Miller Park hosts Jehovah’s Witness Convention, stadium open to hosting other large scale events

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Friday afternoon Miller Park was about as packed as you would see at a typical Brewers home game. That's because there's a large Jehovah's Witness Convention happening here through Sunday, June 22nd -- and some are hoping it helps attract other non-baseball events to the ballpark in the future.

The sun glints off a sea of vehicles, as a steady stream of Jehovah's Witnesses close out the first day of their regional convention.

"Miller Park has not hosted anything, especially this scale, prior to the Jehovah's Witnesses," said Jason Hartlund, Brewers enterprises and event services.

Obviously the stadium's played host to other large-scale events, but Hartlund says ones like this help spread the message of the what the field can offer.

"Anytime we can get the word out that we're having non-baseball events at Miller Park, I think it allows people to think of the facility in a little bit different way," said Hartlund.

It can help spread the gospel of the greater Milwaukee experience too, especially when, as in this event, many have traveled from a far.

"Anything that comes to the city obviously many times these are new visitors, so they go back and talk about the great experience that they have," said Paul Upchurch, president and CEO of Visit Milwaukee.

They hope to attract more of the same in the future, but as Hartlund says, baseball always comes first.

"The priority is always to make sure the playing field maintains its integrity and if we look at an event and we feel it won't harm the field then we can take the next step and see if it makes sense to host it," said Hartlund.

Fox6 asked if other midwest ballparks, like Wrigley Field or Target Field, are competitors to host events like this. Hartlund says their counterparts at other teams do try to do similar things, but that Milwaukee Park has an advantage because they can close the roof.


  • Michael Greene

    The biggest smiles will be on stadium employees. They will have little work to do after JWs than with any Brewers game. JWs take Bible counsel seriously and clean up after themselves rather than throw as much trash as one can throw. I have seen the mountains of trash in the parking lot after just one game. There will not be that much after three days of convention. And the place will be left cleaner than before.

      • Michael Greene

        What drugs are you on? No one is baptised TO an organization. Matt. 28:19-20 states to be baptized into the service of Jehivah, Jesus and holy spirit. Do you understand that means understand who or what each is and does? That is why no infants should be baptized for they cannot know what they are doing. Jesus was baptized at 30, not as a baby. This is why those are questioned before baptism. To name sure they understand what they are committing to.

      • john doctrine

        Baptizing in the name of the Spirit-Directed Organization is not the same as baptizing in the name of the Holy Spirit ,next time you ‘re at the assemply pay close attention ….

  • Alex

    This is a group that is more focused on the publications of its leadership, (calling themselves the governing body) than study of the scriptures.
    It is important that persons of interest are mislead into thinking they are getting a ‘free bible study’ which in really turns out to be a lifetime of Watchtower publications. This helps them change the focus of the scriptures to Watchtower beliefs.

    • Michael Greene

      Then why does every statement made in those publications refer he to the specific scripture profit the point? If it were as Alex claims, no scriptures would be used. As it turns out, both many scriptures plus many Bible translations are used. I counted 78 translations in one book. I never tried to count all the individual scriptures. Just too many. So in the future try learning what you want to write about first. An excellent idea.

      • Alex

        “Then why does every statement made in those publications refer he to the specific scripture…..”~MICHAEL GREENE
        In 1910 Charles Taze Russell [founder and first president of the Watchtower religion] wrote, “If anyone lays the Scripture Studies [short for a 7-volume WTS publication entitled Studies in the Scriptures, hereafter abbreviated as Studies] aside, even after he has used them, after he has become familiar with them, after he has read them for ten years—if he lays them aside and ignores them and goes to the Bible alone, though he has understood the Bible for ten years, our experience shows that within two years he goes into darkness. On the other hand, if he had merely read the Scripture Studies with their references and had not read a page of the Bible, as such, he will be in the light at the end of two years . . . ” (WT Reprints, 9-15-1910, 4685).

      • john doctrine

        …In their so called “free Bible Study” references to Scriptures is used BUT you are not allowed to use scriptures that contradict their beliefs ,in fact if you do the Bible Study will stop. If you make the mistake to get baptised and decide later on that you don’t like one of the many wrong doctrines you will be disfellowshiped and your family members will be instructed not to talk to you .Jehovah’s Witnesses are lovely people ,well meaning and lovers of the Bible BUT their leadership is authoritarian and displays tends and attitudes of a cult leadership .You want to know what the Bible says ? READ IT YOUSELF ! Do not resign to anyone explaining to you .

