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Turn in a gun in honor of “Ceasefire Week” — and you could get paid!

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee saw two fatal shootings on Mother's Day -- and city and law enforcement leaders are hoping for a safer week and a safe summer, as they look for ways to curb gun violence.

A community forum on gun violence is planned for Tuesday, May 13th inside Milwaukee City Hall's rotunda.

This, as the city of Milwaukee marks "Ceasefire Week."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is encouraging everyone to get involved.

On Sunday -- a 47-year-old man, and a 33-year-old man lost their lives in two separate shootings.

"The violence is beyond senseless. It's chronic -- and it has got to stop," Mayor Barrett said.

On the steps of the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church on Monday, Mayor Barrett announced the start of Ceasefire Week.

"(We need to) do everything we can to make sure we are reducing violence in the city," Mayor Barrett said.

Activities are planned throughout the week aimed at preventing violence -- including a gun buy-back program, which was proposed by the Milwaukee Clergy Coalition.

"(It's) a tool to raise awareness and to get guns off the street and out the hands of persons who shouldn`t have them -- including children," Mayor Barrett said.

"We do believe this is a critical piece of a larger strategy to reclaim our neighborhoods," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Mayor Barrett says from 2006 through 2013, 729 people were murdered in Milwaukee -- and 3,900 people were victims of non-fatal shootings.

Chief Flynn says these numbers are staggering, sobering -- and demand our attention.

City leaders want members of the community and faith-based groups to reach out to gun offenders.

"There are certain people we can`t reach. I'm of the mind the people who are getting in trouble are not going to be in church at 8 a.m. on Sunday -- but they might have a mother, sister, aunt or brother who can reach them," Mayor Barrett said.

Alderman Bob Donovan is skeptical -- and says more needs to be done.

"We need more than just holding hands with church groups. I think this is a positive effort, but we need more police officers in this city to stabilize neighborhoods," Alderman Donovan said.

Supporters say it's more than just holding hands.

"We need a community that says 'no you're a punk if you need a gun to win a fight. You`re a jerk if you shoot somebody and wreck your life and theirs. We don`t respect you,'" Chief Flynn said.

If you'd like to take part in the Ceasefire Community Walk (one mile), it begins at Tabernacle Community Baptist Church, 2500 W. Medford Ave. in Milwaukee starting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 17th.

The gun buy-back program is set for the same day (Saturday) at the same location -- Tabernacle Community Baptist Church. The gun buy-back program will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

$53,000 was raised for the gun buy-back program. Here's the breakdown of what you'll receive for various weapons:

  • $50 bank card for the return of a shotgun or rifle
  • $100 bank card for the return of a handgun
  • $200 bank card for the return of an assault weapon

IMPORTANT: All firearms must be unloaded, the magazine must be outside of the firearm, and ammunition WILL NOT be accepted.

Sunday, May 18th marks the annual Ceasefire Sabbath.


  • Terry

    $64,000 question here, are the guns being checked as stolen, and if so do the owners get them back??I am snickering as I am typing this…because this is a joke…

  • moesha jamacias washingtons

    why does not the mayor and da police cheefs gives monies for turning in a felon in possession of a firearms? guess it not bees kool!

  • Mark Robles

    The whole idea is a joke! Sponsoring a kumbaya event and expecting criminals to get teary eyed enough to turn in their guns show how idiotic and out of touch Barret and Flynn are. We need more police on the street but we especially need more proactive policing. The city council need to get off their collective fat a@#es and enact tougher city ordinances specifically targeting activities which contribute to violence. No I’m not going to spell it out for them, it’s their job to figure it out and do their job!!

  • Chris

    As a gun enthusiast, I am very tempted to see what I can get my hands on by offering a little more in cash…

  • RedHot

    First off, stop calling it a “buyback”, and don’t use the term “return”.
    This church group never owned the property in question.
    You’ve bought into their propaganda without thinking even a little bit.

    “a tool to raise awareness and to get guns off the street and out the hands of persons who shouldn`t have them”

    Except it’s been proven in similar events across the country that that is not the outcome. Criminals don’t turn in the tools of their trade, and the people who know & live with them don’t turn them in (even when they’re felons, not legally allowed to have a gun). These programs do not reduce crime.

    And sometimes they defraud people out of very expensive pieces which could be sold through a dealer for many times what this group is offering. It’s sad to see people being taken advantage of, and allowing their priceless property be destroyed in exchange for $50 or $100.

    Third, whose definition of “assault weapon” is going to be used to determine the $200 reward? Because the only real assault weapons are worth tens of thousands of dollars and I’m sure their owners are not stupid enough to make the church people commit a federal felony by possessing them illegally. They take very involved, specialized licensing through the ATF. You can’t just give one away.

    “do everything we can to make sure we are reducing violence in the city”

    Except the city buildings are posted to keep out lawfully-armed citizens, the ones who protect themselves and others from crime. And instead of focussing police resources on violent people & areas, they’re often wasted harassing good citizens who are lawfully armed.

