“You name it, it was thrown:” Three students take fall for senior prank at Homestead H.S.

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HOMESTEAD (WITI) -- Days away from graduation, three Homestead High School students are shut out of the ceremony. It all stems from a school prank that has parents in an uproar. School official say they knew the prank was coming -- and sent a clear warning to students in advance.

"Shaving cream, silly string, eggs, confetti -- you name it, it was thrown," said Connor.

A video submitted to FOX6 News by students shows just how chaotic it got inside the school earlier this week. Parents say principal Brett Bowers can be seen walking through the group.

"Went right to my son and grabbed him and then pulled and yanked him through the crowd," said Emily.

No one wanted to be fully identified for this story, but Emily says her son, Jake was one of three students suspended for the act.

"It's not right for the district to treat three students this way," said Emily.

In addition to the suspension, those three students also aren't allowed to participate in this weekend's commencement.

"It's unfair that it's being pinned on three kids when -- only three kids can't walk.  None of the other kids stood up for us.  We've been friends with them for years and no one stood up for us," said Jake.

Jake's friend Connor says he's one of hundreds who participated. Connor just didn't get caught.

"I don't want to risk myself and my walk.  That's a big moment in my life," said Connor.

In a statement from the Mequon-Thiensville School District, officials say student were specially warned in an announcement at the start of school Tuesday about pranks. Bowers explained, "Spraying shaving cream on school property is crossing the line and deemed inappropriate." The principal goes on to say, "Anyone who participates in inappropriate behavior would be suspended and prohibited from commencement."

"Everyone was warned -- everyone still did it," said Jake.

Jake and Connor say they were late to school that morning and missed the warning.

"'It was a fun prank -- it was innocent.  For three kids to be singled out.  Now they feel like outcasts," said Emily.

District leaders say the three student who are punished are the ones the principal and other teachers caught in the act. The district has offered to hold a private graduation ceremony for the three students on Sunday. So far, only one student has taken them up on the offer.

Read the full Senior Prank Statement from the Mequon-Thiensville School District.


  • Dan

    Poor Emily, her spoiled son will not get his walk. Maybe you should have taught your son better lady!

  • Zach

    This parent Emily is a huge piece of excrement. Trying to defend her dumb child’s behavior. How about you accept that your child isn’t perfect and actually discipline them accordingly. He is old enough to know what’s right and wrong and he still made a poor decision. The fact that she calls it “innocent” and “fun” proves how bad of a parent she is. If she had to clean up the mess it probably wouldn’t be so fun and innocent. Terrible parents like this make teaching an absolute nightmare…and they are everywhere nowadays. Its no longer the students fault for anything and it’s always the same old story, “Well, my child could have never done that because…” Just another pathetic excuse for a parent passing along horrible life lessons to their children . She basically is telling her son that its OK to do whatever you want because there are no consequences, and if there are, just complain, lie, and deflect the fault onto something or someone else. Boo friggen hoo if these dopes feel like “outcasts”. They made their choice, now deal with the consequences like an adult. I commend the school district for handing out a swift punishment but they should have take. it further by making them clean the mess and rat out their friends. Poor little Jakie-poo is upset that his friends “for years” didn’t stand up for him. Cry me a river little boy. High school is meaningless in the big picture and so are the “friends” you have. Your friends were obviously smart enough to keep their mouths shut because they knew what they did was wrong and feared punishment. Be accountable for your actions. None of these kids should be offered an alternative ceremony. They should be lucky they even get a diploma.

      • Zach

        My life rocks. College educated (something I highly doubt you are), good job (another thing you don’t have),debt free, great hobbies, great home, and a great fiancee. You on the other hand are a total coward. Keep hiding behind that keyboard. I speak the facts. If you don’t like it, then go f*** yourself coward.

    • S

      I’ve been witness to the fact that his kid is a very hardworking, good person and a great student,!

      I’m also told that this boy comes from a very accomplished, hardworking,
      successful family in Milwaukee, is that a crime?

      Jake was used as an example!

      Also, I don’t see any other parents there.!?

      Three kids took the fall for the entire class. That is WRONG. No matter what you think. That is the truth.

      How much do you really know about these people anyway? You have nothing better to do I’m guessing.

