Facebook posts get deadbeat parents busted for not paying child support

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- You only have to spend a couple of minutes with Casey to see he's something special. He's the kind of kid that makes you want to have kids -- And at 3-years-old he's chock full of life.

It's hard to imagine what parent wouldn't want to give him the world. But his own father barely gives him a dime.

"He's paid a total of a $189 in three and a half years," says Jennifer Cvikel, Casey's mom.

She says he only paid that much just to keep himself out of jail.

If you do the math, John Rau has paid less than 14 cents a day since his son was born.  It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. You see, Casey has Leukemia.

"It's a niIMAG0472-1ghtmare, I mean, your world just crashes right in front of you and you don't even have a chance to react to it," Cvikel remembers. "They just started taking him and this and that and more testing and then we were stuck in the hospital for weeks."

For a year and a half, Casey suffered through chemotherapy, spinal taps and dozens of hospital stays. He even had to learn to walk again with physical therapy.

And through it all his father has not been by his side.

rau 3Instead, he's been on Facebook, bragging about how much money he makes at his job, showing off his new "family whip," and boasting about having tickets to a Packers game. When FOX6 Investigator Meghan Dwyer confronted Rau about not paying support, he said he didn't know his son was sick until last Christmas and he intends to start paying support.

But all of his bragging on social media is exactly why he's now facing felony charges for failing to pay child support.

And Rau isn't the only one.

Melissa Jones got a nose job instead of paying her child support.

Theoris Stewart calls himself an R&B sensation, but instead of paying for his kids, he bought a fancy music studio.

Robert Ellis has 17 kids.  Kelvin Jones has 13 kids. And Antonio Burks has 11 kids. They one thing they all have in common ? They haven't always paid their child support.

"They don't think they're going to get caught," says Maureen Atwell, an assistant district attorney at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

And that's where they would be wrong. Take John McCroy as an example. He's supposed to pay $100 a month to support his 5-year-old little girl. He paid that.


Back in 2010.

john mccroy facebook 2But since then, he's been busy posting selfies on Facebook and making music videos in his custom car.

"I feel like if he could be out here being flashy that he can take care of our child," says the mother of one of his children, Canience Haynes.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office agrees. And all of his posts on social media websites are making it easier to hold him accountable.

It's not a crime if you can't pay child support. It is a crime when you can afford to pay and you don't pay on purpose for at least four months.

"I think the most important thing I do in my job is to weed out people who are simply too poor to pay their child support from people who can pay their child support and choosing not to," Atwell says.

In other words, separating the deadbeats from the dead brokes.

"Social media has made a pretty big difference in our cases because it is a pretty good tool in determining who has resources and who doesn't," Atwell says.

McCroy doesn't just have the money, he's flaunting it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube -- everywhere you look.

mc croy 2"Stacks and stacks of money, all this jewelry, the cars. It was just, like, wow, really?" says Haynes.

Of course, there is one way to get out of paying your child support. When we confronted McCroy he said he was ineligible to pay support because he died in a car accident.

When we asked him where he got all of the money he's showing off on Facebook, he said he made it selling mix tapes. His rap name is Mr. JakItDown. He admitted he hasn't paid child support in five years, but he insists there was a paperwork error.

"He not gonna sit here and lead a flashy life and not help me," Haynes says.

Lucky for hjohn mccroy facebook 3er, that flashy life may be the one thing that finally makes him pay up.

"I really think that it is not that they are too stupid to realize that this is evidence. I think they think nobody cares," Atwell says.

But the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office does care.  And investigators are making sure if moms are left to raise kids on their own that the fathers don't get to just walk away.

"I don't have a choice to just turn around and close my eyes and walk away. That's not an option for me," Cvikel says.



  • kayla

    Can you read? They said one woman got a nose job instead of paying child support. Think of the kids instead of being offended that they are showing men dodging their responsibility

    • bigedsr

      I don’t usually post to such things, however, this one I must. I married a divorced lady with 3 children, and a deadbeat husband. I saw what my life would be like both with her, and without her. I choose to be with her. I signed up for that life. I choose it. So did you, I’m guessing. You saw what was happening in your mans life, and you choose to be a part of it. YOUR CHOICE. Now that the bad side came, you want to complain. Too late. I wish you luck in life. Remember, it’s your choice……

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      TO BIGEDSR… That is the problem, you assuming. You can’t see other situations unless it happens to you! See, when we married, we each had a daughter from a previous relationship. Mine was grown and raised BY ME w/out child support. Because I chose that! His daughter was 6 and his so-called “baby mama” was REAL sweet before we married and just so happened to be getting a divorce at the same time. It wasn’t until we married and wanted her to spend a few weeks a year with us that she got bitter. The more his da8ughter wanted to spend time with us… the more bitter she got. Don’t even go there with me! She downright lied to their daughter because she told me she never knew her Dad ever gave her Mom money. I sent the checks myself while he was deployed. She had to sneak online at a friends house just to talk to us… so don’t think you can tell me some Hallmark Channel Movie theme is the setting for real life. I can tell you Real Life at it’s worst! I can tell you what REALLY happens when people automatically label others. Far from deadbeat! he’s paying for it twice because she also claimed disability for 10 years, and was paid by checks she cashed. Really?
      1. DO YOU SEE THE KIDS YOU PROVIDE FOR? just curious since w haven’t had proof of life even since 2011? Ever think of that? Oh yeah, it didn’t happen to you, so? typical!

