Can you help? Milwaukee’s Bosnian community steps up after flooding

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Balkans region has been hit with the worst flooding in 120 years. Several months of rain fell in just 48 hours, causing rapidly rising rivers to surge into homes, sometimes reaching up to the second floors, sending people climbing to rooftops waiting to be rescued. Tens of thousands were forced to flee, while those who were able to stay in their homes were left without electricity or drinking water. This is a terrible catastrophe for Bosnia, a country that is already dealing with a stagnant economy and is recovering from a recent war.

To help the victims, the Bosnian community in Milwaukee organized a fundraiser. 

Collected donations will be taken to BH Shipping Services in Chicago. This agency is working with BOSTEL Foundation and all donations will be distributed throughout Bosnia.

The following items are needed: ready-to-feed baby food (not the powder kind, as clean water is an issue), diapers for babies and adults, wipes, personal care items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, tampons and pads, etc.), pain relief medicine (over the counter, such as Tylenol, Advil, etc). Clothing and shoes for babies and children, as well as blankets.

This population is also in need of sanitary face masks and gloves.

Donations were collected at EVO Milwaukee on E. Chicago Street on Monday, May 26th.

We've learned $1,400 was raised -- and 80 boxes of clothing, food and necessities were collected.

"It's a pretty poor country so a dramatic situation like this we're definitely not prepared for. I'm happy the community in Milwaukee is able to get together and help out and send some love down there," Natasa Jones said.

All funds collected will be sent to a Bosnian agency named Udruzenje Gradjana Komsiluk, an organization in Sarajevo, Bosnia, which is working tirelessly to deliver food and medicine to those most in need.

The work of this organization can be seen by visiting its Facebook page.

If YOU wish to donate, you can do so using this GoFundMe link. 

This fundraiser was organized by Amila Rizvic, Seila Ahmetovic and Natasa Jones.

The organizers are from Bosnia and Montenegro, former Yugoslavia republics. 

They are just three young women who are trying to make a difference and get the help to those in need as soon as possible.

Please note that no donation is too small! Three cans of ready-to-feed baby formula feeds a small baby for one week, and one pack of diapers can last up to a week.

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  • Tatjana Bjelopetrovich

    Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Chicago is sending supplies as well… Devastation: Lifeline Chicago has two campaigns going on to help
    #1. With all your donations we are working with HRH foundation on getting deliveries to people now. We also have Lifeline Board members purchasing and delivering food to the Diocese Soup kitchen. The Diocese kitchen is feeding hundreds of people who have left the flood areas and living in their cars in Belgrade.
    Special thanks to our Chicago Board member Vera Bjelopetrovich and her husband Vlado and our Chicago Lifeline Representatives Mira and Zoran Gusic.

    #2. We are loading a container full of supplies that we expect to leave in 2 weeks, supplies can be dropped off at South Chicago St. Simeon Church 3737 E 114th Street

    Needs at this time, these items are 400% inflated in Europe diapers (children and adult) women’s (tampons, pads) we could use new scrubbing brushes, new buckets, new sponges. SOCKS for children and adults.

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