MFD & We Energies train together to better serve citizens, find out why

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Wind, rain, hail, or snow, it doesn't matter for We Energies workers and firefighters. Many times the two have to work together on the scene of an emergency, and Thursday, May 15th, they were practicing for such a scenario.

When the power goes out, We Energies sends crew to fix the problem even if there is an inherent danger.

"When we're out in the elements we're at the mercy of mother nature. We work in all types of weather, rain, sleet, snow. We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year," said Kevin Mikes, We Energies line mechanic.

Be it at a weather related event, a fire, or any emergency, Mikes knows there's a good chance he'll be working side by side with firefighters.

"When they're called upon, we work good hand to hand," said Mikes.

This is why Captain Brian McNulty and other members of the Milwaukee Fire Department's heavy urban rescue team partnered with We Energies again. This time, in a training exercise.

"Having these meetings and having that communication, we're able to deliver back to the citizens the best care and the quickest care we can," said McNulty.

The training session gives firefighters the chance to see what equipment We Energies works with and also helps them with rescue techniques in case a We Energies person is in trouble.

"This opportunity is unique in we actually get in the spaces and we get to talk to the people who are in those spaces all the time," said McNulty.

"In an event that there was an emergency where we had personnel that needed to be rescued, time is of the essence, and getting the right personnel on the job is the right thing to be trained," said Mikes.

Along with working on getting a person off of a light standard or a pole, firefighters worked on confined space rescues, such as manholes.

Both parties also say these exercises help with communication that will be necessary in an emergency.