“No questions asked, too scared!” Teens accused of carjacking man and his girlfriend

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He has been living in Milwaukee for less than a month -- and he's fallen victim to crime. Police say Tarze Anderson and his girlfriend were carjacked last Saturday, August 9th. While they weren't hurt, Anderson says he's struggling to get past what happened.

Anderson can only look at his truck. He won't be driving it any time soon. Five days after he and his girlfriend were carjacked, he says it's hard to rest.

"My girlfriend be telling me it`s gonna be alright, but sleeping at night, sometimes thinking about it," Anderson said.

Anderson moved to Milwaukee from Mississippi so he could be closer to his sister. He was coming back from getting pizza on Saturday afternoon with his girlfriend, Angela Sims. They say two teens came out of nowhere, with guns drawn.

"The guy came up and said 'get out of the truck. This is a robbery,'" Anderson said.

Anderson and Sims quickly jumped out of the truck.

"No questions asked, too scared. I didn`t even wanna look at them," Anderson said.

Just like that -- the suspects were gone.

After the carjacking, police say officers in a squad car spotted the suspects near 46th and Burleigh. After that, they say the suspects quickly turned and headed north up 46th. Two blocks later, police say the suspects tried to turn onto Concordia, but they lost control and slammed into a pole. Debris still sits at the scene.

The teens, who picked up a third person, ran from Anderson's smashed-up truck. After an hour-long search, police arrested all three.

17-year-old Demarius Nash and 17-year-old Jeffrey Ford have been charged with armed robbery.

Juvenile charges are pending against a 15-year-old.

Anderson is trying to find a silver lining.

"My sister called me today and said we`re lucky we walked away with our life," Anderson said.

Anderon says it doesn't help that police say some of his possessions from the truck, which are being held as evidence.

Police say in some cases, they will hold onto evidence until a trial is over.

Nash and Ford are due in court next Thursday, August 21st.


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