      • Zach

        I agree with some of your statements but not all. It doesn’t matter if the kid is a good, hardworking person, a great student or comes from a successful family. He made a bad choice and it came with a consequence. Accept it and move on. Why should there be no consequences for his actions?
        Yes, he was used as an example, but was also caught red handed. So how is that bad?
        The reason you probably don’t see more parents there is because they probably accepted the punishment for their children and didn’t decide to look like idiots defending their children’s poor behavior on local TV like that dope Emily.
        Show me where I said that the three kids taking the fall was WRONG. I never did, but I agree, it is wrong. They should go after as many of the students that participated as they can. Too bad kids are cowards and either, won’t step forward or don’t have the integrity to name names.

  • Josh

    Parents stop making excuses for your children. They should own up. This whole “it’s not fair” thing is ridiculous. It is fair. This kid was caught red handed. He should know there are consequences to all of his actions in life. God forbid this is my kid someday, I will most definitely say, “You know, he messed up. Kids do that sometime. The district handed out his punishment. We accept it. Let’s learn from it. And move on.” Take ownership of your mistakes. Make your kids take ownership. Don’t make excuses and try to bail them out all the time.

    • SLF

      You obviously don’t know the facts.
      There were hundreds of people involved not three.
      Think before you speak

      • Zach

        The facts are that three of them were dumb enough to get caught. Josh is right. Stop making excuses for kids. This generation of kids act so entitled and have been told they are so special that they think they are above consequences. It’s sickening.

  • Jeri Burke

    Shaving cream and silly string never hurt any one. I think this might be a bit of an over reaction. In the grand scheme of Senior Pranks this is the most harmless one I have ever heard of. Make the kids clean up their own mess and lighten up a bit.

    • Mallory

      You would think so, right? …Until someone gets shaving cream in their eye and sues the district for damages, and then everyone’s comments read something like “They should have known better.” or “They knew it was going to happen. They should have told them not to do it.”

  • dianne

    The school was Right the kids wrong..stupid acts…appropriate consequences….quityour belly aching and parents quit making ecauses for bad behavior

  • Sharon

    What’s wrong is wrong and punishment should be in place, however, my only issue is it was more than three kids who participated. Review the cameras and pull all of the kids involved from walking across the stage. A lesson learned, when you really need your friends to stand behind you, where were there….hiding in the corner because god forbid if they did not get to walk across the stage. This is when you learn who your friends are. Kuddos to Conner for standing up for his friend. And yes, shaving cream is a problem, it stains for years to come. I know of someone who had their car/house/driveway damaged with shaving cream (8 years ago) and you can still see it on the driveway.

    • SLF

      I agree Sharon. You are right!
      Three kids took the fall for all of the kids involved.
      That says so much for the integrity of those three…

      • Zach

        You clearly don’t know what having integrity means. It means doing the right thing when no one is looking. These three kids don’t have much integrity. If they had any they would not have participated or would have at least named the names of others involved. Integrity takes a high level of maturity though, something else these students most likely lack as well.

  • Z

    Emily,maybe if you taught your son right from wrong,maybe he would of followed the memo the principal put out ahead of time. Your son is an idiot,and by your lack of putting proper blame where it belongs,,the apple don’t fall far from the tree.

    • SLF

      Really? Are you serious?
      I don’t even know you and I am shocked by the insulting comments you so easily throw!
      What are your kids up to?
      You all must be perfect to throw stones like you do!!!

  • Kathy

    Kids get away with way to much these days. How far do you let them go? They keep pushing and pushing and pushing. There must be consequences. These kids are 17 & 18 years old. If they are not mature enough and they don’t have enough respect for rules by this age, they should suffer the consequences. Although the parents should be able to share their thoughts about the whole thing, the decision of the school district should be respected by students and parents. Parents, be a good example to your son or daughter by respecting the school districts decision. Don’t try to “get your kid” out of trouble. They NEED to learn these lessons!!

  • Jordan

    This was also on Fox 6 News. What happened in Mequon was not as bad as this, but where does it end? These HS kids will find out that going college is a privilege and they will toss you out on your butt if you spray shaving cream in the halls of a college campus. Might want to grow up and obey the rules now. Shame on this parent for going on camera trying to get sympathy for only 3 kds, including hers “getting caught” – many people go over the speed limit and only a few “get caught” but you can’t use that argument in a court of law. You still pay the fine for speeding even if you are the only one that gets caught. Good lesson to learn.

