Unreachable for days, 19-year-old found dead by family member

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting in the 700 block of N. 32nd St. A man was found around 1:00 Saturday afternoon, April 12th, by a family member.

Police are not identifying the victim, but family members tell FOX6 he is 19-year-old Devon Harris.

The family says they couldn't reach the teen for a number of days before finding out he had been killed. Harris had been taking care of his grandfather, who was recently hospitalized.

"He was helping his granddad. His granddad was sick. He just trusted too much," said Harris' uncle, Kenyartic Harris. "He wasn't no gang banger, no drug dealer. He was just an honest, average teenager."

Harris' death comes on the heel of a violent week in Milwaukee -- something frustrating to many residents, including community activist Tracey Dent.

"The weekend is not even over and we have nine shootings," said Dent. "It's going to take the whole city to come together. It's just going to have to."

As the Harris family mourns the loss of their loved one they search for answers, wondering why a young life was taken.

"He was just a good kid and he didn't deserve this. Whoever did this needs to turn yourself in," said Kenyartic Harris. "I don't want no more bloodshed."

Police have not released any information regarding a potential motive or any suspects.


  • Neal

    apex zedo HE I believe there is a male aura, has again taken the power
    of the finger tips away from those who think they are in control

  • Lep R. Chaun

    we heard gunshots the other day, called 911 and the police NEVER came – another chapter in the book Incidents in the Life(and Death) of an Inner-City Dweller SMH – Milwaukee needs to do better as a community and as human beings. RIP young man, my condolences to the family.

  • bderksen

    Lep Chuan.
    U are correct. Waste of time calling the milwaukee police. Yet Barrett and so called chief of police wants us to call in. So wake up Barrett get the police to respond and show interest in our community. Sending prayers to the families who have lost loved ones!

  • Ms Elizabeth (@festachick)

    Such senseless violence day after day. Time for society to start holding criminals accountable for heinous actions like this instead of mommycoddling criminals and letting them back on our streets to commit more crimes. RIP Devon; God bless.

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