WATCH: Mom’s “booty shaking” video goes horribly wrong in a hilarious way!

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Oh dear! This mother’s “booty shaking” video went horribly wrong in the most hilarious way!

Trust us, you’ll want to check out this 13-second video!


  • Jeanette

    She look a hot mess from the beginning!! She should not have shared her off skills…poor baby girl.

  • Dmarie

    I am very sorry, I am not a prude, I do have a great sense of humor & I am not a jealous person. So to those who want to criticize my reply, go ahead……….. I watched this because it said that it was hilarious. Well, I felt that it was stupid. The mother looked ridiculous and she didn’t even look to see if her precious little one was hurt, she just laughed right away! She could have been knocked out! So, since she wasn’t that’s hilarious? Just plain stupid. There was a video of a short stocky female going around who was shaking her body all over & that person didn’t look half as ridiculous. Plus there was no little ones around and she had rhythm.

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