A family dog goes missing, critical lifeline for paralyzed boy

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A family is on the search to find their missing dog, and she's not any dog, but one critical to helping a paralyzed family member.

FOX6 first told you about this family after Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was struck by a car -- the driver was texting, and Xzavier was left paralyzed. Now, the family fears the dog that has been helping him, was stolen.

It's a nice treat when 9-year-old Xzavier goes for a trip to the corner store, but on this day, his normal companion is missing from his side.

"I miss Shi Shi," said Xzavier.

Xzavier's life was changed in October of 2010. He was hit by a woman texting and driving, while crossing the street. He became paralyzed, and his helper Shi Shi became a lifeline.

"She is his dog, that is her job," said Valetta Bradford, mom.

On Tuesday, May 20th, that changed when Bradford went outside, and the silver helper dog was gone.

"By the time that we went to give her breakfast, which is not even 5 minutes, she's gone," said Bradford. "I'm calling, calling, calling...nothing.  We were walking the blocks, we were 6 blocks away."

The family believes the dog was stolen, and reported her missing.

"Whoever took this dog has to understand this dog is extremely important to this family," said Bradford.

The pitbull was being trained to be a sort-of service dog to Xzavier. She would help with everything from opening doors, to alerting the family if the 9-year-old had trouble breathing.

"I want her back," said Xzavier.

And so does the rest of the family.

"It's really important someone returns her," said Bradford.

Anyone with information about the dog's whereabouts is asked to call Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control at: 414- 649-8640


  • MZ

    This is just sad if some Godless THUG stole the boy’s dog from the yard. No doubt if it was stolen,the POS will use it as bait for dog fighting. I pray they find the dog safe and healthy and I wish society would euthanize the thug who stole it.

  • Welcome the Weird Productions

    Valetta Bradford is a spokeswoman against Distracted Driving. I live in Austin, TX and I first heard about her campaign through a PSA she did for AT&T. She also takes her son X to schools, colleges, and events trying to turn the tide of this Distracted Driving epidemic.

    ‘Don’t text for X’

    Over a year ago their home was burglarized and all of their PC equipment was stolen and the thieves also took X’s Playstation.

    And now they have taken Xzavier’s dog.

    Valetta is a strong woman. She sat through nine surgeries after some ditz carelessly stole Xzavier’s life from him. She had to quit her managerial job in corporate America to become the primary caregiver to X, rather than see her beloved son become institutionalized, Valetta taught herself how to monitor and maintain his breathing equipment.

    Valetta doesn’t sleep on the weekends because Xzavier’s night nurse is off on weekends.

    She runs the X-Man Foundation from her phone.

    How much more can Valetta take?

  • Mary Anderson

    How bad is ths world coming to when we have thieves,killings rapes ect. I will PRAY for YOU &YOUR FAMILY to get back your WONDERFUL FAMIL DOG! And MOM you should slow down a bit before you RUNout of ENERGY & you will get TIRED OUT to were you cant TAKE CARE of your PRECIOUS BOY! Then you have problems so MOM TAKE CARE of YOURSELF!

    • Welcome the Weird Productions

      It’s funny you should bring this up. Early when I began volunteering for the X-Man Foundation, a federally recognized non-profit that Valetta started to educate drivers to the dangers of distracted driving by holding her injured son up for folks to see this is a real, serious epidemic in our nation, I asked Valetta how she does all she does.

      She told me that sometimes when she awakens she thinks for just a moment, ‘this isn’t real, Xzavier is okay, nothing bad has happened’ and then reality dons that this is real, Xzavier is seriously injured beyond repair, his dreams of becoming a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers gone.

      Valetta told me the only way she can get out of bed each and every day is this drive to stop this epidemic of distracted driving. She cannot think about the woman who did this to her son because it is just too painful and that selfish driver never looked back. This driver was fined $150 dollars for nearly killing a five year old boy in a crosswalk by a playground and that incredibly selfish girl slinked off to her own selfish future never volunteering one cent or one hour to help this family cope with what she did to them. I am spitting nails. This driver was also under-insured. This family didn’t get paid. Valetta has to struggle to get medical supplies that Xzavier needs. The wheelchair accessible van that they have is in need of repairs and X hits his head on the ceiling coming and going.

      We are working to get a donate button on-line for the X-Man Foundation but in the meantime if you are near an Educator’s Credit Union you can make a donation in person to the X-Man Foundation in the care of Valetta Bradford.

  • Welcome the Weird Productions

    To contact Valetta Bradford just google contact Valetta Bradford or you can Facebook friend her by her name Valetta Bradford.

    You also might be interested to know that Valetta hosts an event called ‘Walk for Awareness’ at the corner of 10th and North where this tragedy occurred as a fundraiser every year on or near the anniversary of Xzavier’s injuries, October 10th (2010).

    Last year this event was rained out. Valetta offers t-shirts and red X pins for donations and she’s a pretty good cook, I think there might be bar b q plates or perhaps pot luck offered. See you there.

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