“It means a lot:” 4,000 pounds of free food to families in need

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Crowds of people lined up outside of Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, but they weren't there for a doctors visit.

"It means a lot because my daughters eat me out of house and home," said Candy Salgado.

Molina Healthcare and Feeding America teamed up to provide Milwaukee families with 4,000 pounds of free food.

This has a big impact for people like Majorie Krumnow who has several extra mouths to feed.

"I have a home daycare so I serve extra children in the day so it helps out a lot," said Krumnow.

Molina Healthcare notified its members about the event, but it was open to everyone.

Each person received about 2 weeks worth of groceries.

"We provide cereal, some apples, we provide some pasta, and we also have some frozen meats, and some bread," said Molina Healthcare Supervisor of Community Outreach Alexandria Alvarado.

"It makes a big different because now I don't have to worry so much. It's just getting here and getting it and going home and then being able to make meals," said Salgado.

Molina also used the opportunity to teach people about how they can get help receiving healthcare.

"We educate them on the importance of preventative visits and then also answer questions that they may have related to their healthcare needs," said Alvarado.

Taking away just some of the stress for those who can really use a helping hand.

Molina Healthcare hosts food distributions every spring and fall.

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