Closure: Body of John Moebs recovered from Lake Michigan

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An update on the John Moebs Missing Facebook page indicates police have confirmed the body pulled from Lake Michigan on Tuesday morning, May 20th is John Moebs, who was reported missing more than two weeks ago.

According to authorities, a person walking along the lakefront saw the body floating near the shoreline early Tuesday and called officials. Upon arrival, authorities recovered a man's body from the lake.

John Moebs

John Moebs

"I wish we had found him alive, but at least now we know and now we can start finding out exactly what happened to lead him there," Moebs' brother, Scott Moebs said.

"We now have one more piece of the puzzle -- a small bit of closure. We still have a lot of unanswered questions but we want to leave that to the police who have been very helpful," Moebs' sister, Rebecca Moebs said.

33-year-old Moebs was last heard from around 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning, May 3rd when he sent a text message to his girlfriend saying he was on his way home and that he thought his nose might be broken.

“That was his last text message. Now whether he received that in a fight or if he fell down and hurt himself, we’re not completely clear on that,” said Capt. Richard Durica of the West Milwaukee Police Department.

John and his girlfriend started the night together before taking a cab down to Water St. around 12:30 a.m.

“The taxi driver said that he was quite intoxicated. He was too drunk to pull out his own money and his girlfriend had to do it for him,” said Scott Moebs, John's brother.

Somehow, the two got separated and they agreed to meet back up at home.

John had texted her saying he was nearly there at about 3:30 a.m. -- and that was the last anyone heard from him.

Now, the Milwaukee Police Department says it is working with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office to determine the cause of death.

After weeks of clinging to hope, his family now has to face the reality of a life without him.

"I`m not exactly sure -- how are we going to get through this?" Rebecca Moebs said.

"Just keep carrying on. That`s what my brother would want," Scott Moebs said.

When they're ready, they plan to say goodbye with a celebration.

"He goes into the next life -- not the way he went out of this one," Rebecca Moebs said.

"Give him the send off that he deserves," Scott Moebs said.

If you have any information that could help authorities in this case, you’re urged to call West Milwaukee police at 414-645-2151.

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  • Well...

    My condolences to the family. Another young man in the lake or river after a night of drinking. What are we doing to stop this or investigate it if it’s something more? Regardless of if its a drinking issue or a serial killer/gang related issue, something needs to be done to address these as they keep happening!

  • MZ

    So Sad this had happened. May God bless the family. I can’t help but wonder if there is some serial killer out there. It just seems too strange that no one at all would see any of these men fall into the lake when downtown and the east side of Milwaukee are busy places. I hope there isn’t one running around.

  • laura

    If my boyfriend, or friend, or family member was so drunk that they needed help getting money out of their wallet to pay the cab driver….I sure as he’ll would not let them set off on their own! Very sad…My thoughts are with the family

  • Sheila Moyet

    Does anyone else see a pattern with these young men disappearing and their bodies ending up in the water. The last young man found in the water was last seen in the same area as this one.

  • INtuitive

    There’s many things people aren’t seeing in this picture. First i doubt this gentleman was drinking for the first time ,so has he been there before? Who did he used to hang around with? Why would the gf leave him there in such condition by himself or was he with someone else after she left him ? Maybe someone he knew and trusted met with him , maybe the gf is hiding info for some reason. I personally don’t think there’s any killer on the loose or anything like that. I feel there are many deaths that are not accidents while some might be. I feel there could be personal matters involved and for some reason people have found the water the perfect place to hide a crime. Under such conditions anyone can be pushed into the water and die, and who will prove they were pushed? So just because someone is found and there is no sign of struggle doesn’t mean a thing. So sad to hear stories like these, but i feel the dead want justice because not all are accidents.
    If something like this would happen to someone dear to me i would not rest until all my questions were answered and until all of them make sense and i have peace within. When there is doubt rest assure that something is not right, and that is called your intuition trying to tell you something. May God bless the family and bring them comfort.

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