      • Jayme

        She got full custody for a reason and I’m sure she has plenty of reasons to not communicate with you guys. I wouldn’t want to. Custody is a separate issue anyways. Whether he was deemed unfit or give up custody, he still brought a human into the world that and is financially responsible for.

    • Jayme

      Are you kidding me?!! Who cares what she spends those particular dollars on?! He had children with her and he has to contribute financially to his ex because the kids live with her. My deadbeat ex has paid once or twice but hasn’t seen her in 10 yrs, doesn’t pay child support and refuses to let my husband adopt her. Well then you pay. He owes 14,000+ in arrears and if he has to go to jail or pay he will finally allow the adoption. He is only refusing because he doesn’t think they will ever catch up with him. My daughter wants to be adopted by my husband that she knows as daddy. Men have way more slack then is right. If they would put a warrant out for his arrest they would find him but they can’t find him that way because they don’t have an address to send a summons to. Please! If you commit a crime and they can’t find you they out a warrant out for you arrest and that is how they find you. NOT with child support. The men have way way way more rights than women and they should actually crack down more. Men and their new wives should not complain about it one bit. It’s not your money. It’s hers.

      • Shasta1

        Really? Men have more rights? My mother left me and my brother when we were 7. She didn’t even show up to court. She was suppose to pay 15 dollar a month per child. I’m 23 now. My dad never once saw a nickel of that and even if we tried to get it now, we can’t, because she went under witness protection.

        Women deadbeats have far more rights than male deadbeats.

      • James

        If you believe men have way more rights then women and forgive me for saying this but you are an ignorant a$$ woman.

  • JLouu

    All of that was unnecessary ma’am, now that’s none of NOBODYS business but yours! Keep it that way.

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      JLOUU… Unnecessary? Say’s who? How is a comment and personal opinion from someone who has dealt with BOTH SIDES of the so-called CHILD Support System, unnecessary? Unless you lean on the side of women who “USE” the system?

  • Hooptie Pete

    I doubt any of these idiots have jobs so the money they do have is probably from illegal means so the kids would never see it anyhow. Don’t worry guys my tax dollars will pay to feed, cloth and later incarcerate your unwanted children.

    • Kellee

      So let me get this straight, because their other parent isn’t paying child support, automatically they will be incarcerated later?? Let me just explain how wrong your statement is….I myself come from the same type of deadbeat parent situation and I’m not, nor have I ever been, incarcerated. Might I add, I’m in law enforcement.

    • MomsThoughts™ (@MomsThoughts)

      I take exception to your thoughtless comment. I am a single mom who has to regularly fight the system to get any crumb of child support. Despite raising my children alone, my children are both hard working, productive full time college students. They both receive scholarships and work. They actually work 2 jobs in the summer, while their father devotes himself to learning how to game the system. It’s heartbreaking to my children. I grew up with the best father in the world. I see what it does to a child to be rejected by their father in every way, just because he has no interest in doing the right thing. It’s heartbreaking. But my kids, and many other kids I know, are thriving DESPITE their father’s abandonment.

      • Keli Michael Hendrick

        Then why in the world would you WANT him in your life? Much less your children’s? Why? Sometimes, having a father in your life, is worse and far more detrimental than not having one at all. That is up to the mother though. My daughter had her Grandfather and good male influences through her life. That is also up to Mom. We are not weak and helpless, please! Sorry you are offended, but I ask why you insist on keeping a negative person in your children’s lives?

  • lw

    So when asked about his failure to pay child support McCoy claimed he died and that’s why he couldn’t pay? Wow, what an idiot. They should offer these guys who have 5+ children a free vasectomy.

  • Tonie Michelle Mankunas

    ok I know i am not perfect i to have to pay childsuppot for my chilren and i am not saying that I wont pay it I currently have no job.. But i do put applications in 3 or 4 times a day . But because I was not ready to be a full time mother i made a sacrifice to give my kids up for adoption and to let them have a better life then i could give them.

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      I know what you mean… What they do is take away your driver license… take over your bank account, make you unable to pay any bills and drive you so far into debt that you can never pay child support, much less live a normal life again. How are you suppose to EVER pay child support when they have completely destroyed your credit and made you one step away from homeless?

