Failure to yield! Semi passes school bus on right?

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MINNESOTA (WITI) — The Minnesota State Patrol is looking for the public’s help tracking down a semi that illegally passed a stopped school bus May 30, nearly killing a young female student waiting alongside the highway.

Cameras inside the bus captured the close call, which happened on Highway 23 near Paynesville and New London. Footage shows the semi blow past the stopped bus — lights flashing and stop arm down — and continue along the highway. The girl and bus driver were not injured.

Several witnesses called 911, but were unable to provide enough details for authorities to locate the semi.

Anyone with information about this incident or the semi is asked the call Minnesota State Patrol at 651-405-6047.


  • Robert

    Did ya ever think he did not have time to stop? and passing on the left would have caused a head on accident he went the only direction I could see by this video.

    • Jimmy

      Failure to be able to stop in time is the drivers fault for not following at a greater distance. Either way…If the driver could not stop or whatever, the driver cannot legally do this in any shape or form. Dumb driver, period. Think about it, you are following a school bus in the morning….what do you think it is going to do..?

      • Tanya

        you can clearly see in the reflection of oncoming cars the lights flashing red lights flashing is a warning sign everyone who learns to drive knows what those red lights mean. My father is a truck driver and what this guy does gives others a bad name.

    • Joanne Bohenstengel

      The truck was going too fast and following too close. You can see his speed when he passes on the inside. There was a child waiting to be picked up. There is no justification for this irresponsible driving. This could have been so much worse if that child had been injured or killed.

    • Jackie

      If he didn’t have time to stop, then he was following the bus way too close. And I didn’t see any cars on the left. He could have killed the little girl~

  • Kathy

    He’s driving behind a school bus! What do school buses do? They stop every 200 yards or so to let children off the bus on the right side!

  • Brittany

    Robert I’m pretty sure the school bus had their hazard lights on warning drivers that he would be stopping soon. If the semi couldn’t stop in time he shouldn’t of been driving too fast.

  • Jessie

    As a bus driver myself I am not one bit surprised by this. People have no respect for school bus’s. They are big and yellow and carry children folk’s. Slow down around us!!

    • Barb

      I am a school bus driver also, and you are correct no one has respect for us they see a yellow bus and they have to cut you off, pull out in front of us, and ride our bumper. People are always running my red lights . I have a shirt it says flashing red ahead means stop ahead. Some people need to try it. Yes school is out for this year and we drivers have to worry about you drivers who don’t want to watch for the yellow school bus. Don’t make excuses for the driver of the semi he is just a dumb a!!!!.

  • Kim p

    The semi was flying and was going entirely too fast on that two lane. It should be broadcasted heavily on their local news until the driver and company is disclosed. Companies have logs and know what routes their drivers take and make a public announcement that the company could heavily pay if they do not disclose that it was one of their drivers. I have a teenage driver and this one of the thing I have went over with her and that it is always important to be aware of school busses no matter what direction they are coming from.

  • Tee

    I drove school bus for nearly 15 years. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone passed my stopped school bus with lights flashing. I even had one idiot go around on the right while I was unloading at the local high school….ON THE RIGHT ON THE SIDEWALK!!! She even had the gall to whip me the bird! Go figure!

  • Semi

    Well how many of u drive semi or dump truck? if you don’t, Plz zip your mouth. No need for your opinion. Maybe the semi had no brakes? Maybe he wasn’t paying attention but how many of u pull out in front of semis or even motorcycles.

    • Jackie

      lol, What? That doesn’t even make sense, are you seriously defending this idiot? He was following way too close to the bus, and going too fast. No brakes? C’mon!!

      • you're stoopid

        Do you know that semis have a different braking system than cars? They’re not able to stop as quickly and unable to stop in a similar amount of distance as cars. They also experience brake failure, just like you and I except when a semi experiences any form of brake failure their’s can cause more damage and harm.
        EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m on the freeway i see someone dart in front of a semi with only a few feet of space between the two vehicles (this was mainly to the holier than thou driver who obviously is the high most authority on driving skills -_-…and anyone else who does this).

        As for the driver in the video, I agree with the others. If he was experiencing problems with his truck he would’ve honked.

    • EB

      If the semi drivers actions were in anyway done as to not to hit the bus and cause additional harm. He definitely had time to stop after passing to ensure everyone was OK and provide explanation of his behavior. In not stopping, the actions are hard to justify as anything but neglectful and dangerous.

  • Justin

    I say it all the time…Semi drivers are some of the worst drivers on the road. I see them doing all kinds of dangerous stuff all of the time

  • luke

    Semi- are you a brainless idiot or just childless? Its one or the other. I don’t care if these people don’t drive semi, that little girl could have been killed. Think about it boss and then turn your license in or yourself. Cry about being cut off, but think about the little girl.

  • mark

    they should be able to find out who it is if the police department takes a slow look at the video clearly they should be able to see what the name is on the side of the vehicle I just couldn’t make it out because of the clarity on my phone but possibly with their technology that should be able to blow up the name on the side of the truck

  • Steve

    I am not going to say the truck driver was doing everything perfectly, However, I do not see flashing lights in the video, and even if they are. they may have been turned on with a short notice. we do not know when the last stop was and what the speed limit is on this Highway. But from what I do see and Hear is that there are children on the bus as well as a driver and I saw oncoming traffic as the bus came to a stop. The truck driver was probably not paying close attention but he did make a responsible decision in a split seconds time. He chose to possibly hit a child or two on the side of the road ( and the child or children were more than likely looking at the bus as it approached and saw the truck coming too fast and got away from the street), ( Thank GOD). The driver although in the wrong opted to not change lanes into oncoming traffic possibly killing all passengers in the oncoming cars, and he did not chose to run into the back of the bus which he could probably see several children on it as he realized he was not going to be able to stop in time. So lets not condemn him and lay 100 % of the blame on him as we do not see everything he saw and we do not know how long in advance the bus driver had put on his lights. Having been a school bus driver myself for 3 years, I know a bus driver can be distracted as much as a semi driver. The bus driver should have been observant as to what was behind them as well as in front of them and made an unsafe stop in this case. I would have kept on going and turned around to pick up the child and not have forced that kind of decision on the truck driver . Just my opinion. Please don’t condemn me or say I am stupid. I am educated and a former school bus driver. Both drivers here are at fault.

