t be uniform everywhere. But it is. This is a “light time-travel problem.” So it’s foolish to reject the Bible’s account because of the supposed “light time-travel problem” (how can we see light from stars billions of light years away if the universe is only 6000 years old) if the competing view has basically the same problem (light time-travel, not enough time for the temperatures to have equalized everywhere in the universe). It should be pointed out that there are workable theoretical explanations for the biblical time-travel problem, that turn out to work very well. Three similar working-theories by Humphreys (a highly decorated physicst/Sandia National Labs researcher), Hartnett (a prof at the Univ of Western Australia), and Carmeli (an Israeli cosmologist).

  • Dave

    @JT: actually, the so-called “Big Bang” (a term of ridicule, btw, when Sir Fred Hoyle first coined it) IS at odds with both Christianity AND science. It doesn’t fit with observable evidence about the universe and reality. Check out this full-page article/ad/site that appeared in New Scientist back in 2003, paid for by scientists who realize the Big Bang doesn’t work (without a lot of fudge factors and verbal gymnastics to try to get it to fit the evidence, which it stubbornly refuses to do):

    • BIG AL

      I don’t know how everything started but I won’t make up a BS story just because I don’t know. You don’t know either so you make up a magic man in the sky. Show some real evidence if you wish to be believable. Yours is an argument from ignorance.

  • LAB

    Kind of interesting how people who distrust higher education suddenly want to use the language of science to pretend they know what they’re talking about. The earth is not 7,000 years old, is not flat, and is not the center of the universe. Scientists don’t always get it right – that’s why there’s a scientific method. If “God” would reject me for questioning a book of mythology when it doesn’t square with observable evidence, it doesn’t deserve worship in the first place.

  • BIG AL

    You can’t be serious. The Earth is 3500 years old? I assume your post must be an exercise in sarcasm. Tell me I’m not wrong.

  • Andre

    Watched part of it and used the change channel option. Grabbed a book to read. Nothing on worth watching. Don’t appreciate someone else’s agenda coming into my families living room. Have the freedom button available called “off”. My agenda given, and received.

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