Skydiver killed Sunday after two skydivers miss their landing in Sturtevant

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Racine County Sheriff's Office

STURTEVANT (WITI) — Racine County Sheriff’s officials say a skydiver was killed on Sunday evening, July 20th in Sturtevant.

Racine County Sheriff’s officials were dispatched to Skydive Midwest just after 5:30 p.m. to the scene of a skydiving accident near 56th Road in Sturtevant.

Witnesses told officials two male skydivers missed their landing at Sylvania Airport — instead landing onto 56th Road adjacent to the airport.

One of the skydivers died at the scene, and the second skydiver sustained minor injuries.

The cause of the skydiving accident is under investigation.

Names of those involved haven’t been released.

Skydive Midwest had some trouble in August and October of 2012.

On August 25th, 2012, a Skydive Midwest plane was forced to make an emergency landing after developing some mechanical problems. In that case, the plane was forced to land on Highway 11 — just east of I-94.

The plane had to be towed back to the airport.

No one was injured.

Then, nearly two months later, on October 22nd, 2012, that same plane made a rough landing onto I-94 near Highway 20 — near the Racine County airport where it departed.

Officials say the 1968 Beecher aircraft plane suffered a mechanical failure while trying to land, keeping the pilot from slowing the aircraft down, causing him to overshoot the runway and land on the highway. Fortunately, there were no cars in the plane’s path.

The plane’s pilot was uninjured. A passenger was taken to the hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries.

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