Gun accidentally discharges inside of Froedtert Hospital, deputy suspended

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) --  A person with a legal concealed carry permit brought a gun inside of Froedtert Hospital Friday, June 27th, but when a deputy tried to confiscate the weapon, it accidentally went off.

Froedtert confirms that a patient brought a gun inside of the hospital, and the hospital does not allow firearms inside of the building. The patient mentioned he had the weapon on him, and that's when deputies were notified to confiscate the firearm.

Officials say the firearm discharged as the deputy attempted to clear the weapon, and the bullet struck a wall.  No one was struck or injured, and the only people present in the exam room were the two deputies and the patient.

Froedtert says the patient was very cooperative. It appears that he did not notice the signs indicating firearms were banned on the premises when he walked into the building with the holstered gun.

Sheriff Clarke is upset about the incident and very apologetic to the staff of Froedtert Hospital.

A press release says that Sheriff David Clarke ordered a criminal investigation into the discharge of the weapon by the deputy, and it will be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

"Attempting to clear a firearm in a hospital examination room is unimaginable, rising to the level of recklessness.  We don’t train this way in the handling of our own firearms.  Fortunately, nobody was struck," said Clarke. "However, this lack of awareness by this deputy is serious enough to pursue a charge of Recklessly Endangering Safety.  This is intolerable.”

The incident happened at the end of the clinic day and very few people were around. The deputy has been suspended until the investigation is complete.

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  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    Come one Sheriff Clarke, get real. The deputies were doing their job and a mistake was made and rather than handle it as a training matter, you’re going to seek criminal charges. You are and always have been a poor excuse for a law enforcement officer. All you know how to do is play your political game at other people’s expense. Your department has never been in budget; your operations are so out of whack nobody knows how your department functions; your department morale is at the lowest it has been in department history; your haven’t gotten back the investigation on this incident and you’re making loose statements like this without the facts. You have never cooperated with the Chiefs of all the municipal police departments. And the first thing you want to do is screw over the working deputy!!!!! Time for a new Sheriff in town!!!

  • Z

    A mistake? Really? That so called mistake in a hospital room could of gotten some innocent person hurt or killed. The gun should of been cleared in an appropriate/safe area. Maybe this deputy needs to carry his bullet in his pocket like Barney Fife.

    • DJ9

      Hospitals don’t HAVE appropriate areas for unloading guns safely, and I would argue that it’s more dangerous to walk around with a loaded, unholstered gun, LOOKING for a place to clear it, than it is to just go into a corner and get it done. The problem is, the deputy DIDN’T get it done (well, s/he did, but that’s not the generally approved method for removing ammo from a pistol in an urban environment).

  • S. Stehling

    There is no such thing as an accident when it comes to firearms. An unintentional discharge occurs when the gun is mishandled or improperly maintained. If mishandled its called a negligent discharge and the person person handling the weapon is at fault. If the gun is handled properly, but malfunctions then the person that last function checked the weapon is responsible.

    As noted in the article there is a proper procedure and place to clear a firearm. It is especially important to use extreme care when clearing a found or confiscated firearm. Even if this firearm malfunctioned, the deputy attempted to clear the weapon in an improper location which is considered mishandling. The deputy demonstrated poor judgment and thankfully the damage was minimal. The lack of significant harm doesn’t excuse that lack of judgment. Since a deputy is entrusted with important responsibilities and authority they are expected to posses sound judgment. If there is reason to believe that their judgment is not adequate then they should be removed from duty. The deputy will eventually have the opportunity to contest, but until cleared it is necessary for the officer to be removed from duty in order to preserve public trust and limit additional liabilities to the department. The deputy should have at least gone a safe distance outside and cleared the weapon when it was pointed directly into soft ground.

    The simple fact is that a negligent discharge occurred. It doesn’t matter if the person responsible is a deputy, a saint or a violent criminal.

  • burbanite

    Yet another example of how the authorities should not have the powers that they assume they have. Day in and day out we see these jack booted thugs thinking they can just roll over the rest of the populace with no regard for “our safety”. Of course, this incident was necessary for “our safety” wasn’t it?

    This was what is known as a negligent discharge, it wasn’t an accident at all, it was negligence pure and simple and the officer involved should be dismissed immediately.

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