  • RedHot

    By the way, controlling just a few select areas & people would dramatically impact “gun violence”.


    “The majority of the firearm homicides and the highest firearm homicide rates occur in the small subset of the census tracts with an African American racial composition of greater than 30%.”

    “The firearm homicides that occurred in census tracts with an African American composition of greater than 30% were highly concentrated in lower income, urban neighborhoods.”

    “These census tracts, with about 15% of the population and about 1% of the land area, account for up to 67% of the firearm homicides.”

    “The data for Minnesota, Virginia, and Louisiana indicate that 67% of the firearm homicides (a rate of more than 14 per 100,000 people) occurred in neighborhoods with a racial composition of more than 30% African American, a per capita income of less than $25,000, and a population density greater than 640 people per square mile.”

    “The results from Virginia, Minnesota, and Louisiana bring into question the veracity, pragmatism, or true objectives of activists who propose broad restrictions of Constitutional rights when high firearm homicide rates are almost exclusive to less than 1% of the land area and a small fraction of the population. A more logical and effective approach would be to address the root causes of the culture of violence in these communities”

  • RedHot

    In 2000, 20% of U.S. homicides occurred in four cities with just six percent of the population – New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. – most of which [New York, Chicago, and DC] had a virtual prohibition on privately owned handguns at the time.

    FBI Uniform Crime Reports, September 15, 2000

  • RedHot

    Buybacks don’t prevent crime,
    and most of the people committing violent crime (with or without guns) are already convicted criminals,
    and _most_ of the people dying from being shot by criminals are themselves cirminals.
    Here’s some publicly-available research… you want to report facts, right?

    “According to the federal government, gun ‘buybacks’ have no effect.”
    Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Promising, National Institute of Justice, July 1998

    “Buy backs” remove no more than 2% of the firearms within a community. And the firearms that are removed do not resemble guns used in crimes. “There has never been any effect on crime results”.
    Garen Wintemute, Violence Prevention Research Program, U.C., Davis, 1997

    “Guns arriving at buy backs are simply not the same guns that would otherwise have been used in crime. If you look at the people who are turning in firearms, they are consistently the least crime-prone [least likely to commit crimes]: older people and women.”
    David Kennedy, Senior Researcher, Harvard University Kennedy School Program in Criminal Justice, in appearance on Fox News, November 22, 2000

    “Among inmates who used a firearm in the commission of a crime, the most significant correlations occurred when the inmates’ parents abused drugs (27.5%) and when inmates had friends engaged in illegal activities (32.5% for robberies, 24.3% for drug trafficking).”
    Firearm Use by Offenders, Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 2001

    “Most violent crime is caused by a small minority of repeat offenders. One California study found that 3.8% of a group of males born in 1956 were responsible for 55.5% of all serious felonies.
    75-80% of murder arrestees have prior arrests for a violent (including non-fatal) felony or burglary. On average they have about four felony arrests and one felony conviction.”
    The Prevalence and Incidence of Arrest Among Adult Males in California, Robert Tillman, prepared for California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Statistics and Special Services, Sacramento, California, 1987

    “Half of all murders are committed by people on “conditional release” (i.e., parole or probation).”
    Probation and Parole Violators in State Prison, 1991: Survey of State Prison Inmates, Robyn Cohen, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1995

    “81% of all homicide defendants had an arrest record; 67% had a felony arrest record; 70% had a conviction record; and 54% had a felony conviction.”
    Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 1998, Brian Reaves, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 2001

    “Two-thirds of the people who die each year from gunfire are criminals being shot by other criminals.”
    FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, 1994

    “Gangs are responsible for between 48% and 90% of all violent crimes.”
    2011 National Gang Threat Assessment, FBI, September 2011

    • John Q Public

      You did a far better job of reporting facts than Fox 6. What you posted should have been included in the news story.

      Barrett and Flynn are pushing unicorns and rainbows as the answer to the problem.

  • Sifaka

    Wait, Doesn’t the Police Chief use a gun to win fights?

    So, the police Chief is saying if you have a gun, you are a punk, and they don’t respect you… But, they can have guns… don’t questions it.

    Does that bother anyone else?

    What absurd hypocrisy… .

  • 2econd

    so how does these get legally transfered to the “new” owners? I know that if I set up shop somewhere and started buying fire arms off of individuals, I’d have the ATF raiding me in no time. what really needs to happen is start by getting Barrett and Flynn off the streets. Get some REAL leaders in their place.

  • MsTea

    Don’t do it! Only sadly mistaken, extremely misguided law abiding citizens will be participating in this thinly veiled confiscation attempt. Criminals WILL NOT be participating because they have the ability to get WAY more money by keeping their firearm than you will by turning yours in. If you really want to get rid of your firearm, find a better paying venue (ask a friend/acquaintance, sporting goods/hunting retail outlets, pawn shops, craigslist type of website for firearms). Don’t be one of the misled…

  • J

    Anyone else find it ironic that a police officer said that “you are a punk if you need a gun to win a fight”?

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