Pile of police reports never filed, now one officer is in trouble

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BUTLER (WITI) -- There is new controversy surrounding the embattled Butler Police Department. This, after an unopened box revealed nearly 150 messed up police reports -- some of them never filed. Some witness statements were never included with the criminal reports. FOX6 News is learning one Butler police officer has been suspended -- and another has been fired for accusations in a separate case.

The Butler Police Department is still reeling from an investigation dubbed "porn in the morn" after officers admitted to sharing pornography at work.

Now, we're learning of new discipline for two Butler police officers.

Butler Village Administrator Kayla Chadwick tells FOX6 News Officer Chad Rahn is facing suspension, after village officials found a pile of police reports that were never filed.

"It was incomplete reports. It was reports not filed, or report numbers not taken, witness statements not partnered with reports, and miscataloged evidence. We take it very seriously," Chadwick said.

Village officials say the files were found in a storage locker the Butler Police Department used during a 2010 Village Hall renovation.

Inside a box village officials says belonged to Rahn, officials found 11 unfinished investigations, 22 instances of improperly inventoried evidence and 21 cases of witness statements misplaced.

The files, discovered last year, were for cases between 2009 and 2011.

The Village of Butler's new police chief has suspended Rahn for 20 days without pay.

And this is not the first time Rahn has been in trouble.

"Officer Rahn, his thing would be exposing his genitals to people," Butler Police Officer Joel Fus told investigators.

Rahn is among the officers suspended for behavior unveiled through a Waukesha County Sheriff's Department investigation.

Dubbed "porn in the morn," the investigation determined the department was permeated with racism and was run like a frat house.

Butler residents say the latest news is disappointing to hear.

"We've had enough of this stuff going on in Butler. We just want to be done with it," one resident said.

However, some stand by keeping the department in the village.

"I want our police department here. If we lose them, we lose our small community feel," another resident said.

Officer Rahn's union responded to FOX6's story Tuesday night -- saying the officer has filed a grievance, challenging the length of his punishment.

The union is also blasting the village of talking with FOX6 News -- saying the officer will not be able to have a fair and unprejudiced hearing in the days to come.

Also revealed on Tuesday -- the Butler Police Department is moving forward in the process of terminating Butler Police Lt. Brian Pergande.

Pergande faces a felony charge of misconduct in office in a separate case.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the case against Pergande.

It is interesting to note -- officers Rahn and Pergande have filed a federal lawsuit against the Village of Butler that paints both as whistleblowers – men trying to shine a light on egregious behavior and unknowingly, that light was shined back on them.


  • Mike Payton

    Since I moved to WI 16 years ago Butler has always had the image of unqualified administration, a corrupt or mismanaged police force and alcohol-focused home owners who don’t pay their share of real estate taxes. The perception is that is an awful Milwaukee-area sore spot. The Waukesha County DA needs to take a good look at the historic mismanagement of this potential urban oasis. Get rid of the untalented management and municipal corruption and we’ll see a gentrification similar to Rogers Park in Chicago. The taxes revenues would obviously follow. The Waukesha Country Sheriff’s Department would certainly make a difference. Thank-you for further exposing the wrongdoing and unprecedented waste of this Village. I believe this area has significant residential and commercial development potential but not without a sweeping change in leadership and oversight.

  • Disappointed driver

    It doesn’t surprise me! After my vehicle was hit twice in Butler, and side swiped on a third occasion, I went directly to the police station to talk to an officer to explain what happened and to ask them to start watching the traffic turning from Hampton to 125th St (going South). The reply I received was that “women tend to complain more than anyone else.” I was so upset that I wrote the chief an email to let him know of the details of my conversation. I never received a reply!!!! The speed limit is 25 through Butler, yet on a daily basis, drivers will easily go 10++ over the limit with no consequences. Get rid of the department!!

    • Michael Weiss

      I have to say, people drive through there doing the speed limit all the time because they’re abusive. I do it every day, 5 under and everyone else too.

  • Eleen

    No need to get rid of the department, but truly need someone in there that can put into force, GOOD Leadership…. So done with corrupt cops.


    I have lived in Butler all my life,,,it’s a great place with lots of potential,,,sadly it has been going in the wrong direction with the current Administation that is truly out of touch,,,I dare say I am and advocate of getting Waukesha county in here to replace both the police and fire departments,,,all the Village truly needs is a rescue sqaud,,,I can’t remenber the last time I saw fire engines going to a real fire,,I see them most of the time in the Fouth of July parade,,and National Night Out,,,hell the appartments about 2 or 3 blocks down the road to the west on Hampton,,,I have wittnessed on more than one occasion,,,Menomonee Falls engines off Silver Spring are there before Butler,,,,what sense does that make,,,yet the Village just bought a brand new Fire truck!!!There are alot of injustices happening in Butler that some residents in Butler have no idea about,,whats below the surface,,,some of them with big mouths think they do

  • rocketpenguin

    In the Sussex Sun they mentioned that of the reports, there were FOUR felonies and THIRTY SIX misdemeanors that are now past the statute of limitations. How is that acceptable of an office?

  • Michael Ralph

    Shut down the Butler Police Department and hand over the law Enforcement duties to the Sheriff’s Department. A one square mile village has no true need for a police department.

  • Jay

    Brian pergande will go to prison..he is a major tool.. A loser.i went to school with this guy..a pervert dumb ass ,,,good luck with your felony brian

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