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Milwaukee Police Assoc.: 99.3% of members vote “no confidence” in Chief Ed Flynn

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee police union said Friday, October 31st that 99.3% of its members from the Milwaukee Police Department voted that they have no confidence in Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

The results were made public during a news conference at the City Hall rotunda.

In a news conference Friday morning, the police union would not announce how many officers voted. But officials says it was a majority of the force. Union President Mike Crivello said many officers were too afraid of retribution to cast their ballots.

"We all know a 'no confidence' vote is not binding. But there absolutely is an expectation that the mayor's office would take great notice, the Common Council, certainly the public safety committee and more so than anybody, the Fire and Police Commission would take notice that such a large majority of the force does not have confidence in their leadership," said Crivello.

The "no confidence" vote is not binding -- and was to be submitted to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, the Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Tom Barrett.

For his part, Flynn told the city's Finance and Personnel Committee during a budget hearing on Friday that he has information that fewer than half of Milwaukee's officers voted at all -- and not to judge their work cased on what he calls a "union tantrum."

The "no confidence" vote against Chief Flynn comes after his decision to fire officer Christopher Manney. Manney was fired for the events leading up to the fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park on April 30th. Chief Flynn said Manney is not a bad person but he made bad decisions on that April day -- decisions that ended in Manney having no choice but to use deadly force on Hamilton.

Mayor Barrett released the following statement on the "no confidence" vote:

“This tactic by the leadership of the Milwaukee Police Association is not surprising.   At a time when the citizens of Milwaukee are dealing with the aftermath of the Red Arrow Park shooting, the MPA leadership is trying to stoke a political fire. The brave men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department and the citizens of the Milwaukee deserve better. I have complete confidence in Police Chief Flynn and the hard-working members of the rank and file.”

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  • REAGAN 84

    Flynn’s son is a cop in DC,I wonder if his son was in the same situation as Manney if Flynn would throw him under a bus too?

  • richard cranium

    yep. it’s everybody’s fault but the guy who attacked the police officer. i’m sure if you try you can dig a little deeper and also pin this on bush and even reagan.

      • wtf

        At some point people need to take some personal responsibility. .families…for the kids they have..they need to help their handicapped.mentally ill physically challenged..I agree there is much to be done for the mentally ill…but they wanted them to live amongst..the general population and have more control. Not take chris able.and the powers that be cut Milwaukee’s behavioral health start there
        …now seriously. Impaired individuals…wander the streets are take medications..fall through the cracks..where was dontre family until the smell of $$$ came their way..yup not helping him. ..

  • richard cranium

    milwaukee citizens who pay taxes, obey the law, and don’t get handouts (which is probably about only a third of the city) would like to have a confidence vote on tom barrett. what a clown.

  • wtf

    There are protocols too releasing names..I too wonder why they just dont release the findings…and yes rhe officer has the right to defend his life..with deadly force if necessary…it is a $$ game with dontre family..they themselves had court actions against him..harassment restraining..orders etc..they weren’t there when he place to stay…believe me if someone…threatens me.tries to steal my car..break in home.or hurt someone I love. .I will shoot to kill…I have my conceal.carry. .I will warn once…and have no regret. ..I refuse to be a victim. ..the police aren’t allowed to do their jobs.and keep the .sleeping on a walk by a business…a homeless…person doing that would make me uncomfortable…i would wonder is that person ok?..why are they lying..on the walk..i would have called..and avoided the area..yup i would have not patronized..that starbucks…it is too bad dontre didnt have his when he needed it the most…

  • opinin8d

    I believe Barrett is behind all of this. Flynn does not strike me as the type to bow to critics -except maybe his boss. One way to look at it is to think that Flynn did the best thing for the officer by firing him. He can appeal and hopefully get a big settlement and not have to work for MPD any longer. That being said, I would have rather have seen Flynn have the guts to tell Barrett to quit being such a pansy and giving into the lowlifes.

    • opinin8d

      The lowlifes would be the people that cry foul over living in a law and order society. The parasites that contribute little to society, but demand that things be provided for them. A specific example would be the protesters who disrupt traffic and complain about the police, but do nothing in their own neighborhoods.

  • Hooptie Pete

    Where was the family for dontre when he was off his meds and living in a park? The Hamilton family is no different than the leeches that come out of the woodwork when someone wins the lottery…

    Hey it’s me, your third cousin twice removed…

  • REAGAN 84

    From now on have black officers responding to black complainants,Hispanic officers to Hispanic complainants,white officers to white complainants,etc etc. Also ONLY taxpayers get police service since we are the only ones paying for it!!!

  • paul

    99.3% of the vote is a greater percentage of victory than Saddam Husain had in any of his elections.

    Tis a pity Saddam was executed when so many of the iraqi people voted for him, and he did not do as well as the mpa s vote on an election they called, counted, and verified themselves, and still they produce a statistic so outrageous that no sane person could accept

  • nmballa

    Good for Flynn, wear it like a badge of honor. Basically this confidence vote was a statement from Police that they should be allowed to get away with anything they please. When is Walker going to step up and finish the job. No public unions, this needs to include the police and fire as well.