      • MichiganWx

        I LOVE how they show the poor white child and then black men not paying. What a VERY lame attempt at garnering outrage. VERY racist i might add. But yeah this is why this EPIC FAIL of a system ( child support ) continues to thrive on which has nearly wiped out the middle class via the exploding single parent family. Ofcourse they don’t mention how much the state takes in ( yes part of the child support payment goes to the state ) from these cases either. Keli Michael Hendrick is spot on. Ofcourse we wont ever hear of the stories of those with custody who don’t work and just collect a check and or welfare. Why are such people given custody? Unless you or your child is handicapped there is no excuse for not working. You are a dead beat too. Just also read a rtyicle in the local paper about how a parent in jail is worse on a child then the death of a parent. My goodness when is this country ever gonna get it together?

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      REALLY AMERICAN? If it weren’t for a mothers gift to another… women who couldn’t have their own children would be forever childless. This is a choice that is not easy, it hurts them I am sure… Maybe you should post on Obamas website and criticize the thousands of illegal children here now?

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      Tonie… They don’t care about “real life” problems and lack of jobs. You sound like you have an interesting point of view to offer this conversation… I know for one, I would be interested to hear more… if you don’t mind sharing?

  • Megan Witt

    What criminalization? My daughter is going on 16 years old in November & I have received a total of about $600.00 in the last 15 years from her father. That’s about 3 months worth of child support @ $200/month in almost 16 years!! You heard that right. And he has not been in jail once for not paying. Not sure how Milwaukee County cares but that doesn’t sound like caring to me.

    • kd

      I know a young lady whose father is $20,000+ being in support, oconty county won’t do anything because he made like an $80 payment. I guess deadbeat dads should move to Oconto cty.

  • MJ

    how do i report a deadbeat dad who I know has a job and doesn’t file tax returns….he is over 20k in arrears in about 3 years….

  • Miguel

    I am not a fan of the witch hunt tactics and emotionalism of this story. Like any , it greatly saddens me to see fathers and mothers who do not have the decency to take care of their children financially. That said, the current child support system is incredibly faulty. The criminalization of parents who have not kept up payments seems to have pushed some parents put of their children’s lives. the govirment really needed to review the way the funds are getting to this parents ones the order is in full effect. Why? well is some of that money really reaching the kids? Some use this as well to intimidate as well as to extorchon each other for years to come dragging some times a good parent to act up and lash out to others . Is vital that this be better organize because some parents use this like they on Public Assistence if they find a way

    • Jerry

      Miguel your comment is the height of ignorance! If you feel a need to defend deadbeats don’t do it by judging and attacking mothers. I man needs to care of children, that simple. Don’t pay go to jail at least then you can’t reproduce.

  • chad tiefenbacher

    You have these guys not paying and whatnot but what about doing a story on mothers that wont let paying fathers see their kids

    • Sarah Soulia

      There might also be legit reasons why some parents will not allow the birth father to see the children,Perhaps the mothers are afraid the father will kidnap them,Their father might be a man who is always choosing to live in shelters, work at carnivals which is why the government can not see the mans wages.The father might also have had prior child neglect/abuse cases out on him and his ex girlfriend from years ago,Which this is why those children were adopted by new families.Each situation is different.

    • nikkib

      A man who wants to see his child can always go to court and have a judge order visitation! It’s not hard.

  • Paul

    Mom’s. Don’t have kids with a guy who already has 11 kids. It is probably a bad sign if he has that many kids, and if you don’t know about that until later, you probably should of been careful not gotten pregnant.

    • vee

      Why BE a man that has 11 kids? Seems like He Has The Mental Problem! Seems like he should be told to be more careful.

  • Goeffry

    With respect madam, please send your children to school and have them learn proper English and consider going yourself.

  • Cherry Pop

    LMMFAO at the comments. If the men/ladies go to jail, how will they pay then??? Jail isn’t going to fix the problem. Women just need to make better decisions. Just because you have a baby by a man, it doesn’t mean he love you and he’s going to stick around to help you raise that child.

    • Dave

      LMMFAO at your ignorance Cherry Pop, these are not men who can not pay, they are men how refuse to pay. So they might as well be in jail where they can create no more children and have a wonderful childless relationship with Bubba. I see why this is a problem with all of you loser men defenders.

  • Chantell Clark

    My BD is definitely a deadbeat. Any way I can expose him or post a pic … I wanna let the whole world know.

  • jayb

    Its a shame that some men would fight for a good seat at the strip club but wont go to court and fight the women that they CLAIM wont let them see their kids.

