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Bill that would allow electronic cigarettes clears hurdle

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MADISON (AP) — A bill allowing electronic cigarettes indoors has cleared a Wisconsin Senate committee.

The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2 on Thursday to pass the bill that would exempt the newly popular e-cigarettes from the state’s indoor smoking ban.

Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman, the bill’s sponsor, says he’s never smoked cigarettes but that he’s tried the electronic devices and that he can’t smell the vapor.

Smokers back use of e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking conventional cigarettes.

Doctors and scientists say toxic particles in the nicotine-laced vapor could be dangerous to others. They say the state should wait for more research on potential hazards before allowing widespread use indoors.

The bill’s prospects are uncertain as both chambers have just two days left this session.


  • Scott

    oh it still smells. so many i know use it and different flavors. needless to say they do stink and are just as bad as a cig. Just saying. i am all for banning the ecig

    • Peg Stueber

      So because something smells bad to your delicate nose, that is a reason to ban it?

      When will they start issuing citations for flatulence in public? When will they start closing public restrooms? How about that dude over there who didn’t bathe today – drag him away in chains?

      When will dunderheads like you realize that you don’t have the RIGHT to be not-offended?

      Let them bring irrefutable proof that electronic cigarettes are harmful to innocent bystanders, and I’ll crawl on the banwagon with you – until then, vapers are innocent until proven guilty. Or do we throw that concept out with the rest of our freedoms?

    • Soulfly

      You sir, are an idiot. People who walk around in public wearing obnoxious perfume or cologne offends myself and countless others. Yet you don’t hear us screaming for a ban on it. Why is that? Because we realize people are free to make their own decisions. And just for the record, ecigs do not “stink” as you claim. Some flavors may have a mild odor. I actually get compliments on the smell of mine. And claiming they smell as bad as a cigarette? You sir are an idiot. You are obviously part of the sheeple who want government to make decisions for you. Get over yourself.

  • Cassandra

    It hardly smells compared to a regular cig! The reason everyone wants to ban them is out of ignorance! Lets ban real cigs first before we ban ecigs please. I am not a smoker, nor have I ever smoked but I think this should be allowed as its not hurting anyone else. Get over it already people!

    • Trashandra

      Ummmm, real cigarettes are already banned indoors. Did you not read the article? While e-cigs are not nearly as harmful as regular cigs, it does not mean they AREN’T harmful. They still emit toxic chemicals, so why should people be around them? Maybe it’s you who’s being ignorant!

      • DarkDragon

        The toxins you speak of can be found in your own non-smoking / non-vaping breath as well. Vaping is perfectly safe for those around. There is no danger in second hand exposure and yes it has been proven. Being that it’s harmless to anyone in the environment, there isn’t a need for a ban. In all actuality though, it’s already legal to vape in public places in WI due to the way the smoke free laws were written. This bill just makes it clear for business owners.

  • VapeBeJeweled

    This is so ridiculous. I smoked up and over 1 pack a day for 20 yrs. i started vaping 3months ago and haven’t touched a cigarette since. A nicotine patch has more ingredients that could be called toxins than vape. Big tobacco and the government lose profit when we quit smoking. I can exhale my vapor under my shirt and you would never notice. There might be a slight scent with some flavors but even my grandmother says it isn’t offensive. This is just another way to pick a fight because we Americans just can’t survive without drama…

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