    • Jerry

      Wrong, wrong, wrong! This truck driver was absolutely wrong. First of all he should always be able to stop for any vehicles in front of him under every situation. Second of all he should NEVER pass a school bus when stopped. Lights on in time or not. Third of all he should NEVER pass a school bus on the right side. This driver was either distracted (My guess he was) and he noticed the stopped Bus at the last moment and he thought his best way out was to take the right side. He may have prevented himself from hitting the bus but no matter what he was in the wrong any way you look at it,, period! I drove semi for over 30 years.

  • bruno

    Unlike most of us perfect people who never make mistakes, this semi driver was not paying attention for a brief second. He should not have swerved around the bus but slammed right into the back of it, injuring/killing as many kids as possible and most likely killing the girl on the side of the road to boot. That way we could’ve given him a ticket and tell him that he was wrong. ?? Seriously ??!!!
    As far as I am concerned he is %100 wrong but a %100 wrong hero who kept his cool at an incredibly dangerous moment. I am also sure he stopped the first chance he got and changed his underwear..

  • Lone ranger

    Some and I mean some semi drivers have absolutely no care for anyone else on the road! They tailgate and follow within a few feet of cars are they not thinking what will happen if they must stop quickly? a lot of these drivers are single young males and have not a care in the world about anyone and there only priority is getting their load to it’s destination as quickly as possible even if it means taking a life.

  • Steve

    @Lone Ranger, If this driver had no concern for anyone but himself he would have chosen to hit the bus or the oncoming traffic. We can not judge this whole incident by a 28 second video. And did you notice that the oncoming cars did not stop either. And I know for a fact that on a two lane road with no sidewalks that both directions are suppose to stop if the bus has its red stop flashing lights on. it appears in this 28 seconds that traffic both directions did not have adequate time to stop safely. Thus is a clue to me that the bus driver may have waited till the last second to start his deceleration/ braking, and putting all in harms way. I know of school bus drivers in Milwaukee Wisconsin that ignore yellow lights and have caused several accidents with children on their buses . They do this to get the kids home as fast as possible so they can go home to prime time TV. They get paid so much for a route not by the hour and it is not to their advantage to take their time and drive safely.

  • larry

    I am a retired trucker, these guys and gals travel all nite long, they have to be here and there, and they shouldnt have to drive tired but, dot regulations, are not looking out for the trucker, its a bad excuse, but noing this would you want your child setting in the middle of the highway, hoping everyone sees them setting there, to many people talk and text while there driving also, so if I were a bus driver maybe it would be betr to drive in to the farm lot and turn around then to be dead meat setting on a highway worrying about somone hitting you.if you think about it both were real lucky that day no one got hurt,

  • RYAN


  • Jeff

    The video starts about 10 seconds before the truck passes, and it looks like the warning lights are on, and in any case the bus is obviously braking for a stop. That is more than enough time with adequate following distance (which a professional driver should always use) to come to a complete stop. Anyone behind a school bus should be aware of its presence, and that it is in essence a moving red light. In this situation, the luck isn’t the skill of the truck driver, it is that no one got hurt due to negligence.
    Vehicles behind a school bus must treat the red lights just like a stop light. Those in the oncoming lane wait for the stop sign to come out, though the red lights are fair warning that it will happen soon.

  • Barb

    Hay semi you don’t know much a school bus has the same braking system as a semi, Air brakes and yes it does take longer to stop. That’s why we all know he was going to fast , and by law any person who carrys a CDL is only allowed 10 hours on the road. So don’t defend an idiot that screwed up and almost killed a kid. DID HE SE THE BLACK DOG? Time to hang up his keys.

  • Jerry

    The truck driver is an idiot and he gives good drivers a bad name. There is NO reason for him to pass a school bus while it is loading or unloading passengers, period. If he had equipment failure of some kind then he should have stopped there and then and had it fixed. Any other reason is pure driver stupidity! No excuses!

  • Jerry

    Ok, after watching this video closely for a few times and since I drove truck for over 30 years this is what I think happened. Taking the oncoming cars into consideration too. I think the school bus put on the flashing yellow lights and came to a stop but didn’t put on the flashing red lights because the bus driver was waiting for the oncoming cars to pass. Once the cars went by the bus he/she then turned on the red lights. I think the truck driver was distracted (Phone maybe?) and when the truck driver realized the school bus had stopped he quickly noticed he couldn’t stop in time and also noticed there were cars in the oncoming lane so he did the only thing he could. Take the right shoulder. He more then likely would have rear ended the school bus had he not taken the right shoulder and couldn’t get into the left lane because the cars hadn’t passed by him yet. Yes the truck driver is guilty of a few crimes here and should be punished for them. If it was equipment failure then he should have stopped right there and then until the problem was fixed. I hope they find this driver. Glad nobody was hurt or killed!

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