  • Ephraim Gabriel

    Deadbeat dads is more myth than reality. I mean are we going to act like men are claiming they are dead to avoid child support is a regular thing? Goolge “POST DIVORCE WEALTH GAP WAS WRONG AUTHOR AGREES” The WOMAN who helped coin the term deadbeat dad & wrote the child support used to “bust” these deadbeat dads based on the myth that deadbeat dads were rampant ADMITS SHE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP! We never had any epidemic of men leaving their children on a whim yet an entire family court industry was built on this lie. Now to keep the lie going because more men & grandmothers who do not have access to thier children & grandchildren are questioning in larger numbers so the media throws out articles like this to JUSTIFY the fraud family courts are involved in. Go to any family court & try to sit in on a hearing & watch as the Judge tells you to leave despite the fact that we have open courts in this nation. Why? Because they do not want people to see what is going on in these secret courts. Oh by the way the state profits from every child support case getting matching dollars from the Federal Gov’t & the judges profit indirectly as well through the Bar Association for each case they rule on. It’s time for men to stand up & not take articles like this at face value. I mean claiming to be dead? Come on!

  • kayla

    Youre only saying that because your husband is a deadbeat. So what, you married him. Help him pay up, idiot

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    KAYLA! Wow… My husband is FAR from a Deadbeat! He is recently Retired from U.S. Army Infantry after 10 years, 4 12+ mo. Deployments and 5 surgeries. I have helped him pay child support (unwillingly) They took MY tax returns even though I have a child as well. Last time we talked to his daughter she had no clue he sent her Mom a penny… ever. KAYLA! You are just as IGNORANT as the system that labels. Maybe you were offended because You are also a “User” of the system… a victim player?

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    THIS STORY… THIS CASE… is NOT one shoe fits all! There is another side to this that nobody ever hears about until they are the ones in it! I am a Mom who has raised my daughter on my own by choice. I am also a Mom who has seen the devastation that this Department can cause a Father who has been paying child support and still has no rights to visitation of his daughter. I see daily how a woman can use this system as a substitution for welfare. She doesn’t have to work. She makes MORE money from baby daddies than min wage.


  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    TONYA… Wow! You get it! I don’t know how or why, but you are one of the very few who truly get it. I have seen the same and I can tell you, it is NOT in the best interest of the child. I had a social worker even tell me that all their job was, was to collect the money. Period. Visitation, etc. you are on your own even if you pay on time, every time. Last time we talked to my husbands daughter was only because she was at a friends house and Skyped us. 3 hours we chatted … that was 3+ years ago. We miss her, but can’t afford an attorney in another state. Apparently being in the military is the same as choosing to abandon your child instead of bettering your life and providing.

    • Kristy

      There is legal aid and plenty of other sources to help military families, you just have to look. Military one source is a good place to start. Just talking about it gets you no where. All lawyers have to complete pro bono cases annually and most prefer to do so with military family issues, so reach out to legal services or your (or your husband’s JAG Corps). There are so many people who will help a military family that is being wronged.

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      TO: Kristy
      There is legal aid and plenty of other sources to help military families, you just have to look. Military one source is a good place to start. Just talking about it gets you no where. All lawyers have to complete pro bono cases annually and most prefer to do so with military family issues, so reach out to legal services or your (or your husband’s JAG Corps). There are so many people who will help a military family that is being wronged.

      Being a legal secretary for 25 years, yeah… I’ve done far more than just talk about it. The problem is far deeper and far more personal than I can say online out of respect for my husband and his daughters privacy. There was a … (let’s call it a tragedy) because it was that the Mother seemed to want to use against the father (my husband) even making his deployment suddenly seem like Child Abuse. The welfare of his daughter has always been #1 with both of us… but while he is deployed, I tell him “I Got It” just get home safe! But unfortunately, the closer the two of us got to his daughter, the more the Games the Mother played until we no longer know where she is. We pay Child Support regardless and have nothing in arrears. Yet, we are told we have no right to know her address or well being by our so-called Case Worker at OK Child Support. That is how they work

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    KAYLA… why do you say such ignorant and mean things and run? My profile is right here… I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Where is yours? Looks like you deleted it. I hope you at least inform yourself before spewing ignorant nonsense next time.

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    TO: g (aka post ‘n hide)
    Keli you chose to marry someone with baggage. Help him get current, thats your job now lol
    July 17, 2014 at 3:16 pm


  • Stephanie

    What women actually have a child with one of these men and believe that they will get a dime when the first 10+ “babies mommas” didn’t?

  • J.d. Saunders

    Is this really ethical? I understand that there are people who do the right thing; however, they are punished for the wrong reasons. Yet, there are people who do the wrong things in life and yet they are rewarded. Please take the time and look at this petition and attached videos (click on the titles) for a father whose ex-spouse used the long arm statute to beat down this hard working father. If his story moves you, then please sign his petition. Thank you

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      GOD BLESS YOU J.D. for showing the “other side”! Father’s have NO rights and everying this “so-called” “Case worker” told you was BS! The law is that you can file for Review all you want, but they don’t have to grant it. In fact you ARE NOT entitled to a fair hearing because you are AUTOMATICALLY labeled a “Deadbeat” regardless of your efforts. They also will NOT allow you to make your own payments if you have employment. They must Garnish when you are employed. And forget visitation of or even “Proof of Life”. They will tell you to obtain your own Attorney at your own cost of you want to see your children. This women In this video is “A LIAR”! You CANNOT speak to your case worker when you like. Anyone who calls then knows that! I have facts to prove otherwise! She is full of BS! I dare the State to prove me wrong…

