It’s happened again! Inflatable slide goes airborne after strong gust of wind

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LITTLETON, COLORADO (CNN) — It has happened again! There has been another incident of a bouncy house blowing away!

It happened on Saturday, May 31st at the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree.

A strong gust of wind picked up an inflatable slide and carried it several hundred feet.

“We’re on the sidelines — the parents watching the game and then out of the side saw the bouncy house come over and everybody running for it to get out of the way,” Aleah Horstman, said.

Horstman capture the slide as tumbled over Field 6, through an ongoing game and towards a pond.

“All of a sudden, it picks up and there’s a girl going down the slide,” Vannessa Atencio, a witness, said. “She flies about eight feet in the air. The slide tumbles across the field.”

The girl was ejected right away, Atencio says.

“The bouncy house went right through where all the players were standing and then the hill goes down towards the pond,” Hortsman said.

But, Horstman and other witnesses did not know there was still a boy trapped on the slide.

“As the wind picked up, it would tumble,” Desiree Hunter, witness, said. “Like a bag in the wind.”

Fire officials say the boy was carried between 200 to 300 feet before the slide came to a stop before going into the water.

The girl was treated and released on the scene.

The boy was taken by ambulance for medical attention, but he is not believed to have suffered serious injuries.

“They said that he just looked really beat up and shook up,” Horstman said.

The bouncy slide was operated by a company called Airbound.

A representative from Airbound did not want to comment except to say the slide was staked down into the ground and safety precautions were taken.

But, weather stations in the area did record wind gusts of close to 30 miles per hour at the time of the incident at 2:40 p.m.

The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree is run by a non-profit called Lacrosse Outreach International.

Organizers of the tournament did not want to comment. But, they did say Airbound was told immediately to cease operations and they are considering whether to do business with Airbound in the future.

The lacrosse tournament draws about 10,000 players, according to organizers, and is held at five different parks across Jefferson County.

The bouncy slide was at Robert A. Easton Park on West Coal Mine Avenue in Jefferson County.

Atencio says the whole experience was traumatic.

“It was pretty horrific and scary and you just freeze in the moment,” Atencio said. “I hope the family and everyone’s okay and we’re praying for a good recovery.”

Earlier in May, two young boys from upstate New York were seriously injured when a gust of wind swept up the inflatable bounce house they were playing in.

The boys, ages five and six, were playing in a yard near an apartment building in South Glens Falls, New York.

The bounce house was swept up by a sudden and strong burst of wind that lifted the bounce house 15 to 20 feet into the air.

The young boys fell to the ground.

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