Harsh winter leaves behind extensive, pricey damage to Sheboygan marina

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SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- From potholes in the roads to the conditions of our yards, winter has left its mark this year.  Even though the extreme winter is behind us, it has left expensive damage in some unsuspecting places -- including the Sheboygan marina.

With a winter that never seemed to end, spring is still trying to establish itself along the lake shore in Sheboygan. Even though the ice is almost gone at the Harbor Centre Marina, general manager Christian Marx is feeling the sting of this harsh winter.

"It was a tough winter. We got, you know, blasted with record cool temperatures. We had 36 inches of ice in spots down here. They estimated it out at as the current damages this year -- about $350,000," said Marx.

Workers are making repairs -- trying to get boats in the water as soon as possible. Normally by this time of year the boats are already in the water, but right now, the marina in Sheboygan only has birds floating by the docks.

"This is a first, the first in recorded marina history. We`re anxious to get them in right away. So hopefully as early as next week we`ll have at least one of these docks commissioned and ready to go," said Marx.

Some years there has been no damage left behind by winter. Some years -- just a little bit. This year, the damage is extensive.

"We've got some sectional damage. We've got 40-foot-long sections that are connected with metal brackets that have separated in quite a few spots," said Marx.

Even though the damage was extensive this year, Marx is hoping to have at least one of the docks commissioned and ready to go as early as next week.

"We can take action on it. We`re going full steam ahead with everything we can do to get it back up and recommissioned," said Marx.

Marx says he hopes to have the marina fully operational by the end of April.


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