      • Michael Greene

        Poor Dean, it I driving him crazy that JWs are correct. Meaning he is not. For the record, JWs, nor the anointed group or class are prophets. In the sense of foretelling the future. We can and do tell what has been in the Bibe for almost 2,000 years since John put it on paper. Now is the time it is better revealed by holy spirit. Sad to admit as a human, but humans do not react properly if they know things too far in advance. We tend to wait until the last moments before taking action. That is not Jehovah’s arrangements. We know the commission at Matt. 28:19-20 and the prophecy at Matt. 24:14 must be done. Humans would wat until now to start.. Before that could be done, Philip. 1:9 requiring live, accurate knowledge and full, discernment must be taught and learned first. That is why a few of Christendom’s religions try a little in isolated ocets to copy JWs I the house to house ministry. They rail as Jesus told, “they have a zeal for God, but not according to accurate knowledge”. (Romans 10:2). They try for a few days, butknowing nothing to say that teaches, they give up.

        Unknown to us at the time, Jehovah caused his people to become instructed on Bible Truths first. Then the first efforts for teaching was by phonograph records and synchronized film and phonographs before the first “talkie movie” was ever made. Later, we began our present day teaching and preaching. We were ever prophets except in the sense of some prophets in the Bible ho proclaimed the messages that God wanted others to know. Not all issued prophecies. We tell what we know. And we know quite a great deal which we teach others freely as Jesus commanded. We do so by turning each person to the very scriptures that Dean claims we never use. More sad for him that when we teach, each person can then prove to others what the Bible reaches from the Bible themselves. That upsets him the most.

  • Alex

    Can it get any more dangerous than this? The scriptures are only able to be understood by the leadership of the Watchtower Organization. And of course the Organization is completely controlled by the few ‘Governing Body’ members. (A term not found in the bible).

    Watchtower, 1973 July 1st p.402

    Jehovah’s organization alone, in all the earth, is directed by God’s holy spirit or force (Zech,4:6) Only this organization functions for Jehovah’s purpose and to his praise. To it alone God’s Sacred Word, the Bible, is not a sealed book.

    • Michael Greene

      Russell’s Studies work comments would ave been true back then because most every scripture was quoted in full. Today, we would insist the studier should look up the scriptures referred to in their own Bibles. It s much like Science Textbooks. What is written at the time is he best of current research. Yet 10 or 20 years down the line, we laugh at some of the things in them. Studies t the same things revealed different, better, clearer outcomes. The same is true about the Bible. God designed his work to span millennia. And for new insights to be revealed at the proper time. That is the way humans learn, gradually. Instead of years to learn the basic truths of the Bible in the past, now it an he done in 6 months. But to do that, one absolutely must use their Bibles. It at seem at first, to wear the pages out. Not really true.

      The main point is, that it is not any evil conspiracy among Jehovah’s Witnesses to blind anyone. Rather to educate people. Nice done, hen they themselves decide what they will then do. Sadly, many return to spiritual darkness. Hard to believe, but the Bible declares many prefer the darkness to the light of God’s word, the Bible. (John 3:19). We abide by their choice. Perhaps while there is still time, they may change their minds.

      • Alex

        You purposely miss the point. You are like a politician who spins his/her message.
        You choose to live in ignorance of the facts. I have no control of that but I am sure others who read this become aware and that it victory.

      • Michael Greene

        You quote Russell and the Studies volumes. Then get upset when I show youcomments are wworthless? Then you claim I mus the point. You make yourself look small. Spiritual for is provided by the Watchtower Society by publications. All if which refers one to the Bible every time. The fact you are upset with this fact is normal for many who do not wish to know anything but what their clergies have tod them for centuries.

  • Alex

    I guess your best defense MICHAEL GREENE is to try and put others on the defense with all sorts of accusations vs really being able to defend your leadership.
    Nothing new here from members who are so deeply indoctrinated in Watchtower material.
    Why study the scriptures when you can study tons of the Societies publications, right?

  • Alex

    Here is an interesting quote that shows who controls the thoughts and activities of all members:

    Watchtower 1959 October 1 p.607 Questions from Readers

    Who are the writers of the publications of the Watch Tower Society, and what are their educational qualifications?

    The literature published by the Watch Tower Society is published in the name of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Regardless of who may write certain articles, they are checked carefully by members of the governing body before they are published; so they are properly viewed as coming from the Society.

  • dean

    THANK YOU Michael Greene!!!!
    Your reasoning and mild responses to false information of alex can only be a blessing!! Thank you!! You back your information and explain without twist things to represent your own personal views as Alex has done.

    • Michael Greene

      The writing staff of the Society from the very beginning, recognized a problem that could develop. If any put their names on anything, they could develop a following instead of the Bible’s message. Today we see the truth f that with clergy writing books with their own names in larger fonts than the titles. They desire the praise more than the message.
      So, for the same reason, very few of the millions of angels ever ave their names. What the writing staff did was to send an open letter to C.T. Russell asking never to reveal or oubush their names.

      Of course, it is not a secret among the Bethel family in New York, but is never published to keep the message the primary focus. Neither for conventions, although the names of speakers are announced while they come to the dais. Totally unlike detractors, who really really want to make a name for themselves. Our publications only call attention to Jesus and Jehovah to promote honor to them they deserve. And to the Bible itself, as Jehovah God is its Author.

      • Alex

        Truly you are programmed by the society.
        But of course others can see how blind you are and that is the important thing here.

