“Out of control son” accused of “body slamming,” pouring milk over his elderly mother at her home

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- A 27-year-old Mount Pleasant man is facing charges -- accused of assaulting his own mother at her home. Daniel Soderberg

The 69-year-old woman told police her "out of control son," Daniel Soderberg on Wednesday night, November 12th struck her in the head, slammed her to the ground and poured milk on her. This occurred at the woman's home, on S. Green Bay Road in Mount Pleasant.

When police arrived at the scene, Soderberg's mother told police earlier that day, as she was doing dishes, Soderberg "blindsided" her -- striking her in the back of the head with a hair brush while "yelling and screaming at her." She says she didn't call police at that time because things settled down, and she took Soderberg to a doctor's appointment. This, according to a criminal complaint filed against Soderberg.

She did, however, call police after the incident she says occurred later Wednesday night.

The complaint says Soderberg's mother told police she "must have said something to set him off," and that her son had "body slammed" her before throwing dishes at her, along with several glasses of milk and water.

Soderberg's mother told police things like this have happened in the past, and that her son "said he would kill her" if she called police, according to the complaint.

When police arrived at Soderberg's mother's home, police say Daniel Soderberg refused to exit the home -- leading to a brief standoff during which police say Soderberg brandished a knife and ordered officers off the property -- saying "you have 30 seconds to get off my property or I will kill you."

The complaint says eventually, Soderberg agreed to speak with police through a window -- and he appeared to be "in a very manic state," "speaking all kinds of nonsense," telling police that he intended to kill himself, and that he has brain cancer that is more serious than his mother's thyroid cancer.

When police were able to get Soderberg to exit the home, police say he continued to be uncooperative, actively resisting as officers attempted to take him into custody. Police say Soderberg threatened officers and attempted to escape after being taken into custody by removing one of his handcuffs. The complaint says Soderberg said that if he had access to the officer's weapon, he would use it to kill the officer and then drive the squad car into a school.

Soderberg faces seven charges in the case, including: aggravated battery to an elderly person (two counts), disorderly conduct (two counts), felony intimidation of a victim, criminal damage to property and resisting an officer.

Daniel Soderberg is being held at the Racine County Jail.

Neighbors tell FOX6 News this isn't the first time police were at the house because of the 27-year-old. They also said they are very concerned for the family.


  • Sheesh

    Wow! Lots of threats going on here. Usually people make good on their threats somewhere down the line. This out-of-control mental-illness person should not be allowed to walk free. His family should consider themselves lucky it wasn’t worse than this. For now. While he’s doing time in jail, his mother should move as far away as possible, change her name, her hair color, and never look back. He probably will take his wrath out on her again when he’s released, and next time she may be pushing up daisies instead of planting them.

  • 2sillys

    I would love to get my hands on that little p^$$y. I am a woman but I’m not 69. I bet I could have him crying like a little girl with just 2 moves.

  • kathy

    Wow I admire the cops in this case, they didn’t shoot him! He needs to be put away he threatened a school can’t that come under terrorist laws? He needs to be committed, he is a danger to anyone! Yall got to remember those other killers, and not let this mentally ill man join the list of Sandy hook, theatre batman, and more!

    • Dan S.

      Guess what, dweebs? Been free since before the last comment was posted. What else? I’ve already gotten permission to move back in. She was on my side the entire time in court. Only one year of probation to serve.

      LOL at your opinions as far as me being commited. LOL at your bond comment, I got out on signature bond (no money posted) and the court case is over with. Have fun fuming.

      • Lola

        You’re not the world’s most physical guy. I could pick you up and set you on my knee.
        Did you get down on your knees?

        There’s also champagne that tastes just like cherry cola — see-oh-el-aye cola. Lithium — ell – i – tee – aych – i – yew – emm. LITHIUM. Take some, d-bag.

  • Dan S.

    Been out of jail for more than a year, now, and I’m 50 lbs heavier than when I went in. To all of these tough guys, here, I say give it a try. Listening to Fox News rots your brain.

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