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Woman accused of bringing loaded gun into church restroom appears in court

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Susan Hitchler

WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) — 67-year-old Susan Hitchler appeared in a Waukesha County courtroom on Monday, December 8th for her initial appearance on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Hitchler is accused of bringing a loaded gun into a restroom at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield last March.

An initial charge of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon was dropped against Hitchler this past June — but a criminal complaint filed on November 24th charges her with disorderly conduct.

The Brookfield Police Department was called in to investigate after a loaded gun was found in the Elmbrook Church’s bathroom in March 2014 — while a children’s program was in progress.

A church worker discovered the gun in a stall in the women’s restroom on the main floor of Elmbrook Church.

A criminal complaint says a female employee came out of the bathroom after finding the gun, and carried it to a volunteer worker at the front desk. The report indicates the woman was not practicing good muzzle control and asked the worker if the gun was real.

A criminal complaint says the gun was a Ruger LCP .380 semi-automatic, loaded with a full magazine containing six nosler rounds and a live round was in the chamber. There was no safety on the gun.

The complaint indicates the gun owner called the church about 30 minutes after leaving the building, realizing she had left the gun. The woman was at the church for a bible study and allegedly told authorities she carries the gun on a clip in her waistband and took it off in the bathroom stall. Police say the woman was upset and indicated she could not believe she had done this.

Police say this all happened while there was a program going on for children in first through fifth grade. They would have had access to the bathroom the gun was found in.

Hitchler is due back in court on January 28th. She faces 90 days and a $1,000 fine in the case against her. She’s not allowed to own or possess a firearm during the length of her court proceedings.

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  • JC

    I love how this is written oh the children were there, 1st through fifth grade children might have been at danger, no safety on the gun. Fear Mongering by Fox News. She is stupid for leaving it and should pay a fine and maybe loose her CC but geez write it with less drama in it

    • 2ECOND

      fine? lose her cc license? she didn’t break ANY laws, look it up. the Waukesha ada has crossed the legal line on this one.

  • Reasonless

    Hey Chris.
    Why is it wrong to bring a gun to Church?
    Perhaps if a few people would have had guns in the temple shooting in Oak Creek, less people would have died.
    Some bad people go to Churches to do bad things.

  • Chris Multerer

    Reasonless..the guy at the Sikh Temple was a f@#$ed up Nazi nut job. You shouldn’t have worry about going to a religious service and worry that some wack job is going to shoot up the place. I know America is getting more screwed up by the day, but we’re not the Middle East. Yet.

    • 2ECOND

      ok, you can go bury your head back in the sand Chris. oh yea, and what do you think of the LEO’s that leave their gun lying in a restroom when their done doing their business??

  • Reasonless

    But Chris….
    How can one be certain when things like the temple shooting will or will not happen?
    There are messed up people all around us. None of us have a crystal ball to know when things like this will happen.
    It certainly doesn’t hurt to be prepared.
    People I know that carry in Church pray that they will never need to use their gun against any human being ever.
    But they want to be prepared just in case something does happen.
    Many of these people that I’m referring to would have a difficult time living with them self if they knew they could have stopped such a terrible event from taking place but weren’t properly equipped to stop such a sick and twisted threat.
    Some people are sheep, some are sheepdogs. Neither are bad. It’s just the way it is.
    I personally think that this lady was extremely careless, and without knowing all of the facts, I will leave it at that.
    But to place a general blanket over everyone saying that people shouldn’t carry in Church if they want to, is a tad bit extreme.
    Evil, twisted sick people don’t care about those cute little signs than ban guns from establishments.
    They see that as an open invitation.

  • Reasonless

    I would like to ad that I’m not angry at you for your statement. I just want to share my opinion with you.
    Another point that I left out about people I know that carry.
    They are not vigilantes. They are not out looking for villains and terrorist.
    They are not paranoid and jumping from their own shadow.
    They are everyday people that like to have a plan for any situation. They just like to be prepared. You would never know that they even had a gun on their person. You most likely encounter these people on a regular basis and don’t even know it.
    And one last note; I don’t know of any of these people ever leaving their gun lay behind after doing their business.
    Please don’t take one careless persons actions and label thousands of responsible other people in this state that never screwed up like this.

  • 2 cans short

    a loaded gun with one in the pipe, and no safety. This could have been an entirely different story had she not been caught for this.

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