      • Keli Michael Hendrick

        I just finished the video… Wow! I hope for there to be MORE case workers out there like her…who can admit to a wrong when she sees it. Maybe now she will look at other cases with an open mind. I apologize for calling her a LIAR… though her bosses ARE lying to her because you still cannot get a Modification Review unless they want to give you one. And we only speak to our case worker when we basically harass them. You are lucky that she saw through the BS… and basically pointed out the truth of how a woman can use Child Support to hurt a Father who only wants to be a father!

      • blueeyezrn

        Wow!! What a damn shame!! Thank God someone with some sort of knowledge and a heart was put in this Dad’s path. That “mother”should be ashamed of herself!!!

  • Corrie Resonno

    It clearly states in the story: “And Rau isn’t the only one. Melissa Jones got a nose job instead of paying her child support.” Do you think they’re referring to a transgender dad?

  • Chantelle

    Men.. key word men take care of their children. If these women would stop having babies with little boys they would not have this problem. That one man had 14 children at which point did either one of those women feel the need for birth control. If he wasn’t taking care of the first 10 what made anyone think he was going to take care of the last 4.. and yes the child support system is flawed beyond belief. My sons father owed child support agency more money than he owed me. . How the hell was that math done..talking about interest and late charges. . Makes no sense.

  • Sarah's

    I can’t believe kelvin jones had the nerve to call and say he’s current n did his time! You’re a lie!

  • slickery limits

    A photo of a guy with money doesn’t prove who the $ actually belongs to. I can pose in front of a Rolls Royce at a dealership, it don’t make me Donald Trump. But if you got kids, take care of them or you should get punished. You brought that responability into this world so it’s on you.

  • michael

    My ex pleaded to a plea deal. For 40,000.00 deferred felony. She made 5 payment got with a new bf and stop. We have had a warrant out for her for almost a year now. Cant get law enforcement to do there job. But I bet if it was me I’d be in jail. Toccara tittus is a dead beat parent.

  • LORI Warren

    Andy Warren (left) is a deadbeat dad. Why can I locate him but child support can not? Reason Rich Swiatlowski (right) of Octane Construction LLC, Waterford, WI is paying Andy cash under the table. Said Rich Swiatlowski obviously did not complete the appropriate New Hire paper work to the state. Sad as that sound Rich Swiatloski is a father of 3 him self. Fox 6 there is so much more to this story. Would you help me locate Andy aka Andrew. FYI, he owes 30,000+ in child support and has been MIA for over 3 years. He left behind one amazing child.

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    WOW… OK… Now that we have all been overwhelmed by the PUREST FORM OF IGNRANCE Milwaukee has to offer… I have to say this…I suggest that if you (as a woman) chose to have a child WITHOUT the father’s agreement, then that is a decision YOU made! So then don’t ask for Support later on!

    SIMPLE FIX: If we had a simple law that stated a pregnant woman’s intent in the first place, before the child is born….

    1. Want to claim a Father? Name him! Get his Agreement and/or Disagreement in writing to have a child.
    2. Automatic DNA testing AT BIRTH would solve a whole lot of future problems and save Millions of tax payer money!
    3. If you make the choice alone.. provide alone!
    4. You want to talk about Responsibility? What about the woman’s responsibility? Getting Pregnant does NOT make you a Victim unless you were raped! So stop using the system to serve yourself! Last time I checked, men and women could BOTH purchase condoms and/or birth control! It’s time women take responsibility just as much as men. If I did it 27 years ago, I think you can do it today!

  • Megan Witt

    I didn’t make the choice alone. I also always worked & my daughter was his first child. Some fathers & mothers just don’t support their children. It’s not every situation but their are a good number of parents out their struggling to support their kids alone. The kids deserve more than that. I think most people would want the same for their children. Even if the choice isn’t there both people are equally responsible because both parents could have used protection. Hence – Why child support exists.

  • Erin Drake

    I get thoroughly annoyed when people like the writers of this article suggest that not paying a debt is crime, when in fact it is not, and when they suggest that even if it were a crime that it is acceptable to commit a crime to enforce a punishment on someone. Let me make it really simple DEBTORS PRISON IS ILLEGAL AND HAS BEEN FOR OVER 200 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES VIA THE CONSTITUTIONAL ABOLITION OF DEBTORS PRISON.

  • Chris W

    Shouldn’t these guys be prosecuted for tax evasion as well (the ones that flaunt all this cash with no reported income)? The system is broken! The government doesn’t really care or they would spend more of our tax dollars on getting theses deadbeats to take care of what they helped create. These are not men! Men take care of their responsibilities! As a father myself it sickens me to think of a life without my child and in my opinion these men should have their right to have children taken away from them (snip, snip) and they should be put in jail work release and only allowed out to make Money for their kids (the legitimate way).

