Police: Three separate fights near Pulaski High School Wednesday

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News three separate fights occurred near Pulaski High School on Wednesday, November 12th.

Police say one fight occurred near S. 23rd Street and Oklahoma Avenue. Another occurred near S. 25th Street and Oklahoma, and a third broke out inside Pulaski High School.

All of these fights occurred around 3:00 p.m.

Police say it is not believed anyone was injured.

Six people were cited for disorderly conduct in connection with these fights, according to police.

Milwaukee Public Schools spokesman Tony Tagliavia issued this statement to FOX6 News:

“There was an incident near the end of the school day and the school contacted the police school squad to assist in resolving the situation. The situation was resolved and we will take appropriate disciplinary action against those involved.”


  • ......

    I don’t condone violence at all, but it’s nice to read about fist fighting teens, rather than teens doing shoot outs with guns..

  • Brittany

    That statement from the school was ridiculously vague. As a parent, I now question how much information I actually receive when my child is near risky situations such as these.

    • Twanda

      Yes it was vague because 4 of the students arrested were the ones who were being assaulted. Two of which were my children and no one notified me that they were being placed in custody. I was assured by the principal that everything was under control and my children would be placed on the city bus once the other children had left the building and instead they put my kids / along with others in danger by making all student body get out of the building. My children are okay though. It’s 1pm today and I still haven’t spoken to the principal

  • John

    Several of the students involved in these fights had previously been suspended for fighting or other offences. They should have been kicked out of the school or out of MPS, but C.O. would not do it. Few people involved in those fights yesterday were “jumped”. They were mostly all pre-planned fights. Perhaps these problems could be avoided through the use of strong discipline, including expulsion. Just an idea. MPS does not use strong discipline as a deterrent any more.

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