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Parties want more time on John Doe filings

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON (AP) — Prosecutors, a conservative group and two unnamed parties have asked a federal judge for more time to review documents that could be made public in a secret investigation into whether Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and right-leaning organizations violated campaign finance law.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa halted the investigation in May as part of a lawsuit the conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth filed challenging investigators’ basis for the probe. On June 19 he gave all the parties two weeks to determine what records in the case should remain secret.

That made Wednesday the deadline. But on Thursday the parties filed a joint motion asking Randa to give them until July 17. They say they have to review more than 3,000 pages.


  • triplea

    What??? Why should any documents pertaining to financial donors who donate to any candidate be held secret? At what point in this country did it become acceptable to turn candidate fundraising into some sort of CIA, national security type situation. Voters have a right to know who is behind funding candidates on both sides, also we have a right to know how the money was acquired. With all of this secrecy and the ignorance of those who support it, how can the government expect citizens to trust the process. If candidates are for sale, there will never exist an ethical process. And as far as this democratic party business, this country is a Republic, not a Democracy, if it were a democracy there would be no need for an electoral college, whatever that esoteric entity is. Secondly, if more than half of congress is millionaires, how could a so-called democratic candidate genuinely fight for the working an and woman when they would benefit fiscally from the proposed conservative policies. Seems to me there is a lot of double talking. Isn’t it interesting that with all the democratic presidents and democratic senators and congressmen/women, that the economic distributions in this country have remained the same? The so-called 1% still control the material resources and the other so-called 99% is still fighting for position. Could it be that this is because this is not a genuine democracy and the results of wealth distribution are a product of the Republic that we actually reside in. So why lie to the people and call our government that which it is not. Remember the pledge of allegiance, “unto the REPUBLIC for which we stand…” Can a republic and a democracy run ethically and efficiently simultaneously? My subjective opinion, NO!!!!!

    • perhaps

      That’s a very good comment…you’re right. Why do they want to keep that info secret? Common sense will tell anybody it means that they have something to hide. Is Walker a liar and should he get in trouble? YES. Will he get in any trouble? NO. Of course the same can be said about politicians anywhere. It’s a sad day and age we live in, the reason we came this far as a society is because we were willing to fight for what is right. And I mean fight, as in go to war, assemble and become a force, and die if necessary. Now we are too comfortable with our vein little lives, too worried about Facebook and our TV lineups…so we toss a blind eye to the people in charge and pay whatever taxes they throw at us. We are the generation of SHEEPLE

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