Fox Point armed robbery ends in suspect being fatally shot, suspect identified

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FOX POINT (WITI) -- Fox Point police released new information on Friday afternoon, August 15th related to the fatal shooting that took place at an optical store in Fox Point on Thursday.

According to investigators, just after noon on Thursday, an attempted armed robbery occurred at Innovative Optique on W. Brown Deer Rd.  Officers responded to a report of shots fired. When they arrived, officers determined that an attempted robbery had occurred. They found one person dead in the store.

Officials say during the course of the robbery, shots were exchanged between the armed robber and an armed employee of the store. The store employee was not hurt and the robber was fatally wounded.

Joshua Drake

Joshua Drake

The deceased is 22-year-old Joshua Drake of Milwaukee.

Drake's father, who did not want his face on camera, told FOX6 News Joshua left their home nine months ago because the family didn't like the direction he was heading.

"We couldn't take it no more. His mom's sick, couldn't take it no more," said Drake's father. "I just wish he treated life a whole lot better than he did."

"A lot of men he hung out with looked up to him, like a big brother, with them looking up to him," said Keonia Lidell, Drake's friend. "I hope they know this is a wake up call and they need to get it together."

Those who work at stores in the area knew the optical store owner was concerned about recent robberies and perceived threats to his life.

Officials say witnesses and store employees are cooperating with investigators.

A search warrant was obtained for the business to protect the integrity of the investigation prior to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab collecting evidence at the scene. The Fox Point Police Department is continuing the investigation with the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Once the investigation is complete, the case will be handed over to the Milwaukee County District Attorney for review.



  • MMM

    I applaud you store employee. Time to stand up and get rid of these scum bags… One less waste of flesh walking our streets…. Amen!

  • DEE

    NICE!!! People who play on the weaknesses of others better watch out!!! What an easy target he must have thought, an Optical Store…….This is going be so easy……… Think again bad guy!!!! Welcome to Wisconsin, where we have the right to carry our protection on our hip……..and will use it EVERYTIME!!!!

  • Robert

    Last I checked someone in the act of robbing a business is not a simple mistake, it’s called committing a crime.

  • Joe Milw

    Simple mistake? Armed robbery…… This has nothing to do with the color of his skin. You and Obama are the racists!

  • Brian williams

    wow Michele a simple mistake? Robbing a place and exchanging fire??? Its people like you that bring the morals of this generation down. Shame on you for sticking up for a felon and a cancer to society.

  • Robert

    I’m sure this gentle giant just needed a pair of glasses, so he could continue to get an education. However, from the looks of that rats nest of a haricut, designer eye glasses would not have improved his looks.

  • Stephen

    your an idiot…call me what you will, it doesnt matter, you can ignore and deny reality…i choose NOT to be a victim

  • diane

    Michele armed robbery is not any kind of mistake…hooray for the employee. ..robbers and criminals beware!!!!

  • Dave Verbanac

    The only mistake he made was choosing to rob a store where an employee had a legal concealed carry permit, and chose to use it to protect the store, which had fallen victim to robbery before!!

  • sad to see this

    There Joshua drake’s middle name. there is a Joshua drake on CCAP who committed multiple armed robberies in 2010, class c felonies and just got off his extended probation in February. The penalties in Wisconsin for class c felonies is up to 40 years. You might want to look at the case.

    State of Wisconsin vs. Joshua Dewell Drake
    Milwaukee County Case Number 2010CF005016
    Charge Detail
    The Defendant was charged with the following offense:
    Count No. Statute Cite Description Severity Offense Date Plea
    1 943.32(2) Armed Robbery Felony C 10-12-2010 Guilty on 01-19-2011
    Charge Modifier(s)
    Statute Cite Description
    939.05 Party to a Crime

    On 01-19-2011 there was a finding of:
    Action Court Official
    Guilty Due to Guilty Plea Sankovitz-29, Richard J.

    On 01-19-2011 the following was ordered:
    Sentence Time Begin Date Notes
    State Prison – Imposed and Stayed 30 Months With credit for 90 days served.
    Consecutive to: Any other sentence.
    Extended Supervision 18 Months
    Condition Time Notes
    Other – Follow all rules.
    – No further violations of the law.
    – Absolute sobriety; random urine screens.
    – AODA assessment/treatment.
    – Seek/maintain full-time employment.
    – No contact with Jeffrey Ward, David C., or Rodney P.
    – Pay all costs and surcharges and restitution.
    Written Explanation of Determinate Sentence read to defendant and filed; copy to defendant.
    Defendant is NOT eligible for Challenge Incarceration or the Earned Release Program.
    ***Court finds that a risk reduction sentence is not appropriate.

    Probation, Sent Imposed 3 Years
    Condition Time Notes
    House of Correction 12 Months Court recommends against electronic monitoring. Court did not allow good time credit.
    ***First 6 months be served straight time with no release privileges.
    ***Balance be served on Home Detention with release to the Day Reporting Center ONLY. Defendant to petition for school release. If not accepted for monitoring that time to be served straight time.
    Consecutive to: Any sentence.
    – Serve 12 MONTHS in the House of Correction consecutive to any sentence. Court recommends against electronic monitoring. Court did not allow good time credit.
    *** First 6 months be served straight with not release privileges.
    *** Balance be served on Home Detention with release to the Day Reporting Center ONLY. Defendant to petition for school release. If not accepted for monitoring that time to be served straight.
    – Follow all rules of probation.
    – No further violations of the law.
    – AODA assessment and any treatment.
    – Seek/maintain full employment/school.
    – No contact with Jeffrey Ward, David C., or Rodney P.
    – Pay all costs and surcharges and restitution.
    Court ordered Joint and Several Restitution in the amount of $250 to David C., as condition of probation.
    Court advised defendant his voting rights are suspended, and he may not vote in any election until his civil rights are restored.
    Court ordered defendant to provide a DNA sample/surcharge waived.
    Court advised defendant that as a convicted felon he may not possess firearms.
    Notice of Right to Seek Postconviction Relief filed.