  • Benny

    Honestly, this is some of the worst journalism I have ever seen. This isn’t news, it is tabloids. It is total clown-shoes. Really, FOX6? Is there really nothing else for you to report on? This reporter should be fired and you should restaff your editors. Preposterous.

  • Giovannia Marie Navarra

    Ok here’s a thing you must point out and address , you said moms are left to raise the kids on there own, if your married you made that choice to leave. What if the kid isn’t getting the best education and thus where the father lives he can provide a better school district. For example a friend was married mother told him that the baby was dead. She was still married with him and stayed married 3 years after because after the child was born 3 moths after and he kept contact the mother after a cousin of the mother congratulated him on his child a week after she was born. To say ever dad is a deadbeat because he doesn’t pay under for example CA its because you pay CS and its mostly a 99% mother custodial parent and by there DCSS office they say because the mom plays as babysitter and in the law it says because the kid is deprived of what he would have gotten if parents still live with each other and that is what it is based on. Also another thing to address is WHY does the mother if shes custodial and has more kids (her choice) she gets to claim a burden and CS for the father who only pays for the first born is then given a higher limit because the mother had another kid which is not his , not his responsibility. The father can have a kid with someone else and doesn’t get the same equality as the mother. The main kick was the child would have been offered this type of environment if DAD and MOM lived with each other based on the Fathers income. So then stop depriving the kid of that life style and let the kid be with the father. So who really has the best interest of the Child ? If a father is always trying to be there get more time to be with his kid and the mother is always trying to take it away the father from kids life in court , but father files in court to give mother visitation as well but provided a more stable home, school, family support, thus, the courts deprive the kid of all the support and hes not getting that at the mothers thus we have to then question the court. My firend is not a deadbeat dad when I am a female and can see the outside perspective that hey hes saying let me give the kid a better lifestyle, education, family support, but, father doesn’t want any child support if kid moved with him,. He can offer so much more (yes this can be a special case) but I have a JD Degree so Ignorance of the law is no excuse so people go read the law i see places where it gentrification us as women ( are place is kitchen, take care of kids, household) if you have common sense as another female you will see it too. Another question is DCSS is federally funded tax payers money, thus, they must agree to federal rules. Use your common sense dad isn’t trying to get out of Child Support HE’S TRYING TO GIVE HIS KID A BETTER OPPORTUNITY AND A BETTER CHANCE IN LIFE THAT HE CAN PROVIDED BETTER THEN THE MOTHER. would you want that for your child as a female . I would as a female.

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  • norma

    It amazing how prople can put on social media what a great life they have…..all a front when they cannot pay thier child support. If you are so awesome joseph catroppa you would be a man and help your autistic son. He owners a company called under the sun home renovations in canada. Stay from this deadbeat pos.

  • Tia Preece

    Of coarse the mother receiving child support pays her bills with the money! The rent, car payment, groceries, school fees, and everything else! Wake up people nothing will come of this. My ex has posted many pix on Facebook of his new cars and expensive things, he just says they aren’t his when they ask.

  • Messiah

    Would anybody like to try and pass a law against dead beat parents who have children but won’t take care of them? Sign a petition. Parents who do not care for a child they have made, well then they should be jailed.

  • elizabeth commons

    My. Sons dad is well off buisness man moved to tiland. Yes cs done all they could to protect this man. Ive tried everything he was a private consutant for. Brown and willamson tabbaco company behind 40,000 – 60.000 why just poor guys pay why not the wealthy. Is not fair to the child or mom. Hopefully. A caring person will persue this my son is now 16. The company he worked for was right around the corner they never lifted a finger to walk around the coner true story!! Its sad the rich cover for there own .

  • Maria

    This topic is so true. I know of a a father who was left by mother of his kid and another one in the way at the time and got with another man and now 2 years or so later she is filling custody plus child support mind you he has been paying minimum $200 a month to her personally and she leaves her kids and his parents house whenever she goes on vacation. Well this entire time she has been getting government assistance and she said she has no other option but to file for child support. He now has visitation duties and his last one his older son mentioned that they don’t live with the mother instead with grandma and their mother has been living with her now boyfriend. I looked on Facebook and found out she has been living with boyfriend for about a year has 2 jobs. She claimed to not have an income of $136/ mon and living with her mother. He works for minimum wage and barely makes it three the month. Plus the drive for the visits is atleast 2 hours away and he has to miss those days of work on top of things. I mean I know its nothing compared to what the children may be going three but it’s not fare. And it’s disturbing how people can get away with this. Any suggestions for my friend.

