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Turn back the hands of time? Skin care kiosk makes big promises to shoppers

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Been to the mall lately? Chances are you've been approached by a salesperson from the Vine Vera kiosk. FOX6's Contact 6 went undercover to check the company's sales techniques.


Katrina Cravy captures Vine Vera sales techniques with hidden camera.

"In 20 seconds – I'm going to give you better results than from the last 15 years," a salesperson told Contact 6's Katrina Cravy.

That's what Beverly Mich was hoping for. Like many of us, Beverly would like to turn back the hands of time -- and one of the Vine Vera salesmen made her feel like that could happen.

"'Oh, you have beautiful eyes' and, you know, all this and it was just kind of ridiculous. I tried not to pay any attention to that. But with all these boxes and stuff it gets confusing too," Beverly said.

Contact 6's undercover cameras captured a Vine Vera sales pitch in action and it can be confusing. At one point, Katrina Cravy had to have all the pricing clarified.

"So, $149 for one of these or for three of these?" Katrina Cravy asks.

"No. This is the reason I'm here," the salesman said.

Katrina Cravy has admitted she was confused. The salesman said that she could get sea salt for $69, body butter for $69 and a facial peel for $149. A Contact 6 producer was offered the same prices during her visit to a Vine Vera kiosk.


Beverly Mich reached out to Contact 6 after she felt "robbed" by Vine Vera kiosk.

However, Beverly was charged more — sea salt for $100, body butter for $100 and a facial peel for $200.

In all the cases, the longer it took for the shopper to make up their mind — the better the deal got.

Beverly said a salesman told her, "I'll give you an extra one free." In the end, she got 10 products for $400. However, to get that price,  Beverly said the salesman told her she had to make the decision immediately.

A Contact 6 producer ran into the same situation after being offered a deal for a set of Vine Vera products.

"I want to be honest with you. If you do come back, I'm not going to give that to you. Why? If you don't appreciate it now..." a salesman told the Contact 6 producer.

The Contact 6 producer told the salesman she had to think about it.

Beverly wishes she would have thought about it. When she got home, she found the products online for a fraction of the cost.

"I look at Amazon and the average price for the individual products is about anywhere from $8.50 a piece to $20," Beverly said.

She immediately contacted the customer service number and sent an e-mail to the address on her receipt.


Products Beverly Mich purchased for $400 from the Vine Vera kiosk.

Beverly was told no refunds are offered.

She dug deeper online and found complaints from all over the country about Vine Vera.  After that, Beverly wrote a letter to FOX6's Contact 6 because she says she felt "robbed."

Remember, she paid $400 for all of her products. Contact 6 found the same products online for a total of $88.92.

Katrina Cravy called Vine Vera's parent company requesting an on-camera interview to hear it's response to customers' claims that the company's sales pitch was "high-pressure."

Vine Vera responded with an e-mail statement that read, in part:

"Vine Vera skin care is distributed internationally and sold via private vendors and independent retail owners. Each retail owner is responsible for its own customer service and refund policies. Regretfully, the customer in question had not contacted Vine Vera's official customer service department."

Beverly reiterated she did call the company. Contact 6 sent her file and complaint to the e-mail address where the statement came from.

But there's still no response from Vine Vera.

This truly is buyer beware. Contact 6 didn't see a refund policy posted, but when they asked about it, they were told there are no refunds and a salesman fully explained Vine Vera's exchange policy.

It is important to remember that any company has the right to any price and policy it wants. It's your job to take the time to research and make the decision that is best for you.


  • James D

    Company scammed my wife. These carts should not be allowed to operate anywhere in Milwaukee County, or any mall in the country. Where’s the attorney general? Shut these people down.