    The Defendant was charged with the following offense:
    Count No. Statute Cite Description Severity Offense Date Plea
    2 943.32(2) Armed Robbery Felony C 10-12-2010
    Charge Modifier(s)
    Statute Cite Description
    939.32 Attempt

    On 01-19-2011 there was a finding of:
    Action Court Official
    Charge Dismissed but Read In Sankovitz-29, Richard J.

  • sad to see this

    I am more curious about the woman who claimed her son was inside. What was he doing committing armed robbery while mom was nearby?

  • sad to see this

    and why is he referred to as the victim in all the press? He was a perp who got killed in the act of committing armed robbery, with his own gun….There is no sympathy for someone who gets killed committing an armed robbery by the party or parties they are holding the gun on.

  • smith

    Justice was served to this thug. Pay back is a b*itch. Once a thug always a thug. Blood in blood out, u b dead ghetto thug.

  • Robert

    You do wonder why this slim was allowed to roam out streets with his horendous criminal record! I’m glad we didn’t have to sit through a trial for attempted murder and robbery, while this piece of sh*t pleaded to lesser charges!

  • Cora Armon

    Yes, what the young man did allegedly was wrong, but that doesn’t deny the fact that he is a human being that has family. To all the negative feedback, it could have been your son, brother or a friend. I’m not feeling overjoyed by someone getting killed. Many have committed crimes, just didn’t get caught doing it. It’s sad to see another brother gunned down. I pray for the family and for all the young men out there on a daily basis.

  • IMO

    Thugs father sees things through Crizal lenses. He doesn’t sound surprised that his son ended up this way. Even Thugs family couldn’t take anymore of him. He went out the way most criminals do…through the gates of fire.

  • Just Saying

    I don’t know why people ( no matter what color your are) hide behind these forums to make racist remarks. We are all of the human race. There is no excuse for what this man did. If he took a gun with him, then he was prepared to take a life. It is time that people start using their right to protect themselves.

  • dianne

    Cora he was not a nice human being, he robbed and stole and had a lengthy record really
    obviously never learned a lesson from anything or anyone I am glad he didn’t hurt the clerk and he got what he had coming…criminals don’t have rights…when they choose to lead a criminal life

  • Richard

    Yesterday I made the comment that the owner needs a CCW and take security into his own hands. It appears he was smart enough to do that and also train with his weapon! Good for him. I hate to think what would have happened had he not made that choice! This thug made his choice and now he is dead with it forever!

  • Deshon10

    Yeah…it was karma…but these racist a$$ comments are a true reflection of a majority population in WI! Jerks

  • Lisa

    Let me say this to every one that had comet on this young man Drake. We quick to judge what type of person he was a scum bag, thug, what every you want to call it. But I see a young man that cant make it out here because of the republican and democratic they take every thing from them. What our they offering the kid. Some teachers get paid because its a job not because they love to teach. He was one of those kids that needed special attention and didn’t get it that goes for all racist. So don’t be too quick to judge what are you doing about it to help stop the violence, or help the one that need help. Don’t get a job or get paid if you really not concern for the people lives. If you are concern for the people I behind you 100% But for all you haters and judgers don’t forget you too will be judge my heart goes out to the family that lost a love one and it also goes out to people that was in the place and the officer that shot him. Lets start praying more instead of judging. God has the last say so,
    may God be with you all.

  • Kesha

    All you stupid mfs that are racist I hope you all die tonight and then your family can feel how it feels to loose someone… It
    doesn’t matter what he or his criminal background… Like really someone actually ccap the whole record of him… Wow no life at all… Its his life how he chose to live his life… He knows the risk he is taking… You white people are quick are quick to judge another race… You white people just like to hide the stuff y’all do… If your going to be racist keep the comments to yourself no one wants to get on here and see this ignorant mess…

  • Don't Assume

    Clearing the air.. The Owner is a 70 year old Hispanic. His brother, also Hispanic is in his 60’s. Cowardly lil boy learned his lesson.

  • Melissa

    It’s nice to hear that some members of the public ARE fighting back and getting rid of this scum. No sympathy whatsoever. Needs to happen MUCH more often.

  • Taxpayer

    Great story would of been even better if the get away driver had bullet in head also. I hate paying for these losers to go to prison their better off dead. It’s time for us hardworking tax payers to take back our city.

  • d

    HE ‘din do nuffins’; he wanted some glasses to see better…lol. They, the business owner’s were ‘supposed’ to give them reparations in cash via the obama trickle down economics. What IS wrong? with people NOT seeing the righteousness of this inspiring MAN?? He JUST wanted to buy some ole english 500, and a joint to FORGET about EVER contributing to SOCIETY. THANKS TO THE ‘MEDIA’, ALL OF THEM, for their UN-reporting OF THE FACTS. On the horn to Anonymous now.

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