Infant grazed by gunfire, innocent victim in drive-by shooting

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police are investigating a shooting that happened near 12th and North Ave. just after noon on Friday, June 13th.

A five-month-old passenger of a vehicle, driven by his mother and also occupied by her adult son, suffered a graze wound when the suspect fired shots at them from another vehicle.   The mother drove to a hospital where the child received treatment and was released.

Officials say there are indications the suspect and the mother’s adult son knew one another. The mother’s adult son did not remain on scene for investigators.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident continues and police are actively seeking the known suspect. ​



    Wake up Preachers in Milwaukee!!!!!!!!! We have two major problems facing this city. The gun violence and homosexual marriages. We all need to come together from every denomination and address these issues. How can we stand idly by and continue to be silent? Forget the cease fire Sabbath, that was a failure. We need to start pushing prayer, repentance, Godly morals and values.

    • nonya

      Are you seriously putting two consenting adults getting married in the same category as the horrific amount of gun violence occuring in Milwaukee? The ones that scream the loudest….

    • Harvard Review

      So you think the solution is to get these thugs to trade in their guns for bibles? You really think they’re going to do that?

  • triplea

    Post the one I just put up IT man, and stop preventing these bigoted euro loud mouths from hearing the truth, these African youth are only acting as wild as the euro that is the progenitor of this type of animalistic, self hating behavior. We do not need your religion, we do not need to be in close proximity to you all, leave this nation MY ancestors built. Parasites.

    • Harvard Review

      Oh and how’s all that 6 years of Obama hope & change working out for you inner city folks?

    • Nick

      What, r u talking about. R u blaming other people for the gun violence. I think I will blame the ghetto, thugs, and animals that do these crimes. I will never go down to 12 and north ave, its the hoo, ghetto, just the worest part of milwaukee. Lets just build a wall around it.

  • steve

    all this gun violence by people thinking they are “tough”. all they are is cowards and punks. tough guys don’t need guns, knives or whatnot. they have inner strength. we need to pray for them all to see the senseless of their actions, and see the value of human life, including their own, and to have respect for that value.

  • adam

    U know what can prevent a few shooting/killings each year. If WI has the death penalty. It might speak the thugs language or not there is a reason why they live in the hood

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