  • Alex

    Hot off the press. From 78 years ago:

    Watchtower 1936 Dec 1 p.365
    “It is not for them to know just how soon the curse will fall, that is to say, just what hour or year Armageddon will take place. They certainly know that it cannot be far removed from the present day, because that work marked out for them, and which they are doing,immediately precedes Armageddon”

    • Alex

      Watchtower 1972, April 1st p.197

      Of Course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a ‘prophet’ of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. What does it show?

  • Michael Greene

    My sincerest apologies to Dean. I really want Alex. In this, I really Essex up and my apology is from the heart.

  • Michael Greene

    MEANT not want. I really hate Google and Android for changing words I enter!

    Something I realize using a tablet, is it MUST have had demonic designers. Or at he least, strongly seems to be.

  • Alex

    The Watchtower Organization is really a handful of older men who call themselves the ‘Governing Body’. A title that is not found in the scriptures. THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATION. They claim only the few of them have understanding of the word of God and only through them does God direct all His earthly activities.
    Members are forbidden to do research (outside of the most recent Watchtower publications) about their own group.
    The reality is that for over 140 years father time has proven that Jehovah is to the Watchtower as oil is to water.
    Often members are trained to say ‘if someone wants to know about Jehovah’s Witness then why don’t they just talk to a Jehovah’s Witness of Watchtower publications”. Yet this same hypocritical group does articles on every other religions.
    The first lie a member will tell you is “would you like a free bible study”?. The truth is you end up with only a lifetime of Watchtower publication studies. The bible is just used for a ‘look, that verse is in there’, Nothing more.
    Shunning makes so many people live a lie of pretending to be active members when their real motivation is to keep their friends and family in their lives. If the Watchtower truly had the truth then they would not have to set up these yokes of slavery.
    The Watchtower is a high control group. Be very wary of their love bombing at first which turns into the most extreme conditional ‘love’ you will ever experience..

  • Comfortable Place

    Watchtower Victim’s Memorial Day July 26 – A day to remember and to end shunning

    As Jehovah’s Witnesses continue their convention series in various cities, members of Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA), and their supporters will be commemorating “Watchtower Victims Memorial Day.” This international day of recognition will take place on July 26, 2014.

    “Watchtower Victims Memorial Day” is being organized to draw attention to the continued interference in family relationships by Watchtower Society teachings and to mark and celebrate survival and freedom for the victims, most who are or were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Many people who have had their families taken from them will take this opportunity to remember and to call for a change to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ shunning policies that undermine private family relationships – a human right given to all.

    One of the organizers of this event, Bo Juel, was molested by a Jehovah’s Witness elder for over four years beginning when he was just 5 years old. He was later shunned by his own Jehovah’s Witness family for speaking out and identifying his abuser.

    This is how Bo describes his personal experience as a Watchtower victim:

    “It is inhumane to be shut off from having contact with my family. I have not hugged my daughter since she was nine years old. She is now 23. She now has her own child, my grandson, who I have never seen or held. The abuse and interference with families by Jehovah’s Witnesses policies has to stop.

    “I have made a short video as a message both as hope for others, but also so that my family has a chance to know that I care. I hope people will watch my video and think about the undue influence religious groups have over normal family contact, especially Jehovah’s Witnesses who continue to protect abusers and block families from having loving relationships.”

    Bo’s video makes a powerful statement that reflects not only his own pain, but also the impact on other families who get entangled with high control groups. See it for yourself on YouTube:

    • Michael Greene

      If this is real (but often is faked) you gave my symoahies as a victim of violence. However, these are isolated cases not representative if the entire organization. We do not approve of such things at all. Neither will Jehovah or Jesus. Their judgment will be severe.

      However, I do not see such rage against entire religions approving of hat level of violence and worse. It was only this past week that the current Pope denounced all mobsters. For many gnerations they freely murdered, destroyed countless innocent lies in the wrong place and time. Drugs, prostitution, gambling are just a few things they regularly have and continue to do. Still, as long as they kept paying if the clergy, everything was fine and they were good, fine Catholics. Much the same story for other religions who CLAIM to he Christians. Jehovah’s Witnesses never do that.

      We are all imperfect humans and subject to every bad problem any her human has. The difference is, we try our best to live by the Bible’s higher standards. By a large difference, we succeed in this. Many in law enforcement admit that if everyone was he of us, their job would be so much easier. As evident by these conventions the article is about. No Police are needed here. Possibly that might change in July 26 with the presence of disrupters and haters causing trouble. It will not be due to any real Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      • Alex

        Critisism should be directed at the leadership or this high control group. The low profile ‘Jim Jones’ who call themselves the ‘Governing Body’.
        Follow us humans and cling on to our every word as truth and gospel or we will turn hour whole spiritual and fleshly family (if members) against you.

        Is it a cult?
        For sure it is.

  • Telcom Charlie

    I thought when they built the stadium, that it was agreed upon that it would be a “baseball only” venue.

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