  • robert Martinez

    You work for the money but why all of it has to go to” a child to go buy dope that what my kids do with it childsupport or dope support

  • Angie Hammer

    Hey I got a good I deal about the child support deal since the government is worried about their money of child support. Let just kill the parents that is over $100. past due, & if the other parent gets any welfare, than the children should be taken away from them & be adopted. And just remember if you adopt a child, He molest the child ,or he wants to get rid of you. The courts will give him custody, you will have to pay child support, & you are not allowed to see the child. Even thou the courts lie & say you have visiting rights. After you pay almost all your money to child support, do you think that you will have money for court?

  • Jerry Smales

    What is happing here is the state is extorting money from people that they claim is the parent. The problem lies with the fact that the state don’t care who the real parent is as long as they get their money from someone. The state claims that it is the best interests of the children, but all the money goes to the state, and the children get little or none of the actual money being paid. When someone get sick and cannot pay the child support the states says too bad we still want our money and if you don’t pay us our money then we will put you in jail and take you driver’s license away. It is time to stand up to this crooked system! Join me on Facebook at the (Non-Custodial Parent’s Club) to see how you can make a difference today. Together we can change this rotten system and make them stop extorting our families!

  • Evelyn P. Sanchez

    Iam 1 out of 11 children oldest of the girls, 6 sisters 4 brothers Iam. Interested in filing a suit against my father for back child support . My mother had given me the court order papers & it shows my dad hadn’t made child support for several years ( like maybe 40 to 50 yrs) he has gotten away with not paying at the time it was set up for $50.00 a mo can you believe that with 11 children . My mother doesn’t want to open the case but she said if I want to I can with her permission. Please let me know if this is possible .Thank you Evelyn P Sanchez

    • angie hammer

      did your father get to see the kids or did you all turn against him, just because you all want to use him for his money paying child support? Do you think you could pay for child support $200 every 2 weeks? Are you really being fair? I pay child support for a child that is not mine. That I adopted, & the iowa courts did no back ground check. He lied in court to say his background is good, so he could adopt.Then I left him because the child say that her he did wrong thouches. Then next thing that I knew the courts give him custody. I told the human service& court. but all they did is make fun of me & want me to pay.This is in iowa, from my friend.

  • John Harman

    I am owed over $50,000.00 in support arrears from my ex-wife and have been waiting 3 years to get her in court and they keep putting it off. I came to agreement to allow her to pay just 50,000.00 and get her license back but the court made a mistake and dropped what she owed down to $7,000.00. In the newspaper they just put I let her off paying in the future and not money she owed and that she got convicted of comtempt of court. Now they say I have to appeal their mistake even though it was in writing she had to pay $51,000.00 and would go to jail if she missed one payment, A 70 year old man was 2 payments behind in arrears and was jail immediately.and it was his second time being late, but it was my ex-s second time and hadn’t paid even a dime in 3 years. Double standard. Also I helped raised her 2 boys from 2 other guys

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      Dear God! Just catching up on this OLD post is going to be an all day job I haven’t even begun yet! But being a Mom who MADE HER OWN DECISION… against the fathers wishes and having chosen to OWN IT without child support… I realize I have ticked off plenty of unmarried Trappers! Yes! I am calling some of you trappers! Why? Because YOU CHOSE to have a child REGARDELESS of HIS wishes. YOU Want an Abortion? He doesn’t? YOU WIN! YOU Want to put it up for Adoption? He does not? YOU WIN!!! YOU want to keep it? He does not? YOU WIN!!! TRAPPERS! You make the ultimate choice when YOU were just as responsible for getting pregnant in the first place! But you cry and wine when the harsh REALITY THAT YOU CHOSE… THAT YOU MADE smacks you in the face!!! Wake the hell up and own YOUR CHOICE! I am NOT speaking about other situations where the father made the same choice or about Married couples. I am speaking to women who made that choice REGARDLESS of the father’s thoughts! All you use Child Support for is REVENGE because he left you!!! Karma will catch you someday! Equality my ***! Trapping and Revenge is all you will ever know! Meanwhile… Good men and a few good women are having their lives forever tainted and destructed because of one STUPID girl and her delusional immature ideas! OWN YOUR CHOICE!!!!!

    • Angie Hammer

      Yea think about that I could be u paying the child support. Just think about of how the non custodial parent is treated by the other parent & government. They are suppost to sleep outside & not have any money to eat or be safe sleeping outside, we non custodian parent suppose to die& not have any rights to to even have anytime with the child. We are suppose to be replace by someone else that move in to be the next lover & they freeload off of our payment of child support.

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    Mandatory DNA testing on ALL NEWBORNS should be Nationwide. If a Mother has nothing to hide, she should have no problem with it. Regardless… the child is the one who deserves to know the truth! The only women this will upset… are those who have something to hide! If Child Services is REALLY looking out for the “Best Interest of the Child”, this is one heck of a way to prove it!

  • sherry

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  • Laura

    How do I get my deadbeat on this? He’s over $75k behind in court ordered child support, with an active warrant out for his arrest.

