Described as “very violent,” man accused in armed robbery at large

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He's a dangerous man, who needs to be in jail. That's how the FBI is describing a man who remains at large after an armed robbery and shooting. The FBI agent working the case tells FOX6 News this case is a first for the FBI.

It happened at Mother's Foods at 16th and Locust on January 28th, 2014.

Surveillance cameras captured three men going into the store -- two of them armed.

Josh Mueller shot the store clerk.

"Our store employee was shot simply because there was a language barrier. He didn`t understand the English language very well. They were making demands and he was scared -- very scared and they senselessly shot him," FBI Agent Jonathan Adkins said.

Mueller and Sedrick Brown have since been arrested -- and have reached plea deals.

But the third suspected robber is still at large.

"Steven Bugni was the number two man going into the store. He had a weapon. He did not shoot the store clerk, but he did discharge his weapon two times in the store for no reason," Adkins said.

Adkins says this is the first major case being investigated by a task force that was formed last fall.

Federal agents now work daily with Milwaukee police officers in District 5.

The partnership gives investigators the option of charging suspects in either state or federal court.

"What we do is we leverage what is going to get the defendant in this case the most amount of time," Adkins said.

Authorities are pursuing federal charges in this case.

Under the Hobbs Act, those convicted would receive at least a 10-year sentence.

The FBI believes Steve Bugni deserves that sentence -- and then some.

"Bugni is very violent. We believe it`s in the public`s best interest to apprehend Steve Bugni as soon as possible," Adkins said.

Bugni grew up in Germantown, and he and Mueller were childhood friends.

The FBI says Bugni has ties to Sheboygan -- as well as Georgia and Iowa.

The clerk who was shot remains at home, on bed rest -- but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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