  • Margarita

    I feel so disappointed, it just happened to me. I still don’ t understand how “that” girl convinced me and make me pay $100.00 for two little jars of nothing . :(

  • Carlos

    Ok so I actually sell these products at a mall kiosk and store. The product s are world class, I use them and love them, my family uses them and loves them. They are worth the price. I would rather try something expensive that works before I buy, than to throw away 15-30 dollars every couple weeks on things at Walmart or The drug store. You know how famous artists and movie stars get angry when you download or view there work illegally, they take hundreds of millions of dollars to make, they lose money it’s the same with us. There is a lot people ripping Me off selling it illegally on amazon. Not the other way around. I have tons of satisfied customers. The ones who feel ripped if usually don’t know jack about skin care and couldn’t tell the difference between jergens body lotion and a good moisturizer with spf

    • AmySue Hartman

      Carlos, my dispute is not about the product. My dispute is about the salesperson. He told me I needed to use the product for 28 days faithfully and if it didn’t work I could get a full refund. He also told me for the next 2 years if I bring my original containers, boxes and receipt into a kiosk, I could get my free refills. Only when I agreed and he swiped my credit card, did he underline “NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES ONLY WITHIN 14 DAYS” and ” REFILLS WILL BE GIVEN ONCE AFTER 6 MONTHS FROM THE DAY OF PURCHASE” . He was incredibly deceiving and this is what my problem is with Vine Vera. I am disputing the charge with my credit card company and I would caution anyone who shops at Mayfair to stay far away from Giovanni at this Kiosk.

      • Brad

        Honestly your right if he promised that he should execute… but honestly alot of people treat the kiosk people really nasty and for no reason… there are bad people but where not? I cant even count the places i got crappy service… so its one thing that this guy that lies about prices but not everyones like that

      • Rhonda Canale

        Giovanni robbed me of almost $2000, 3 times more than he promised. That’s about $500/ounce of what is most likely drug store face cream repacked and relabeled in a fancy jar and inflated the price about 1000%. This is blatant theft by receipt. Giovanni makes all sorts of claims, all false, including how they’re opening a spa here and you’ll get free refills on all products. His M.O. includes surprise, distraction and plenty of charm. They fold over the receipt when they hand it to you and point out an invoice number at the top you’ll need when he e-mails you, thus covering up the tiny print that says no returns. Then when you realize you’ve been robbed and bring back products unopened, their friendly smile turns into a smug unfriendly reply of “no returns” and hand you a supposed customer service number which only reiterates their “strict no return policy,” thus rendering you with little recourse. They are totally unregulated with no accountability and go trolling from mall to mall robbing people, then pack up their little gypsy wagon and move to the next mall for fresh victims peddling their miracle Dead Sea crap that “cures acne, wrinkles, rosacea,”
        etc. etc. , pretending to be “skin specialists.” What a egregious fraud!!!

  • Cherie

    I actually bought the one online with the cheaper price and it’s not the same like the original one, I guess the one online was a copy of the original. The same happened to me when I bought “original” perfume online and it was nothing like the original that I bought on Saks fifth Avenue, it smells so bad I had to give it away. I think you should check the one online to see if they are different from the original before you get to the conclusion that the prices online are cheaper. Anyway this is what I think from my experience

  • i hate

    Poor company I am very disappointed,
    why the prices can be so much worse,
    Why do they insist on not refund without giving any reason,
    Why have allergy chemicals did not inform nor clearly marked,
    Why a new product can not be refunded
    Is not confident of their products,is difficult way not?
    why this company exists

    • Gabe

      Ummm no refund is clear because they are probably commision based, and also its like when you buy a panty from victorias secrets once you leave the store you cant refund it, its a privet and unsanitary thing, never the less forever 21 does the same

      • Katie

        Depends on what jurisdiction you are in. In Ontario Canada where I am it doesn’t matter if the company has a no refund/return policy because the Ontario Consumer Protection Act trumps their policy. I spent around 1,700 dollars without realizing it and when I went back the next day to return the product they tried to cheat me out of a refund. I got nasty and mentioned under the Ontario Consumer Protect Act I am allowed a full refund if I return the product within 10 days of the purchase date. Once I said that they gave me a full refund minus a bit for opened product which your right can’t be returned for sanitary reasons. I got about 1,100 back which is pretty good. If I really wanted to I could’ve found a way to get the full 1,700 back but I just didn’t want to take the effort.



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