  • steve sukawaty

    These high school principals have such easy jobs! I mean the halls filled with 1200 well parented children who understand the difference between a high school and a frat house. These wonderful parents and the little chips off the ol’ block must make it a dream job!
    This over indulged brat has apparently never seen consequences after being warned not to do something. Mr. Bowers showed more backbone than this kid’s parents probably ever have.
    Thank God Mr. Bowers and the many principals like him are willing to stand up to those who are simply ridiculous and drink from a never ending font of entitlement. Geez, maybe our teachers and administrators are actually worth something……the most under-appreciated people on the planet.
    The North Shore…….so many good people …..but when it’s bad, it’s simply nauseating

    • M

      Steve you are so dumb I feel bad for the people that have to interact with you on a daily basis. You must feel pretty entitled as well coming and posting your rude comments when I’m sure NO ONE wants to hear your half brained opinion. Get a life you jerk.

    • Zach

      You’re a total fool. The principal (not principle, clearly you aren’t very smart, as if your asinine comments weren’t already damning enough) was not blaming three students as you put it, he caught three of them red handed and handed out a fitting punishment. Do you seriously think there should be no consequences for this kind of behavior? Especially from young adults who clearly know right from wrong? If so, you are definitely a fool.

  • HHS Parent

    Homestead has bigger problems. The administration likes to single out kids like this while they turn a blind eye to out of control drug use and drinking (while at school). I am disappointed in the administration and think they need to balance learn to balance the punishment and the crime. I would LOVE to see Fox6 do an in-depth story on what REALLY goes on at this affluent high school behind closed doors. There are so many “good kids” being handed high priced punishments (in-school suspensions or out of school suspensions) for dime store infractions. And yet, kids that are engaged in sexual activity at school or physical altercations or drugs get detentions.
    Make the punishment fit the crime Homestead! I pray a news agency decides to do an in-depth investigation and shine a light on what REALLY goes on in this school.

    • Zach

      No news here. Most administration teams are pretty much worthless and struggle with discipline but…most high schools have those same problems. I don’t think you can single out one SE Wisconsin high school because of its affluence. I was a high school teacher for 5 years. (I taught the skilled trades and loved it, but switched to a far better profession because of all the political bureaucracy, that is another story though.) The schools I worked at were kind of middle of the road in regards to socio-economics and most people knew of the same problems you mentioned above. Although I will say when I worked in the Waukesha School District, it was more well known that the affluent Waukesha West was rampant with student drug use.

      Like I said, most administrators are pretty clueless on how to handle discipline situations but this principal acted appropriately for this situation.

      • HHS Parent

        I respect your opinion Zach. However, the message that has been sent to the study body over and over again is that the consequences for minor behavioral infractions are the same as or higher than major behavioral infractions or actually breaking the law. This administration cultivates bad behavior by the implementation of their disciplinary policy (or lack there of). I agree with you, this student did something wrong and he knew it. He should have some consequences. However, his punishment is the same as another graduating student from last year, who lured a minor into a wooded area and physically beat him. A beating that sent that minor boy to the hospital because of a drug deal gone bad. Two drastically different behaviors, same punishment. What kind of message does that send to the student body?

        This school administration and school board needs to re-evaluate at their disciplinary policy. In addition, they need to review a students record before they hand down their consequences. Hell, our criminal justice system at least does that!

  • Trish Slezak Hastings

    The prank may not have been in the best interest – but it didn’t harm anyone and ALL schools pull senior pranks! Hell YEARS and I mean YEARS ago at Nicolet they took apart a car an rebuilt it in the common’s…. Shaving cream… These days thank god it wasn’t GUNS…. it was shaving cream and ONLY three kids paid the price when MANY more were involved and just not close enough for the principal to grab – if you are going to punish three – punish them ALL! They had a FB page set up where MANY kids were involved – oh, but guess what – authorities deleted it….. Punish everyone and not just make an example out of three – that is only fair! It may have been wrong to do – but it is wrong to only select a “few” to pay the price! If you are going to judge – judge them ALL!

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