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Some “up in arms” over plans for store that would sell firearms in Sturtevant

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STURTEVANT (WITI) -- The prospect of selling firearms has some up in arms in Sturtevant! Even though the Village Board approved an Oak Creek man's plans to open up a gun store -- some who live near the proposed site are expressing their concerns.

Jonathan Hennegan is in the process of opening The Chamber Gun Store in Sturtevant.

The ex-Marine says he's taking the proper precautions.

"We're gonna wait for final approval from the ATF to move forward," Hennegan said.

Hennegan already has the Village of Sturtevant's approval -- but some of his neighbors have expressed concerns -- including some living in the condos across the street.

Hennegan's closest neighbor, however, says he's not in that group.

"I love on premise. Right upstairs. There is no shooting range. There's gonna be no weapons fired on premise," Michael Raush said.

Raush is also the general manager of All One Storage -- which would share the space with the gun store.

"I don't really look at it so much as a gun store, but as a business that's willing to do proper business," Raush said.

Hennegan says he's taking steps to make sure his store is as safe as possible.

"There will be glass-break sensors on all the windows. Three different cameras. It seems excessive -- but, you know, we're talking about safety and these are firearms," Hennegan said.

Hennegan has his sites set on sharing more than just semi-automatic weapons.

"When you come buy a gun from here, I want to make sure that the product is not the gun. It's the education and the professionalism behind it," Hennegan said.

The targeted opening date for The Chamber Gun Store is sometime in July -- but Hennegan says there are several legal hurdles to be cleared before that can happen.


  • educated one

    oh my…what a concern….some people might beleive that it is those “legally obtained guns” that kill people…what to do…maybe educate the uneducated…I think we need to add more legal gun stores and ranges so us “law abiding citizens” may practice our reactions to a percieved threat with less inconveniences.

    The last valid crime statistic I read showed that “MORE GUNS = LESS VIOLENT CRIME.”

    To all those who disagree…

    Please post your name and address so the violent know where to go.(while you wait like a sheep for the police to come help you).

  • BHirsh

    People who get in a huff about other people engaging in lawful business in their neighborhoods need to be told, “Yeah? So what? Go take a pill and shut up.”

  • D Brendan Kite

    Selling guns to law abiding citizens? Dear, God! Oh, and Nice misspellings, FOX 6. It’s “Chambered”. And I’m sure Rausch “lives” (although he may love there, too) on the premises–not the premise. English–please learn it. It’s a nice shop, folks. Good people running it, too. Save some money off of the Gander Mtn/Dick’s mark-ups, and have a conversation with someone with a clue about what they’re selling.

  • Chris

    Who spell checks these things? Even the name of the store is incorrect.
    “Chambered” – that’s the actual name of the store.
    “I love on premise.” – Really?
    “Has his sites set…” – How about “sights” maybe?

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