    • Doug Levi

      It is ok nowadays for a police officer to shoot 14 FOURTEEN times to defend himself If I shot at someone once Id be in prison for a long time defending myself.

  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    A Chief of Police “must” always remember that while part of his or her job is to instill pride, professionalism and the best quality service and protection to the community possible, that Chief “must” always stand “in front” of his or her personnel when they are right, and defend their personnel at “any cost” including the Chief’s job if it becomes necessary. A good leader can demand performance, discipline, good order and professionalism if the leader practices him or herself; and rewards and defends it when it is practiced; and fights to defend any officer who is wrongfully accused when they did nothing wrong and did their job properly.

    Milwaukee Chief of Police Ed Flynn, I am terribly sorry, but you failed to do that and even as a Proud Retired Chief of Police, I can NOT support you in any way……Instead, I must stand with my Law Enforcement Brothers and Sisters of the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Police Department in their Vote of “NO Confidence” Chief Flynn, we are a brotherhood and sisterhood who sticks together holding up brothers and sisters who are right and hurting, and don’t kick those who are right and down. How you could throw one of your officers under the bus for your own politician reasons and to save your own @$$ is beyond me; as a fellow chief; I do not know how you can sleep at night or look in the mirror to shave, when you think about what you did to this officer. Where is your pride in your service to your staff who so proudly served you before you let them down. Law Enforcement is a team effort, regardless of rank or position.

  • Kenneth W. Bohn

    Too bad it wasn’t 100% but that’s about as close to 100% as any organization will get. Chief Flynn has been in effective for a very long time; he should have stepped down on his own accord long time ago. Because he won’t it is time for the city to do the right thing and terminate him. He is not a leader, and has not been a leader since his own indiscretions. His decision to fire Officer Christopher Manney was completely wrong and will cost the city of Milwaukee large sums of money from a costly wrongful termination lawsuit, as well as from unnecessary lawsuits from the family because of mixed messages on where the city stands on the support of their officers. The FBI investigation will show that Officer Christopher Manney was acting within the scope of his training and department policies as well as national law enforcement standards. It is extremely sad that Dontre Hamilton should have had to die because his family did not take care for him and keep him off the streets; and that Dontre Hamilton as a result attacked Officer Christopher Manney.

    BUT, IT IS NEITHER “Dontre Hamilton NOR Officer Christopher Manney’s FAULT” that Dontre Hamilton died in Red Arrow Park on April 30th. “It is a totality of the circumstances.”

    When is society going to stop there need for pointing the finger and having to have someone be at fault. In this case the Milwaukee Society was at fault NOT Officer Christopher Manney………NOT Dontre Hamilton …….the Milwaukee Society failed them BOTH…… they are both victims in this circumstance and neither one is guilty of anything. Chief Ed Flynn you proved to be the biggest disappointment of the entire situation because YOU sir did NOT have the LEADERSHIP to Step Up and Tell The Milwaukee Community Exactly This……..YOU SIR, ARE A COWARD AND A FAILURE……..INSTEAD, YOU THREW YOUR OFFICER UNDER THE BUS ON FALSE BULLCRAP CHARGES BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT MAN AND LEADER ENOUGH TO TELL SOCIETY THEY FAILED “Citizen Dontre Hamilton and Officer Christopher Manney”. You should have stepped up to be a leader. You should have stepped up to set the example. Instead proved to be the puppet you have always been. Time to be a man and be stepping down and resign

  • Eli Alexander

    I support Flynn. In my opinion, the MPD and the city of Milwaukee are lucky to have him. The percentage of 99.3% does not represent all MPD officers – only the percentage of officers that voted. For all we know – there were 12 people who voted that day. The whole thing is rediculous. He was right to fire Manney.

    • Ozzie M

      Mr. Alexander, don’t let the facts get in the way of your tainted opinion. It’s basic arithmetic (that too many Americans are deficient in). Just for your information, the only possible way to obtain a 99.3% voting result would be if 143 or 144 officers voted. (142 divided by 143 equals 99.300699; 143 divided by 144 equals 99.305556. The correct number of voters would depend on how much they rounded). There are no other combinations of votes that would yield the 99.3%, so your FALSE assertion that only 12 people might have voted is INCORRECT. (And if you tell me that it doesn’t matter, then would you be satisfied if somebody told you that your 99.3% of a lottery prize was $12 or $143–since you seem to think it’s one in the same)?

  • alexander pope

    I have gotten very interested in this police chief and the community of milwaukee. Watched chief flynns speech about the protocol followed on the firing of Manning. From what he says, it seems clear line of approved procedure in this type of case that the officers have been taught and expected to use as a person with emotional problems is engaged. The key point seems to be that the officer made the determination that the individual was epd but no assessment of whether he was also violent. I dont think the chief threw him under the bus, but made a difficult decision with the evidence available. He does seem to have very high standards for his department. In another press conference he took a lot of heat from the community for that side of his actions. All in all, i think he is an awesome chief who communicates the pertinent points to both sides in a tense atmosphere.

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  • El gato

    So the cops don’t like their no-nonsense boss? Well then, quit and get out of Milwaukee! Flynn is a good chief, and Clarke is a better sheriff. These wienies would hate Sheriff Arpaio!

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