  • Christina Taylor

    My son is four and has leukemia and his father doesnt visit or help support him either. Just burnt out and found a new family. I feel this mother s pain and we struggle.

  • Tere

    My ex doesn’t pay child support, but always brags about his money. I am a full-time student and I only ask for help with her school clothes and supplies…. He can’t even do that. Part of me is too stubborn to seek child support, but when I hear about him bragging it irritates me so much. Idk what’s right….I just wish I made enough to not even think of him for help at all. I can’t wait to finish school.

  • delise73x@Yahoo.com

    Good for you! Too bad Vermont doesn’t care like your state does. I’ve proven all the same and they still listen to the deadbeat’s lies.

  • Brandi Szablewski

    I have had years of my boy’s father not paying child support, he brags of this, his family hides him, pays him under the table as an iron-worker, he claims he is out of work and he is always seen working but has never once in 10 years reimbursed a medical or educational expense, has never paid all his child support and has over $80k worth of back-owed fees and they let him go on bail the two time they caught him (it cost me thousands in fees to get warrants, etc. the system is so broke. Paul Michael Szablewski does not pay taxes, minimal child support, or any of responsibilities as a parent and his wages are not garnished, his life is not affected and he gets to be free as long as he avoids his children and stays out of states where there are warrants/does not get arrested!!!!!

  • bradly haywood

    I kniw a person that refused to pay support because the mother never let the kids have any contact with there father the kidss are adaults now by several years,the state of course is still trying to get him to pay and the late fees and intrest is twice as much as the child support,he has offered to pay excaclty what he owes which is$3,550 but the state wants $7,880,the man is on ssi,meaning he has been disabled to work for over 15years,and as of five years ago became a father again,but this time he took the childs mother to court and got full custody of his five year old the dayshe was born,and now its the mother that does not pay support,the father never wanted to have the mother pay its the state thats makeing her pay,which leads to the question when should states stop being unfair to the parents,in the first place mothers keep there excat addres unavaleiableso they can’t be personly sered court papers,and after five years of trying the father gave up read case #910/384the father got screwed over by the courts and the mother

  • Debbie Slama

    My exhusband owes over 50,000 in back child support. Our daughter passed away nearly 4 years ago. He never helped pay for the funeral. I think that qualifies as a dead beat dad.

  • Gabriela

    Some people just dont care about their kids. My ex has not paid because he wanted to pay for his wedding… Until i called child support.. Now i am waiting again for 6 months to see what he will do.. Child support office always acts like its my fault. I didnt make her on my own…

  • jerrysmales

    Hello Angie, I totally agree with you. I have been paying for two children that do not even belong to me because I don’t want to give money to another lawyer that just sits there and look stupid as the judge does whatever he wants. Those kids are now 23 and 25 and I have DNA evidence the judge recognized as evidence I am not the father. I only owe about 50,000 more dollars before I am in the clear. Keep your head up and if you need anything or have any questions let me know. I now know much more about the law than I did when I was young uneducated man.

  • Constance Freundt

    My daughter is now 17 and over her life her father has paid a total of maybe $1500. I am a US citizen and he is a New Zealand citizen living in England which has made getting formal child support impossible. When my daughter she was about 6 months old, he got married and he and his new wife traveled around the world living out of backpacks for the next 7-8 years. England was their home base and where they returned to to make money. Despite there being 2 of them earning a living, all the money they made went toward their travels and he paid $0.00. When my daughter was 8, he finally came to meet her for the 1st time. But, again… he refused to provide anything for her support and paid $0.00 again for about the next 6 years. Some years, he sent birthday and Xmas gifts but that’s it. Instead he went to school to become a tattoo artist and now owns a very successful tattoo salon in England (December 2015 he was booked through August 2016). He came to see his daughter again in 2013 and since then he has contributed only to things that he calls “her things” (like school fees, prom dresses, haircuts, gifts, etc). He and his wife went to India in February 2016 and laid on the beach for a week. Then, from the end of March through the end of April he took off and went home to New Zealand to see family. Yet, his attitude has always been and still is that he has no money and says that when he “has something,” he’ll send something. In the meantime, my daughter has a congenital defect which runs in his side of the family and is missing some of her front teeth. He says he “can’t” contribute to her dental work (I’ve paid $5000 for it already and there’s about another $5-10,000 to go) even though he’s known about her dental expenses since at least his last visit here in 2013. Oh, and, my daughter has NEVER been on a vacation to date. Also, when my daughter was a baby I didn’t earn what I do now and couldn’t pay my student loans. I made too much money, however, for a hardship forbearance and my student loans went from $34k to $70k by the time my daughter no longer needed childcare which is when I could start paying my student loans. If he had been contributing to her support, I could have paid my student loans and those would be paid off now too. Instead, I won’t have them paid off until I’m 70 in 2030. I think he has 100% earned the title “deadbeat dad!”

  • keath

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